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Decluttering in Chicago West Suburbs Made Simpler: 5 Tips By the Experts

If you are like most people, you have accumulated a surplus of material possessions throughout the years.  Even if you aren’t a hoarder, you probably have all sorts of stuff in storage inside your home and possibly elsewhere.  The time has come to declutter your living and/or working space to eliminate all the excess, free up space and simplify your life without the weight of an excess of material items.  














However, decluttering in Chicago West Suburbs is not exactly easy, especially if you have not tackled a large decluttering project in the past.  Fret not, as our junk hauling experts are here to help you declutter as efficiently as possible.

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#1: Declutter With a Strategic Approach

If you were to attempt to declutter the entirety of your home or workplace in a morning, afternoon or evening, you would likely run out of time.  Do not try to eliminate all the extra stuff in a small window of time.  Pace yourself, decluttering one room at a time even if it takes an entire week or longer to complete the process. 

Keep in mind, our junk haulers are here to make this project easier by hauling away all the clutter you no longer need or want.  Simply point us in the right direction, tell us which items to haul and we will eliminate them for good.


#2: There is Nothing Wrong With a “Maybe” Pile

If you are like most people attempting decluttering in Chicago West Suburbs, you will create separate piles for donations, keeping, trashing and selling at a garage sale.  However, some items simply do not fit into any of these categories.  Create a “maybe” pile for items that you are indecisive about and you can determine their fate later on in the project.  What matters most is that you eliminate the clutter in a comprehensive and timely manner to free up space in your home or workplace, reduce the chances of a trip and fall and ultimately enjoy a priceless peace of mind.


#3: Consider the Utility of Each Item

When determining which items to keep, trash or donate, consider the value they provide (or do not provide).  If the item does not provide utility of any sort, there probably isn’t much reason to keep it unless it holds sentimental value to you or your loved ones.  If the item in question does not make you happier or add utility to your life, do not hesitate to trash it, donate it or recycle it. 

Above all, do not invest more than a couple minutes thinking about which items should be saved as opposed to donated or recycled.  If you cannot make a decision within a couple minutes, put the item in the previously mentioned “maybe” pile and address it later.


#4: Use Your Vision as Motivation

You will undoubtedly be tempted to pause your decluttering project halfway through or simply give up.  However, if you maintain a laser-focus on the end goal of clearing out your living or working space, you will have the incentive necessary to complete decluttering in Chicago West Suburbs rather than leave the project hanging for another time.  

Close your eyes, envision what your home will look like with all the clutter removed and continue making progress with that goal in mind.


#5: Lean on the Junk Haulers!

Don’t try to do all the decluttering on your own.  Let the professional junk haulers transport your undesired or unnecessary items to recycling centers, donation centers and elsewhere so they can be repurposed, donated or recycled.  Our absolute last resort is to transport items identified for removal during decluttering in Chicago West Suburbs to landfills.  We understand the toll landfills take on our fragile planet. 

So don’t burden yourself with attempting to haul all the sundries you no longer desire or have a purpose for.  Lean on our crew to haul all those items away and you will be liberated to shift your focus to friends, family, work or whatever else you have in mind for the day.


Junk King’s Decluttering and Hauling Services are a Call Away

If you are planning on decluttering in Chicago West Suburbs or have already started, don’t do it all on your own.  We are here to help you get rid of all your unnecessary and undesired items.  From random sundries you no longer want or need to old pieces of furniture, used clothes and other items that are simply taking up space, we will haul it all as long as it is not hazardous. 

Reach out to us today at 1-888-888-JUNK to schedule junk hauling that makes your decluttering project that much easier.  You can also contact our junk haulers on the web through our convenient online contact form.


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Tips for Being a Successful Landlord

Owning a rental property is a smart investment especially here in Chicago where housing is at a premium. Depending on the circumstances, you could find many lucrative opportunities to rent out apartments and lofts. If this is your first endeavor in rental properties, then you’ll be learning fast what it takes to become a successful landlord. These tips can help:


Applied Lease Targeting

You should try to schedule the majority of your lease and dates for times when there is an increased in tenant traffic. June 1 is probably the best target move-in date. September 1 is another good area to aim for. The goal is to make sure don’t have tenants moving out in December or January. That’s a very tough time to find a new tenant.

