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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Convert Your Garage Into A Great Family Room

How much time do you actually spend in your garage? If it is attached to your house, then might just be walking through from the car to your kitchen. If it is detached, then the only time you go to the garage is either to fix something on a workbench or put something in storage. The question then becomes, “Are you making the most out of that space?” Instead of using it as a storage locker why not think of your garage as a second family room? This could be a great space for kids to play in that is enclosed and safe. It could also become a home theater where your entire family can enjoy watching movies and television. All it takes to accomplish those makeover goals is a little imagination and help from Junk King Chicago.


Since setting up operation in Chicago, this branch of Junk King has helped remove tons of old furniture, clothing, appliances, e-waste and other household goods from homes all across the area. The typical junk removal sessions usually involve just a few items being tossed out. These are the kinds of things that won’t fit into a trashcan or have to be lifted by a two-man moving crew. Junk King provides the crew and the truck to get any kind of rubbish taken away.

Some jobs are a bit more involved. If your garage has become the family storage unit, then it could be filled to the rafters with all kinds of boxes, sporting goods and other items that you’re no longer using. Doesn’t it make sense to get rid of those things? Junk King Chicago can make it happen in no time at all.

Your responsibility is to put together a list of all the things you want taken away. Some Junk King customers will slap a sticker on the items to make sure everything they want gone is removed by the crew. Other folks just point to what they want lifted and loaded. Either way works for junk King!

The cost for this incredible service will be based upon how much space your junk will fill on the back of the truck. You’ll know that price before the work begins. It will also be a very fair and affordable rate. To make sure you get your garage clear of clutter in a timely manner just call Junk King Chicago.

How To Transform Your Kid’s Room

Nothing signifies the passage of time more clearly than when your child decides they want to makeover their bedroom. The younger they are the less control they have over those factors such as outgrowing a crib and needing to transition into their first bed. Usually these bedroom makeovers happen over the course of the summer especially when your child goes from middle school into junior high or junior high into high school. It’s amazing how quickly all those posters on the walls and toys on the shelf can disappear. The same can be said for that bed shaped like a racing car! When you’re ready to help your kid transform their bedroom, Junk King Chicago will be ready for you!


Junk King Chicago is part of a nationwide chain of professional junk haulers. This is a business that has been collecting all kinds of rubbish from homes, businesses and apartments for over 10 years. In that time, they’ve help transform many homes into junk free zones. Even though you might not be replacing all of your kid’s furniture you could still benefit from having the two-man moving crew and huge truck from Junk King Chicago. They will be able to take away anything you want tossed out. The big difference is that they are not going to automatically “trash” those items. Instead, there make sure they get dropped off at local area charities where they’ll be put back into circulation. This should make you feel a lot better about getting rid of all that stuff!

In addition to Junk King Chicago providing assistance clearing out the clutter from your kid’s room they can also help you remove all your unwanted stuff from the rest of the house. One junk removal session with these pros and you’ll be able to clear out your garage, basement and closets of all the unwanted stuff been piling up over the years. In just a few minutes with the team from Junk King Chicago, your entire home can be transformed.

Setting up your appointment is easy. You can call or book online. Either way most junk removal sessions are completed within 24 hours. Before school starts is the perfect time to bring in Junk King Chicago to clear way all the clutter.

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