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Make A Clutter Free Home The Goal For Back-To-School

It is always a nice idea to start every school year with some agreed-upon goals. This is especially vital the older your student becomes. You want to be able to identify those areas of study where they can improve upon and lay out the plans for extracurricular activities and even college. Throughout the year you can check in on those goals to see how your kid is keeping up. You might also have your own goals for back to school that involve getting more active with school programs or even taking on a fundraising project.

Whatever the goals are for the school, it will help to make sure that everything around the home environment is set up to provide a distraction free place for study. It might also help to get rid of as much clutter as you can in order to make the mornings for getting ready for school go a bit smoother. Things can get rather hectic when everyone is scrambling around looking for what to wear and where they put stuff. A thorough sorting of every closet in the house might be in order. That would certainly generate a lot of things you could clear out for good. This is where Junk King Chicago West comes into play. These are the junk hauling experts that can help you gather up all that clutter and make sure it is gone from your home for good.

The Growth Spurts

As any parent knows, kids usually stop growing the minute they move out of the house. Before that, they go through a lot of growth spurts. This means that shoes, shirts, pants, jackets and any other article clothing that fit perfectly fine a few months ago are now no longer usable. Of course, if there are siblings around then a lot of those clothing items can be passed out. But once you hit the end of the line, then it’s time to consider getting rid of all. This will mean sorting through the closets and pulling out all those items you know of no longer going to be used by your family. When you hire Junk King to remove things like that you can count on those particular items being dropped off at a charity. Just because you are done using them doesn’t mean someone else can find useful. This is really the best approach for getting rid of clothing and other items that have been outgrown by the kids.

One session with Junk King Chicago West will go a long way towards keeping your home clutter free for back-to-school. That’s a great goal to put into action.

Our Chicago West-Junk Removal Services Take These Items and More

We offer a service that’s just right for your needs when it comes to Chicago West – Junk Removal. You might have a house or apartment space that’s uncomfortably cluttered and that’s where our junk services are an outstanding solution. We start working on cleaning up all the unwanted stuff right away. The moment you get in touch with us the process starts.

One of the things that separate us from the competition is the fact that we are eco-friendly. Not only are we ready to declutter each and every one of your spaces we also recycle. Our Chicago West – Junk Removal services take everything to a central location where we sort through it. Some of the debris we recycle and some of it gets given away.
It’s a wonderful system that we’ve put in place so that your carbon footprint is smaller. It also works to keep articles out of the landfill.

If you’re thinking of using our services, we’re happy to supply all the information to get started. We pride ourselves on taking just about everything that you have to haul away including:


That old sofa might have been sitting in your basement for years gathering dust. You might be planning a remodel or renovation and want it gone. That’s where our friendly staff comes into play. Everyone who works for Junk King is properly vetted and trained.
The whole experience is hassle-free.

Yard Waste Removal
Quite often people reshingle a garage roof or a shed and leave the leftovers in the yard. That’s where our Chicago West – Junk Removal services come into play again. If you take a quick look at our website, you’ll see that we have accolades from Angie’s List and wonderful customer testimonials. For us, customer satisfaction is always our number one priority.

Hot Tub Disposal
Sometimes moving from one place to another can have some unexpected surprises like needing to move a big bulky appliance like a hot tub. That’s where Junk King is a great option. Having a backyard that’s not cluttered up is also a great selling feature.
Lots of homeowners can relate to a backyard that is unsightly and cluttered up with a variety of junk and debris. That’s why we pride ourselves on being the professionals that can take on any kind of yard waste too. Get in touch with our Junk King Chicago West – Junk Removal experts today

Reliable Junk Removal For Wheaton

The DuPage River, that runs through Wheaton, is getting an unusual type of cleanup help from 9,000 mussels. The mollusks are going to be released in the river by the Forest Preserve. Why mussels? It turns out that are terrific natural filters. Researchers from Stanford University studied how mussels work to keep freshwater ecosystems free of pollution. In that study, the researchers found that mussels “removed up to 80 percent of some of the chemicals” within 72 hours. The study’s co-author, Richard Luthy, said, “Each mussel filters about two liters of water a day, so it doesn’t take a whole lot to improve water quality.”


Of course, if you were looking to get your home clean, then dumping 9,000 mussels might not be the way to go. Instead, here in Wheaton, you can always count on Junk King Chicago West for a reliable cleanup.

Junk King is proud to proclaim they do all the work. But that work can’t begin until you’ve put in some time sorting through your stuff. You might already have a few objects in mind that you want to get rid of like an old table or sofa down in the basement or a futon in the upstairs guest room. You don’t have to stop there. As long s Junk King is providing movers and a truck, go big. Take the time to sort through all your closets and pull out the stuff that you can do without. Just imagine all the space you’ll be opening up in there. It’s going to make looking for an outfit a whole new experience.

