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Chicago Junk Hauling

Chicago Junk HaulingSometimes cleaning up can reveal a treasure, especially when a treasure hunt is part of the project. The Third Annual Des Plaines River Cleanup and Treasure Hunt was recently held on a Saturday afternoon and brought together around 150 volunteers who were all eager to roll up their sleeves, slip on some protective gloves and pick up trash in Cook and Lake Counties’ Forest Preserves. The crews weren’t landlocked either. Many of the volunteers took to canoes and kayaks to clear rubbish from the waterways. As for the treasure, that depends on what they found but they were free to keep anything!

Tom Eckles is the waterway steward who supervised the river cleanup. He was hoping to get a big tarp, a large piece of drainpipe and tires pulled out.

“There is quite a bit of trash in the river between Lake and Cook Counties. People dump tires in the river because there is now a charge to dispose of them,” Eckles told the Northbrook Star. “But I’ve never been able to understand why they don’t take beer bottles with them with when they leave. They are quite a bit lighter than they were when they were brought in.”

A lot of the volunteers use these parks and bike trials so it was a perfect chance for them to give back to the environment. Imagine if you could have a team of volunteers help you clean up your home. No doubt you’d have the place looking like it did when you first moved in. Actually, you could still accomplish that but you don’t need an army of volunteers. You just need to hire Junk Works North Chicago. These are the junk removal experts who will send a two-man crew to your home for all kinds of trash hauling.

Trust us; you’ll only need these two hard workers to get the job done. In a matter of moments, the Junk Works crew can go through your home and remove whatever heavy item you want to tossed out. Everything is going to go on the back of the Junk King truck to be properly disposed of. This means you won’t be giving up your free time to rent your own truck or drive around looking for a landfill. Junk King does it all.

As for pricing, Junk Works’s policy can’t be beat. You’ll be given an estimate based on the amount of space your junk takes up on the back of the truck. There won’t be any extra charges or surprise fees. Once you use Junk Works Chicago you’ll be hooked and there is no end to how much junk you can get rid of!

Chicago Junk Removal

Junk Removal ChicagoThis year’s Lollapalooza in Chicago was chock full of great music acts, tasty food booths and plenty of fun. Unfortunately, it also left behind some damage to Grant Park to the tune of $220,000. That’s going to pay for soil and sod replacement and general restoration and cleanup. Considering that in 2011 the cleanup price tag was $800,000, organizers are getting off pretty cheap. Part of that was due to a mud pit that sprung up after a rainstorm passed through. Yes, the promoters will be footing the bill for the cleanup effort which is good news for the taxpayers.

What about your own after-party cleanup at your Chicago home? Hopefully it’s not a $200,000 bill but even the aftermath of a Bear’s viewing party can leave plenty of mess. This is the kind of trash that can be crammed into a trashcan so it’s really just a matter of getting the job done. What if you want to throw out something bigger like a sofa that has suffered from one too many nacho cheese stains? What if you’re finally going to trade in that old TV for an big screen HD model? Now you’re talking about bigger items that are going to require some extra help. That help can be provided by Junk Works Chicago with one simple call.

Your call into Junk Works will have you talking to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members who will help you size up your junk job. If you just have a few items you should be given a quote right over the phone. For bigger pickups you’ll want to have a Junk Works Chicago team member come out to see what you’re tossing out. That’s because you’re only going to be charged by the amount of space your junk takes up on the truck. The Junk Works crew will pack your stuff tight which means you’re sure to get a great deal every time. Don’t worry about delays. Many happy Junk Works customers call in the morning and have all their junk removed by the afternoon.

The other benefit of Junk Works is that they go where your junk is at. Other less than reputable removal services require you to bring your junk out to the curb. That kind of defeats the purpose. With Junk Works Chicago they’ll go down into the basement, up into the attic or out in the garage for the junk removal. Everything goes onto the back of the truck and away it goes! Get your home ready for the next party by getting rid of your junk today.

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