Treat Your Rental Property Like a Business

Managing your rental property doesn’t have to become a full-time business. But you still have to treat it as one. If you are handling all the maintenance issues, then who will be in charge if you go out of town on vacation? You should also be setting aside 10% of your rental income for repairs. That could turn into a decent savings account especially if you don’t have to tap into it because you’re keeping up the building.

Take Time To Screen Out Bad Tenants

It goes without saying that you should run a credit and background check on anyone applying for an apartment. Just as important is their current employment situation. They should be making income that is at least three times the cost of the monthly rent. This way you won’t have a tenant who is scrambling to come up with the funds on the first. A tenant who has a past eviction is someone to be avoided. They should also be able to provide you with references from their last landlord. If not, then you have to ask yourself, “why not?”

Keep Your Good Tenets Happy

You might find that in the long run it is a lot cheaper to retain a good tenant than it is to go on the search for a new one. Making a tenant happy doesn’t take a lot of effort. All they ask is that you fix repairs promptly, treat them with respect and keep the property in good shape. That is where Junk King Chicago West can be a big help. These are professional junk haulers that can dispatch a team of movers and a big truck to your property usually within 24 hours of calling them. This will allow you to clear out rubbish from an apartment that is unoccupied and make sure your storerooms and garage are empty of clutter as well. Working with Junk King Chicago West will go a long way towards helping you become a successful landlord.

Five Small Things That Will Make Your Hotel Guests Very Happy

Running a hotel is a lot like hosting a dinner party for some very good friends. You want to make sure everybody is happy and taken care of. If they have a good time, then they’ll tell all their friends what a wonderful experience it was. At a hotel or bed-and-breakfast, it really is the small things that make a lot of difference. Here are five small things that will make your hotel guest very happy:


Coffee Pot in the Room

No matter what time of day it is, it’s a safe bet that someone is drinking a cup of coffee somewhere. Your guests will appreciate having access to fresh coffee that they can make directly in their room. They may prefer heading out to their favorite Java joint but the fact that you have a coffeepot there is one of those little touches that puts a smile on their face.

Brand-Name Toiletries

Your guests are smart. They know if there is no label on a bottle of shampoo or soap, then you’re buying cheap generic products. That might make sense for your bottom line but it doesn’t make sense with regard to providing positive amenities. The extra money you spend on brand-name toiletries will go a long way towards boosting a return on your investment.

Free Snacks and Drinks

Everybody loves free stuff. At your hotel, you can have fresh baked cookies at the lobby desk or a wine and cheese tasting in the evening. In the rooms, a few bottles of water are a nice touch.

Free Wi-Fi

Would a guest pick a hotel based on whether or not it has free Wi-Fi? Probably not but advertising that you do have free Wi-Fi is a way of boosting your chances for securing that guest. The costs for this are nominal.

Room Service

Room service works great when you have a restaurant already operating in your hotel that draws in business beyond your guests. It’s much more of a challenge for smaller bed and breakfasts to set up viable room service. However, there are probably plenty of restaurants, cafés and bistros within striking distance of your hotel that would gladly deliver meals to your guests. Your only effort would be to reach out to those establishments and get their menus together in a binder for every room.

Haul Away Rubbish

You always want to look your best for your guests. That means making sure your property is clear of rubbish. Storing old furniture, mattresses and appliances can become a challenge at a small hotel. You definitely don’t want to use a room for that storage. Instead, bring in the team from Junk King Chicago West. These are the junk removal professionals who will easily remove all that unwanted rubbish from your premises. One call to Junk King Chicago West gets you a clean hotel. Make that call today.

Five Home Remodel Projects For Great ROI

Deciding on a remodel project for your home usually starts with your desire to make improvements. Equally important is the potential return on your investment. Even if you don’t plan on selling your house, you still want the improvements that you make increase its value. Here are five home remodel projects that make for a great return on your investment.


