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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Make Room For A New Pet By Clearing Out The Clutter

Bringing a new pet into the home is going to cause a significant amount of change but its all good change! You’re obviously going to have to make adjustments in your schedule especially if that pet requires daily walks. Your grocery-shopping list is going to change when you add in treats and pet food for your new critter. There will also be a certain amount of adjustments that you might have to be made with regard to furniture. In other words, is this pet going to be allowed on the sofa? Even if they are, they might still have their own bed area. The best way to prepare for a new pet is to clear out the clutter. That will open up a lot more space in your home and remove some potential “targets.” When it comes to decluttering Junk King Chicago is the only company you need to talk to.


Depending on your situation, your new cat or dog could find their way down into your basement or out into the garage. They will naturally be exploring their new territory and that could mean getting into a lot of boxes and other things where they should go. You can remove that temptation by gathering up all the broken, unused or worn out items that could be taken away by Junk King Chicago. You’ll be provided with a very capable two-man moving crew for this operation. This is the team who is going to do all the actual work. That means you don’t have to help. Just show them what you want taken away and they’ll do the rest.

You might also want to get your backyard ready for your new pet. Just like the other areas of the house those things that could be a potential hazard. If you have to replace your fence, then you can definitely ask the team from Junk King Chicago help that old fencing. They can also cart off piles of lumber and other debris. Although you might want to leave a few sticks around for the dog, you probably want to get rid of the bigger broken tree branches. It can all go on the back of the Junk King truck. Bringing in a new pet is the perfect excuse to declutter your entire home and Junk King Chicago are the perfect decluttering partners.

How To Be More Eco-Friendly Around Your Home

For many people living in Chicago, recycling has become a matter of routine. Everyone gets into the habit of sorting their papers, plastics and cardboard. It’s a great family project and gets the kids engaged with helping out the environment. Although it’s important to keep up that kitchen recycling, is equally important to extend your eco-friendly way of getting rid of things to everything else you’re tossing out. That includes the big stuff like furniture, appliances, clothing and other household goods. Yes, those can all be recycled the right way you hire a company like Junk King Chicago.


Since their inception, Junk King has been dedicated to helping communities achieve zero waste status. This is a vital goal that many cities are adopting and requires that everything collected that is considered trash find a way to be recycled, repurposed and reused. That is why you’ll be seeing a lot news in the coming months and years about recycling programs that convert trash into energy. Junk King Chicago has a two-prong approach to eco-friendly disposal. That involves recycling centers and charities.

There are some items collected by Junk King Chicago that need to be recycled. This is especially true with e-waste items like old computers, monitors, televisions, DVD players and printers. Those are the kinds of things that can’t be fixed and don’t have much resale value. Instead, they have to be taken apart carefully and disposed of in a proper manner. Junk King Chicago doesn’t take care of the disassembly but can certainly make sure those items get dropped off at the certified facilities.

As for donations, this is where Junk King Chicago truly excels. They would much rather drop your stuff off at a charity then making a trip to a landfill. Many of these organizations employee members of the community to help reupholster and repair certain items. That’s a great way of contributing to the economy and helping families in need. All of this is going to happen long after Junk King has removed all your stuff. They wait until they have full truckloads to drop off at these places. That’s another way they help reduced energy use. Make sure your junk is handled the eco-friendly way by giving it to Junk King Chicago.

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