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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Get Fired Up For Grilling Season This Summer

Among the many great things that Chicago is known for amazing food is top of the list. There is a wide array of restaurants, cafés, bistros and pubs serving up all kinds of taste tempting treats. Just about every international cuisine is represented in the city along with all those incredible hometown favorites like deep-dish pizza. Although you might have your favorite go to spot for lunch or dinner, nothing beats grilling a juicy steak in your own backyard. If this is the summer you’re going to step up your grilling game, then you want to make sure your backyard is ready for entertaining. That is where Junk King Chicago comes into play. These are the junk hauling experts that will help you transform your debris field backyard into an oasis.


Much like your garage or closet, the backyard often becomes a storage area for things that are too big to throw out in the weekly garbage pickup. Usually the stuff you keep outside are things you know you’re probably never going to use again. This could be leftover construction materials from a remodeling project or auto-parts from your “mechanic” that likes to tinker on the weekends. Once something has been rained on it is pretty much useless. The exception would be things like patio furniture or grill. But even those can take a beating over several seasons of exposed to extreme weather. All of those kinds of things can be turned over to the two-man moving crew that will be assigned to your task by Junk King Chicago.

You’re only job with this junk removal session will be to point to the things you want taken away. The Junk King crew will be doing all the actual lifting and loading. Don’t hesitate giving them heavy stuff like bricks or concrete chunks. Weight doesn’t matter to them. That’s true for the loading and also for the pricing. Junk King only charges a flat fee based on how much space your junk will fill on the back of the truck. You’ll never be charged by the pound with Junk King Chicago.

Make sure you’re going to enjoy your grilling season this summer with the yard clear of debris. Junk King Chicago can help get you there.

Get Ready For Summer With A Junk Free Home

Unless you’re a teacher, you’re still going to be working throughout the summer. Yes, the kids will be home but you still got to earn that paycheck. Hopefully, you’ll have a chance at a vacation or at the very least several long weekends. Even though you’re still working, summer still feels like the time to relax and chill out in your backyard or balcony. Before you can immerse yourself in total relaxation, you need to take care of all the chores that have been piling up on your home maintenance list. If one of those tasks is junk removal, then one call to Junk King Chicago gets it done.


How long have you been collecting stuff? The answer that question will directly relate to how much stuff you have to get rid of. It always seems that the longer you go without tossing out clutter the more it piles up. Before you know it, your garage is too full the park a car in and you can’t find anything in your closets. That is definitely when it’s time to bring in Junk King Chicago.

All you need to do to get ready for your junk removal session is to sort through the things you want to get rid of. That might mean spending some time pulling everything out of your closet or opening up all those boxes you have in storage out in the garage. But it will be time well spent once the crew from Junk King Chicago has collected all your unwanted stuff and removed it from the home. Imagine what you can do when you have all that storage space available. The goal is to stay better organized and not fill it up with more stuff!

Summer is also the time to be relaxing outside. Whether that means grilling for the family or just swinging in a hammock you want to be sure your yard is in good shape. After the mowing and weed pulling, would you still be left with a lot of stuff that needs to be taken away? You can turn it all over to Junk King and get your yard transformed into a mini oasis. One call to Junk King Chicago can get your summer started without clutter!

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