To set up your junk removal session, you need to pick a day and two-window that works best for your time. Junk King doesn’t want to keep you tied up all day. A typical phone company service call might have you waiting for four hours and then another four hours to work on the problem. Junk King will be in and out a lot quicker than that. And everything collected by Junk King won’t automatically end up in a dump. It could turn up at a charity or recycling center. The quickest way to get rid of your junk in Wheaton is to give it all to Junk King Chicago West today.

Six important Backyard Trampoline Safety Tips

A trampoline in your backyard can provide hours of fun for the whole family. But much like having a backyard swimming pool, you don’t want those bounce sessions to be unsupervised. There are many safety precautions that you should instill in your kids to minimize the risk of injury. Here are the backyard trampoline safety tips that need to be part of your summer fun.


Use The Ladder

Your backyard trampoline should have a ladder for access. It is important that your kids get into the habit of using that ladder to get in and out of the trampoline. There will come a time when they’ll be tempted to bounce off the trampoline onto the grass. This is not something that should ever be encouraged.

Make Sure the Surface Is Dry

Before your kids start bouncing, you want to make sure that the surface of your trampoline is free of moisture. Trampolines can be very slippery even with morning dew. It’s a good idea to take a towel to the trampoline before ever use just to be safe.

Position Your Trampoline On Energy Absorbing Ground

The best spot for a backyard trampoline is on energy absorbing ground. That would be grass, sand or wood chips. Absent those, you can put down safety pads if the trampoline is on concrete. This is all meant to help avoid a bad injury if someone bounces off the trampoline by accident.

Don’t Try Stunts

Once you install that trampoline, your kids will probably head over to YouTube to see how other kids are bouncing around. There are many professional gymnasts who perform great stunts on trampoline. That only happens after years of practice. Your kids should not try any of these stunts unless they are given proper instructions by a certified teacher. Even then, it’s not something they should try on their own without having someone spot them.

Make Sure There Is Nothing Underneath The Trampoline

Before they get started, you need to make sure the area that is underneath the trampoline is clear of obstacles. That includes any other sporting equipment, toys or even rocks.

Replace Rusty Trampoline

Your backyard trampoline is going be exposed to all kinds of weather. Even with the best protection it can still get rusty or frayed. When that happens, it will be time to replace the trampoline. This is not something you can toss out into the trash. Instead, you want to hire Junk King Chicago West. These are the professional junk haulers who have a lot of experience dismantling bulky objects like a trampoline. They’ll get rid of that unit in very short time. They can also clear way of a lot of other clutter from around your house in the same trip.

Taking a few extra precautions will go a long way towards keeping all of your trampoline users safe.

Junk King Chicago West Customers Share Their Positive Experiences

Junk King Chicago West is very open having their customers post their experiences with the company. Spoiler alert: they’re all great experiences! Here’s where a few customers had to say in just the last couple of weeks

“Junk King are the best around. Best reasonable price, professional and punctual. Don’t waste your time anywhere else… go directly to Junk King.” – E.B.


Those reasonable prices are always based on volume and not weight. You never be charge by the pound Junk King Chicago West. Any company that does try and charge by the pound isn’t looking out for your best interest. How can they weigh your rubbish? Junk King only cares how much space your stuff will take up on the back of the truck. You’ll know what this price is before the work even begins and it won’t change once the job is done.

“We were very impressed from the first time we met Elliott for an estimate and then Thor, DeJuan and French for the first day, three truck loads of junk and then the second day with Thor and William, another truck. Professional, respectful, willing to do whatever they could to help us in this situation. They were in good contact to let us know they were running late, which was greatly appreciated. I was very happy to meet Matt as well, and tell him personally, what we were experiencing. This was a difficult situation; my parents lived in this house 64 years, having built it in 1952. They kept everything! We spent 3 weeks going through the majority of it and found Junk King to help with the rest. They were wonderful! Thank you.” – L.L.

Junk King Chicago West is often called on to tackle huge jobs like estate cleanouts. This is when they will take the “all hands on deck” approach. All those extra trucks and crew members didn’t come with an additional cost. It was all covered in the flat fee. That’s what makes Junk King Chicago West the best deal in town for this type of service.

“Called before they came. Matt and French were very nice and professional. Took out an old hot tub quickly which was a huge job. Cleaned everything up. Will definitely be recommending Junk King to friends and family.” – J.J.

There isn’t a junk removal challenge that Junk King Chicago West can’t handle. Put them to the test today.