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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Chicago Mattress Disposal

Chicago Mattress DisposalHave you ever tried to get rid of a mattress? Maybe you’re trying to make room in your garage or to simply change a guest room over to a home office? It’s not that easy. Most charities that accept furniture aren’t going to take an old mattress. You might get lucky if you’re buying a new mattress and the company offers removal service you but can’t always count on that. Instead, you could end up being stuck with that bedding. This is probably why you’ve seen your fair share of mattresses stacked up against trees or lampposts. Some folks think that the minute they put something out of their home it becomes somebody else’s problem. Actually, it becomes all of our problems as that junk can attract vermin or tie up city workers who have to clean it up. The better way is to hire a local Chicago company like Junk King to haul it away.

First of all, Junk King Chicago isn’t going to tell you that they can’t take an old mattress. In fact, they’re not going to have a problem taking away anything you want thrown out. This includes big pieces like sofas, loveseats, stoves and refrigerators. It also includes little pieces like out of date desktop computers or monitors. Then are the serious garbage items like construction waste, lumber, brick, concrete and roofing shingles. All of that can go right onto the back of the Junk King truck. And don’t worry about doing any of the lifting on your own. Part of the complete Junk King removal experience is having the JK crew do all the work.

Once everything is load onto the truck, you can go back to doing what you need to do while the Junk King crew will be heading out to the nearest recycling center. That’s because most of what Junk King collects gets dropped off at one of those Chicago facilities. It’s all part of the city wide effort to reduce the amount of garbage dropped off in landfills.

As for pricing, you’ll be given an estimate for the job before the work starts. That fee will cover the amount of truck space your junk takes up. There won’t be any surprise costs like dump fees or labor. You could have all the junk and clutter removed from your home in less time than it takes to get dinner ready. Give Junk King Chicago a call today to find out how they can help you toss out your junk.

Chicago Hot Tub Removal

chicago hot tub disposalJust because you live in the Windy City doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a soothing soak in a hot tub. As anyone who indulges in winter a hot tub soak will tell you, it is amazingly invigorating. Those warm waters will wash away all the tension you’ve built up during the day. The pulsating jets knead your tight muscles and simply release the stress. All of those warm waters will work wonders on your circulation, joint pain and blood pressure. As an added bonus, you’ll also find it is easier to fall asleep after you’ve unwound in a hot tub right before bed. The only thing standing between you and all those amazing benefits is getting the right hot tub for your property.

Along with some poor choices in carpets and paints, homeowners often “inherit” an old hot tub with a new home purchase. Although this might have been a nice little amenity, the harsh reality is that old hot tub is now in disrepair. You also don’t really know what happened in there before you. That’s why it might be time to chuck it out and bring in a new model. It’s that “chucking out” that could cause some issues. After all, a hot tub is not something you can merely toss out with the weekly garbage. This is a job for Junk Works Chicago.

Junk Works are the junk removal professionals that spend their days helping Chicago homeowners get clutter free. They accomplish this noble goal with the help of their hard-working crews and fleet of moving trucks. Every time you make an appointment for a Junk Works removal you’ll be getting a pair of very capable workers. These crew members won’t have a problem breaking down that old hot tub. All those pieces will then be loaded onto the back of the Junk Works truck for proper disposal. There will be plenty of room on that truck for the hot tub and anything else you want to throw out in the same trip.

What have you been tripping over in your home? Is there too much stuff in your garage? Does opening the closet door cause an avalanche of junk? Has a spare room been overrun by junk? Hiring Junk Works can provide the cleanup solution for all of those problems. Although it might take a little extra time to disassemble a hot tub, you won’t be charged for the labor costs. That’s because Junk Works will only be charging a single fee based on how much space your junk takes up on the back of the truck. Don’t let another winter go by without the benefits of a warm hot tub. Let Junk Works clear the way!

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