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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Chicago Furniture Removal

Chicago Furniture RemovalChicago residents have a new place to buy furniture and it’s the Dump. Don’t let that name full you. The Dump is actually a huge forty-plus showroom outlet that sells high end furniture pieces at amazing discount prices. In fact, the new Dump offers 134,000 square-feet of furniture. Here is the official statement from The Dump CEO E.J. Strelitz.

“To celebrate the opening and our official entrance into the Chicago marketplace, we’ve purchased hundreds of actual design prototypes from leading designers in home furnishings today – from names like Calvin Klein, Natuzzi Italia, Sherrill, Jonathan Louis, and Old Hickory Tannery. Our customers will acquire these new lines before they reach retail stores and receive discounts of 50% and more. In addition, some of the brand names we are offering to our customers are so discounted that we are forbidden to mention them by name. For The Dump to offer a sample sale with a selection of this magnitude highlights the unique nature of our high-end offering to the Chicago marketplace.”

Even if you’re not actively looking for new furniture it wouldn’t hurt to take a peek at what The Dump is offering. Of course, you might be tempted to toss out an old dining room or living room set in favor of new pieces. If so, then don’t let the issue of getting rid of your old furniture stand in your way. Junk Works Chicago is ready to jump in and take care of that job for you.

When you hire Junk Works you’ll be getting a two man team of strong movers who won’t have a problem lifting an old sofa or bedroom sit then carting it out of your home and onto the back of their truck. Think of this as a “reverse move.” If it took movers to carry in your furniture it’s going to take movers to carry it out. Because Junk Works strives to work around your schedule, you could probably get your old furniture removed on the same day your new furniture arrives. This way you won’t skip a beat when it comes to being comfortable.

The other bonus with hiring Junk Works Chicago is that they can remove all the rest of your bulky items on the same job. Now you can clean out your closets, spare rooms, attic, basement and garage of all the stuff you’ve been eager to throw away. One Junk Works appointment is all it will take for it to disappear. Call Junk Works  today to find out how they can help you toss out your junk!

Chicago Junk Recycling

Chicago Junk Removal ServiceIf you get caught littering in Chicago it’s going to cost you big bucks. The City Council just passed a new measure that would bump up the current fines of $50 to $200 to $150 to $1,500. The high-end fee is for anyone who is nailed tossing out trash from a moving vehicle. That same vehicle can also be impounded. We’re not just talking about a huge Hefty bag of trash but anything such as a fast food wrapper or soda can that goes out the window could have you losing your car. Too harsh? Perhaps but it should really get Chicago residents thinking before they throw out.

“The negative impact of chronic littering on the character of our City neighborhoods is tremendous, and the changes put forth in this amended ordinance send a powerful message that we will not tolerate this completely unnecessary and careless act,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said in a statement.

Hopefully, this new measure will reduce the amount of trash that litters Chicago streets but what about all the stuff you have in your home that is equally offensive? We’re talking about all that junk you have cluttering up closets and garages. Aren’t you ready to get rid of that yet? In extreme cases of hoarding, you could end up getting fine just as you would with littering. Before it gets to a critical mass like that, why not hire Junk Works Chicago to help you clear out the clutter?

Junk Works are the professional junk haulers who have dedicated themselves to keeping Chicago clean. They accomplish this goal with their daily service runs through the city. On those pickup appointments the Junk Works crews are clearing out foreclosed homes for realtors, helping businesses remove junk from stockrooms and allowing homeowners to reclaim much needed space on their property. How can Junk Works help you?

First, decide what you want tossed out. Keep in mind that the Junk Works crew will be doing all the lifting and loading. This means you don’t have to worry about bringing down those boxes from the attic or carrying the old sofa up from the basement. Junk Works will handle all that. You also don’t have to worry about driving around looking for a proper dumpsite for all that junk. Part of the Junk Works complete removal package is making sure your junk is properly disposed of. Often that will mean taking your junk directly to a recycling center. Are you ready to get your home clean? Call Junk Works today and find out how they can help.

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