Family Room Addition

A family room is in high demand especially with the young couple who wants to grow into their new home. A good size would be 16 x 25. Most family additions are single-story, which means you can install a skylight and take advantage of natural sunlight. They can also open up into a deck on the backyard. The family room could feature built-in shelves and an area for big-screen TV mount.

Finished Basement

The majority of prospective buyers are turned off with a home that has an unfinished basement. Even if the paint and carpeting is not up to their liking, they still want to have a sense of it being move-in ready. A finished basement is often used as an entertainment area and can include a bar with the sink and full bathroom. This is also an area that can be adapted to another bedroom.

Second Story Addition

If you can go out remodel, then perhaps you can go up. Adding a second-floor bedroom and bathroom structure will certainly increase the value almost by 71%. Obviously, this is a much more expensive type of remodel but one that can totally transform a home.

Kitchen Remodel

Whenever a prospective buyer comes into the house, they tend to gravitate right towards the kitchen. You can remodel your kitchen without spending a small fortune. Think more in terms of cosmetic fixes like refacing cabinets and installing new countertops as opposed to a total gut job.

Fiberglass Attic Insulation

Although this remodel project isn’t aesthetically pleasing it will increase the overall value of your home to a large degree. That’s because you are helping the home become more energy efficient. When you get to lower costs for heating and air-conditioning you’ll be ahead of the game.

No matter what type of remodel project to take on you want to consider ways to keep your budget low. That can easily be accomplished when you take on some of the work by yourself. The most popular DIY remodel job is demolition. Would you like to swing a sledgehammer? Whether you tear down a kitchen or bathroom, you’ll need to factor in the cleanup. One call to Junk King Chicago West can handle that. These are the junk removal pros that have a lot of experience with construction waste cleanup. They’ll get the debris cleared quickly and at a great price. You don’t have to be a professional contractor to put Junk King Chicago West to work on your next remodel project.

Tips For Senior Proofing Your Home

The older we get the more likely it becomes that we succumb to an accident around the house. That is why proofing a home is vital for anyone who is beginning to show signs of struggles with walking and coordination. That might apply to you or your parents. Here are some good tips to keep in mind for senior proofing any home.


What To Avoid

Senior proofing begins with adapting to new conditions. These are minor changes that don’t really interfere with the quality of life but can go a long way towards keeping things safe. For instance, you should stop using wax on floors to clean them. Instead of socks, you should wear slippers with a gripping tread. Any scatter rugs placed throughout the house should be tacked down or removed altogether.

The idea of climbing on a ladder or chair to change a light bulb should be discouraged. There should never be any smoking in bed. When it comes to getting in and out of bed as well as chairs, take your time. Don’t rush to stand up and make sure you got your balance before moving forward.

In The Bathroom

A nightlight is a great addition to a bathroom. The same can be said for any railings installed in the tub or shower. It will be helpful to make sure the water heater is set at 120° or below. There should always be bath mats on the floor and nonslip skids in the tub.

Around The Kitchen

It will be helpful in the kitchen to organize the cabinets so that heavy objects are stored at waist level as opposed to up above in a cabinet. Anytime you can buy an appliance that has an automatic shut off like a teakettle it is a good move to make. Like other areas in the house, the kitchen should be kept clean of clutter and well illuminated.

Drug Safety

There could be a lot of medications in the house that need to be taken on a regular basis. It’s always a good idea to sort the pills for a week in special pill containers. That way there should be no confusion as to what day and when you should be taking those medications. It’s also important to make sure the expiration dates on those prescriptions have an expired.

Overall, the best thing you can do for senior proofing is to make sure there are no obstacles on the pathways from room to room. It might help to have a complete decluttering session. A company like Junk King Chicago West can be a big help with that task. They’ll dispatch a pair of capable movers who will do all the lifting and loading. That’s a great benefit to be sure! All you have to do is designate what you want taken away. Senior proofing starts with decluttering. Junk King Chicago West can help you de-clutter your home and make it safe from top to bottom.

