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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Here Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Rubbish

As you go through your home sorting through closets and organizing your garage, you’ll probably come across a lot of things you could get rid of. The first thought that might pop in your head would be, “Let’s have a yard sale!” That might not be the best approach to getting rid of rubbish. After hanging up posters throughout the neighborhood, pricing your items, dragging all the stuff down to the front lawn and then spending the day stuck in a lawn chair as people pick through your belongings you might discover this yard sale idea was a epic fail. That’s because there is no guarantee you’ll get any foot traffic to your lawn or that anyone will buy your stuff. The result is you being forced to drag everything back into the house. A much better approach would be to simply hire Junk King Chicago to get rid of all that rubbish.


How fast do you actually want to get rid of your rubbish? Once most people have decided that they want to toss something out, they would love it if it could be gone right away. That can certainly happen when you hire Junk King Chicago. Most assignments are completed by the next day. You could even score a same-day pickup. That’s because the Junk King crews are always on the move. You just have to know all the things you want to get rid of. You don’t want to be sorted through boxes while the crew waits.

Knowing that you have a two-man moving crew at your disposal might also change that list. There could be things too heavy or bulky to take out of your house even for yard sale. That will be a problem for Junk King Chicago. The crew doesn’t concern themselves with how heavy something might be or how many stairs they have to climb to get at it. All they care about is making sure everything you want gone is taken away in a single trip.

When you see how easy it is to turn your rubbish over to Junk King Chicago you’ll wonder what took you so long!

Is Your Home Ready For Winter?

Getting ready for winter often means pulling the sweaters and fleece outfits down from storage. Filters in vents should be replaced and your furnace should be inspected. If you’re lucky to have a fireplace in your home, then you’ll definitely want to get that clean before you like the first fire of the season. All of this is meant to ensure your home is cozy when the temperature drops. However, it’s not just the inside of your home that needs to get ready for winter but also the outside. You might have some tree branches that are precariously hanging over power lines or close to your roof. All it would take is one ice storm to bring those down and cause all kinds of trouble. There could be other items in your yard that when covered with snow might cause a problem in terms of access. These are the type of jobs that are perfect for Junk King Chicago.


The crews from Junk King Chicago might not be able to climb a tree and cut down those overhanging branches. But once those branches are brought down this is definitely the team who can haul them away in a single trip. This is also the dedicated team that will be able to remove those bulky items from your backyard. If there is a swing set that hasn’t been used or a shed that is falling apart then just tell Junk King that’s what you want taken away. It will also help to have the crew from Junk King Chicago pick up any debris like lumber scraps. These can become the perfect nesting areas for termites and rodents. Those are two “visitors” you don’t want to make comfortable.

Once Junk King has loaded up all the yard stuff you want to get rid of they can set their sights on all the unwanted clutter from the inside of your house. Just point to all the things in your garage, basement or attic that you’d like remove. Watch how fast the Junk King crews carry those things down and out the front door. It won’t matter to them how heavy something is or how many stairs they need to climb. If you want your clutter gone, then consider it gone with one call to Junk King Chicago

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