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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Yard Waste Disposal In Chicago

To grow any type of plant you need good soil, plenty of water, sunshine and the seeds. There is no requirement on where those items can be put together. That’s the basic idea behind urban gardening. You can set up a garden on a rooftop or cement backyard. It just takes a sturdy container and those growing elements. Many Chicago residents are turning to this type of gardening. Look closely and you can see urban gardens sprouting on porches, balconies and back lots all across the city. If you’re thinking about setting up your own version of an urban garden, you might need to take care of yard waste disposal first. That can be handled by booking an appointment with Junk King.


Junk King is new to the Chicago area but not new to the junk removal game. This branch is part of a national franchise of professional junk haulers who are dedicated to helping folks clean out their homes and yards. The bulk of what Junk King removes are the kind of common household junk items like old furniture, appliances and e-waste. However, Junk King isn’t limited to helping you clear out the clutter from your homes. They can also do a full sweep of your yards. The two-man moving crew who will be assigned to your appointment will be capable of picking up things like rotted fencing, rusted auto parts, tires, grills and patio furniture. If you happen to have an actual lawn, then Junk King can pitch in and help with all manner of yard waste disposal. That includes leaves, tree limbs, bushes and grass clippings. If you bag it, Junk King will haul it!

Once your yard waste disposal has been taken care of, you can move in your containers to do the planting. If you get started this week, you could be picking a fresh salad by the middle of the summer. If Junk King clears out the rest of your home clutter then you can set up an office, a craft corner or even a guest room. In terms of pricing, you can rest assured that Junk King is going to offer an extremely affordable package. You’ll be presented with a flat fee based on an estimate of how much of your junk will cover the back of the Junk King truck. This is volume based as opposed to weight base and that’s going to mean a good deal. Use Junk King for your yard waste disposal and get your garden growing ASAP!

Celebrate Earth Day In Chicago With Green Junk Removal

Officially, Earth Day is April 22nd. Unofficially, every day can be Earth Day. The Hotel Felix Chicago is getting into the spirit by offering special packages all throughout April. First, there is a special rate for any guest who actually spends the night at the hotel during Earth Day. The hotel is also offering discount Divvy packages for all the guests. Divvy is the bike-sharing co-op which lets you borrow a bike for the day and pick it up/drop it off at one of the 300 Divvy stations around the city. It’s a great way to explore Chicago. The Hotel Felix is also sponsoring a Green Thumb Photo Contest. They encourage anyone to share a picture of blooming flowers either around Chicago or from their own gardens. The photos that are voted best will earn the photographers a free overnight stay.

Another way to celebrate Earth Day doesn’t involve a hotel stay but instead can help you have a junk free home. When you hire Junk King for a total junk removal appointment, you’ll be making sure that your junk gets recycled the right way. Whenever a single piece of garbage is kept out of a landfill that is good for all of Chicago. With Junk King on the job, up to 60% of everything they collect has been kept out of Chicago landfills. If we keep this up, we can close those landfills for good!

You might be surprised as what Junk King considers “recyclable.” That would be pretty much anything they collect including furniture, appliances and yard waste. In fact, the moment a Junk King crewmember picks up a piece of junk they’ll be asking, “Can we recycle this?” You don’t have to concern yourself about what should go for repurposing. The Junk King crew handles all of that as part of their complete junk removal service. All you have to decide is what you want to get rid of. Hiring Junk King means you’ve got a terrific partner for a total home cleanup. While you were spring cleaning, you might have noticed some items that could be tossed out. If only you had the manpower and truck space to handle those bulky items. Now you do, thanks to Junk King.

When Junk King takes care of the junk removal, they do all the work for you. Put them to work this Earth Day for a clean home.

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