How To Resolve Common Roommate Conflicts

Having a roommate is a great way to cut back on expenses. The goal is to find someone that you are compatible with and can share a living space. This doesn’t mean you have to become best friends for life with your roommate. In fact, you could have totally separate lives and still live under the same roof. Even if you get along for the most part, there’s still always a chance that conflict will arise. Finding a way to effectively resolve these conflicts quickly is the best way to make sure your living arrangement is a peaceful what. Here’s help on how to resolve common roommate conflicts:


Late Rent

Most rental agreements with landlords include a late fee for rent. There is often a grace period. None of that means you should “push the envelope” and become late with the rent. Typically, rent is due on the first of the month but you might want to establish a rule with your roommate that you’re going to be collecting the rent on the 25th of each month. That way if there’s any trouble you can head off before it becomes a major issue. It also helps to impress upon your roommate how vital it is to communicate if there is going to be trouble with the rent so that you can make other arrangements.

Dishes in the Sink

Dirty dishes are a very common problem between roommates. This problem becomes even bigger when there isn’t a dishwasher in the kitchen. One way to get around this is to rotate dish night. That way you’re both cleaning up equally. You can also establish the rule that no dish should be left in the sink overnight. It is much better to put these rules in writing before a roommate moves in.

Overnight Guests

It is hard to restrict your roommate to have overnight guests when you plan on having overnight guest as well. But there is a big difference between occasional overnight guest and a new romantic interest that is spending a lot of time at the apartment. One way to get around that conflict is to establish a kind of baseline. If this new person is going to be spending a lot of time, then perhaps they can contribute to things like food and other staples. If it appears that they are slowly moving in, then it’s time to have a discussion with your roommate without the other person to find out exactly what the intentions are. Again, it might all be fixed with additional money coming in for bills and rent, as it is only fair.


Another potential conflict beyond dirty dishes could be clutter throughout the apartment. One way to combat that is to make sure there is plenty of storage for both you and your roommate. That might mean clearing out closets of all kinds of unwanted items. This is where call to Junk King Chicago West is going to make a huge difference. These are the junk removal pros who have literally taken away tons of old clothing, furniture, appliances and e-waste from homes and apartments. A little decluttering will go a long way to making your living environment a lot nicer.

Six important Backyard Trampoline Safety Tips

A trampoline in your backyard can provide hours of fun for the whole family. But much like having a backyard swimming pool, you don’t want those bounce sessions to be unsupervised. There are many safety precautions that you should instill in your kids to minimize the risk of injury. Here are the backyard trampoline safety tips that need to be part of your summer fun.


Use The Ladder

Your backyard trampoline should have a ladder for access. It is important that your kids get into the habit of using that ladder to get in and out of the trampoline. There will come a time when they’ll be tempted to bounce off the trampoline onto the grass. This is not something that should ever be encouraged.

Make Sure the Surface Is Dry

Before your kids start bouncing, you want to make sure that the surface of your trampoline is free of moisture. Trampolines can be very slippery even with morning dew. It’s a good idea to take a towel to the trampoline before ever use just to be safe.

Position Your Trampoline On Energy Absorbing Ground

The best spot for a backyard trampoline is on energy absorbing ground. That would be grass, sand or wood chips. Absent those, you can put down safety pads if the trampoline is on concrete. This is all meant to help avoid a bad injury if someone bounces off the trampoline by accident.

Don’t Try Stunts

Once you install that trampoline, your kids will probably head over to YouTube to see how other kids are bouncing around. There are many professional gymnasts who perform great stunts on trampoline. That only happens after years of practice. Your kids should not try any of these stunts unless they are given proper instructions by a certified teacher. Even then, it’s not something they should try on their own without having someone spot them.

Make Sure There Is Nothing Underneath The Trampoline

Before they get started, you need to make sure the area that is underneath the trampoline is clear of obstacles. That includes any other sporting equipment, toys or even rocks.

