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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Chicago Cellar Decluttering

There might be a lot of things you’ve got down in the cellar that you’ve forgotten about. Maybe there are unopened boxes left over from the move. There could be all kinds of sporting equipment that isn’t being used. Plus, what about all those gifts you got over the years that aren’t practical? Once something is put down in the cellar, it becomes “out of sight and out of mind.” It’s only when you want to put that space to better use or you keep tripping over things on your way to the washer that you think about the junk. If you’re ready to take on a total cellar decluttering, then Junk King is the only call you need to make.

Junk King provides all the “tools” you need to get the cellar decluttering job done. That starts with a two man moving crew who is going to do all the actual lifting and loading. Having this kind of manpower available will mean there is no limit to what you can finally bring up from the basement. If by chance your basement has reached a “hoarder” level of junk, then Junk King might dispatch additional crews and trucks to get the job done in a single appointment. Yes, there could be a half a dozen workers flying up and down those cellar steps. Won’t that be nice?

Junk King also provides the truck big enough to hold whatever you’re throwing out. In fact, it is the space on the truck that will determine your final cost. The Junk King crew is going to provide you with an estimate of how much area your junk is going to fill on that truck. These are expert packers who like to get as much on a truck as possible. That means you’re going to benefit from the low end of the price range every time.

Along with all your household clutter, the team from Junk King can also work wonders with the removal of your yard debris. In other words, take full advantage of this crew to get rid of anything and everything you want gone.

In addition to your home cleanup, Junk King is also doing its part to keep the Chicago environment green. They’ll strive to donate or recycle the bulk of what they collect from every home. Cellar decluttering makes a lot of sense when Junk King is on the job.

Hit Zero Waste with Junk King Chicago

Chicago is making great strides with its zero waste goal. Along with promoting recycling throughout communities and businesses, they are also tackling waste problems in unlikely areas. Consider your junk mail. According to surveys, over 100 billion pieces of unsolicited mail are delivered to Americans every year. The city of Chicago has teamed up with Catalog Choice, a national organization that allows consumers to register on their site to avoid phone books, catalogs, coupons and credit card solicitations. When those junk mail numbers come down, then the zero waste rates go up. Junk mail isn’t the only “junk” category that can benefit from recycling. When you hire Junk King for your junk removal task, you’re also hiring a powerful recycle partner.

Since the beginning of their operation back in 2005, Junk King has always done things the “green way.” This starts by establishing partnerships with various charities and recycling facilities around the Chicago area. Junk King knows what these organizations are looking for at any given moment. Next, the crews are trained to spot those items that can be diverted away from the landfill. They’ll sort out those pieces and when there is enough for a full truckload, then Junk King will make the appropriate drop off.

Does this mean you have to sort your junk into recyclable piles? Not at all. You only have to show the crews what you want taken away and they’ll handle everything. That includes lifting heavy pieces and taking apart those items that won’t fit out the door!

The work that Junk King provides also extends to the backyard. The Junk King crews will be happy to remove any piles of yard waste, concrete or stones you have out there. Yes, all of those debris items can also be recycled!

As for the cost, you won’t be charged any extra for the recycling services. Junk King will provide you with a rate that is based strictly on volume. When the crew shows up for the appointment, they’ll size up everything you want loaded up. They’ll then present you with that estimate that refers to how much space your junk will use on the truck. It’s never by the pound! The best company to get rid of your junk and help you go zero waste is Junk King. Give them a call today!

Clean Up with Junk King in Chicago using junk hauling services

Junk King junk removal serves private and business accounts in Chicago. We offer a wide mixed bag of hauling, junk removal, junk recycle, yard debris removal and clean up services.

Need someone to haul away that junk for you? We can deal with it. We offer numerous services for home owners requiring an additional hand handling for those little or expansive undertakings. From single things like old machines, to large scale clean ups, Junk King has the experience and assets to help you handle the most overwhelming clean up tasks.
Whatever your requirement, we can custom tailor our services to you needs. We’ll be happy to bail you out with your clean up job.
• Home interior clean outs
• Home exterior clean ups
• Old appliance removal
• Old furniture and mattresses removal
• Carport, basement and attic’s clean out
• Floor covering removal and hauling
• Rebuild clean ups
• Bequest clean outs
• Cardboard and newspaper recycle
• Part clean ups and clearing
• Yard debris and rubbish removal
• Concrete and brick pieces
• Scrap metal and scrap wood
• Old computers, monitors and office items
• Old paint, stain and lacquers
• Old tires, batteries and car parts
• Hot tubs, spas and jacuzzi’s.

Take my junk is all you need to say. Call us for our Junk Hauling Chicago services today.

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