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Monthly Archives:

Foreclosure Cleanout Mount Prospect

This is the week for scares. Whether you’re visiting a haunted house or watching horror movies, you’re sure to get that rush that comes from the unexpected and the downright creepy. Strangely enough, during Halloween, we subject ourselves to these scares on purpose. Another truly scary place to visit would be a foreclosed home. There is no telling what you might find lurking behind those doors. If you’re investing in a property that is in serious need of a foreclosure cleanout, who are you going to call? Junk King, that’s who!

Junk King is part of a national franchise of professional junk haulers who have seen all kinds of scary cleanup jobs. The typical junk removal appointment might only involve carting off a few pieces of furniture and some boxes of rubbish. Then there is the foreclosure cleanout. Previous occupants of a foreclosed property reach of a point of not caring. They know they’ve lost the house and so they’re just going to be careless with what they leave behind. Then there are foreclosed properties that have been overrun by vandals. These homes become party houses where piles of trash are spilled everywhere. Does this mean the home should be torn down? Not when you’ve got a dedicated team from Junk King handling your foreclosure cleanout.


Before the start of any foreclosure cleanout, the Junk King crew will need a moment to assess the job. You might have already been through the property, but the crew will have to make sure they are following proper procedures for clean up especially if it looks like there might be some hazardous materials. They also need to scope out how much truck space all that trash will take up. That’s how they’ll determine the estimate for your removal. That flat fee will cover all the costs for the foreclosure cleanout. It is a price determined by volume and not weight. That will have a huge impact on your bottom line!

Once Junk King has completed the foreclosure cleanout on the inside of the property, they can do the same type of work around the exteriors. Successfully flipping a property begins with curb appeal and Junk King can help you get there. Take out the trash is something you don’t have to worry about. Let Junk King handle your foreclosure cleanout. You’ll be glad they showed up!

Libertyville Garage Cleanout

Do you think that everything is your garage still serves a purpose? A home’s garage becomes the perfect storage area but just because something is being kept in there doesn’t mean you should hang onto it. Sometimes the boxes of junk in a garage are left over from the last move. Obviously, if you didn’t unpack those boxes then you don’t need whatever is in there. If there are some valuable mementoes then you should pull them out and put them on display. When you get right down to it, the only thing that should be in your garage are holiday decorations, working sporting equipment, tools and your car. Anything else can be considered junk. When you’re ready for a total garage cleanout, then Junk King will be ready for you.


When you call to set up your junk removal appointment with Junk King, we’ll want to know what you’re throwing out. It doesn’t have to be an itemized list but a general accounting. If it is only a “few items” then we’ll send out a truck and a two-man team for the cleanup. If it is going to be a major “hoarder type” cleanup, then will assemble all the teams to get the job done in a single appointment. This could even mean extra trucks. Believe it or not, these types of extreme cleanouts are not uncommon. When folks discover how easy it is to work with Junk King, there is no end to what they can get rid of.

The Junk King crews that show up at your property are there for work. Your job is to separate the valuable items from the junk. Everything you leave behind will be picked up in the spot. You won’t be straining your back one bit. If your clutter needs to be bagged up, Junk King will take care of that. Not only those that hold true for household junk but also for yard waste. We’re happy to pull up weeds, leaves, branches and bushes that you want removed.

Junk King is also in the recycling business… sort of. We don’t actually do the recycling but we make sure most of the junk we collect is dropped off at the right recycling facility. It’s all part of the complete junk removal package. All it takes to complete your garage cleanout is a call to Junk King.

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