Replace Rusty Trampoline

Your backyard trampoline is going be exposed to all kinds of weather. Even with the best protection it can still get rusty or frayed. When that happens, it will be time to replace the trampoline. This is not something you can toss out into the trash. Instead, you want to hire Junk King Chicago West. These are the professional junk haulers who have a lot of experience dismantling bulky objects like a trampoline. They’ll get rid of that unit in very short time. They can also clear way of a lot of other clutter from around your house in the same trip.

Taking a few extra precautions will go a long way towards keeping all of your trampoline users safe.

Junk King Chicago West Customers Share Their Positive Experiences

Junk King Chicago West is very open having their customers post their experiences with the company. Spoiler alert: they’re all great experiences! Here’s where a few customers had to say in just the last couple of weeks

“Junk King are the best around. Best reasonable price, professional and punctual. Don’t waste your time anywhere else… go directly to Junk King.” – E.B.


Those reasonable prices are always based on volume and not weight. You never be charge by the pound Junk King Chicago West. Any company that does try and charge by the pound isn’t looking out for your best interest. How can they weigh your rubbish? Junk King only cares how much space your stuff will take up on the back of the truck. You’ll know what this price is before the work even begins and it won’t change once the job is done.

“We were very impressed from the first time we met Elliott for an estimate and then Thor, DeJuan and French for the first day, three truck loads of junk and then the second day with Thor and William, another truck. Professional, respectful, willing to do whatever they could to help us in this situation. They were in good contact to let us know they were running late, which was greatly appreciated. I was very happy to meet Matt as well, and tell him personally, what we were experiencing. This was a difficult situation; my parents lived in this house 64 years, having built it in 1952. They kept everything! We spent 3 weeks going through the majority of it and found Junk King to help with the rest. They were wonderful! Thank you.” – L.L.

Junk King Chicago West is often called on to tackle huge jobs like estate cleanouts. This is when they will take the “all hands on deck” approach. All those extra trucks and crew members didn’t come with an additional cost. It was all covered in the flat fee. That’s what makes Junk King Chicago West the best deal in town for this type of service.

“Called before they came. Matt and French were very nice and professional. Took out an old hot tub quickly which was a huge job. Cleaned everything up. Will definitely be recommending Junk King to friends and family.” – J.J.

There isn’t a junk removal challenge that Junk King Chicago West can’t handle. Put them to the test today.

Hiring Junk King Chicago West Is Perfect For Room Painting Prep

Is painting a room on your list of things to do this summer? Maybe you want to paint the entire house? It’s a great way to revitalize your home without spending a lot of money. That is especially true if you’re going to do the painting yourself. Once you’ve settled on a color, it’s all about the prep work. Along with taping around windows and outlets and covering furniture with plastic, you may want to hire Junk King Chicago West before you get started. These are the professional junk haulers that can help clear any room of any amount of clutter.


The best way to paint is in an empty room but that’s not always practical. What is practical is getting rid of is much stuff as possible before you begin the prep work. You might have several pieces of furniture that aren’t no longer being used in that spare room. This could also be the room where you put your old electronics or boxes of clothing that you no longer going to wear. Instead of moving that stuff around to avoid getting paid on it why not get rid of it? With Junk King Chicago West on the job that’s a very simple task to accomplish.

Junk King Chicago West is going to provide you with two crewmembers that will be doing all the heavy lifting. Included in that lifting is any stair climbing. If you need something brought down from upstairs or up from the basement, then you can count on Junk King Chicago West to get the job done in a very timely fashion.

Everything that’s collected by Junk King Chicago West be loaded on the back of the truck. As they do that loading, the crew will be keeping their eye out for those things that can be recycled or donated. They’ve set up working partnerships with many organizations throughout the area and know exactly what these groups are looking for. If they spot a piece of furniture or appliance that could be fixed up, then they will make sure it gets dropped off at the right spot. This sounds like a lot of extra work but is nothing you have to worry about. Once the truck is loaded with your stuff, the job is done on your end!

Prep your next room for painting by turning your clutter over to Junk King Chicago West today.

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