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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Make More Room In Your Home

Which room in your home has the most clutter? Let’s exclude any kid’s room because we know that’s a lost cause. Would it be the kitchen? Usually the clutter in the kitchen is contained within cabinets and drawers. Very rarely does it make itself known. The living room could be a likely clutter offender as it often becomes the dumping ground for shoes, backpacks, skateboards and other “dropped off” items from the family. Those are the heavy traffic zones. But you probably got a lot more clutter in areas that you don’t use every day like the garage or attic. It would be a shame if those areas were more storage locker than practical living space. One call to Junk King Chicago can change all that.


Think about what you could do in your garage or attic or basement if you could certainly make everything in there disappear. Starting with a clean room you could create an amazing guest bedroom in any one of those areas. You can set up a private reading room or sewing corner. It could become a workout or yoga space. It might even be the perfect kid’s playroom where all their clutter can go. All of that can happen after Junk King Chicago has worked their magic.

Two-man crew from Junk King Chicago sweep through your home picking up all the things you want removed in no time flat. Their work as quickly as you can tell them what you want taken away. Between the time you call to set up your appointment and the actual arrival of the team you can add to that. That’s because the final price will be locked down once the crew has had a chance to size up all the things you want to take away. They’ll be looking to see how much space it will occupy on the back of the truck. These crews are experts when it comes to packing up that truck with as much stuff in as little space as possible. That means you’re going to get a great price every time.

The best approach to opening up room in your home is to bring in Junk King Chicago to clear out the junk first.

Reclaim Your Spare Room

Wouldn’t it be great if you could wake up one morning and suddenly discover that you had an extra room in your house? Just think of all the possibilities. This could become your “quiet” room to relax or meditate in. It can become a studio to create all kinds of crafts or artwork. It could be a guest room that finally allows you to invite all your out-of-town friends for a visit. The possibilities truly are endless. You might already have a room that could be converted into one of those “possibilities” but instead it has been turned into a storage locker. This is not an uncommon phenomenon. Even someone living in a two-bedroom apartment often finds that the spare bedroom becomes the dumping ground for all the unwanted stuff. It makes a lot more sense to reclaim that room then to use it for storage. To make that happen you only need to call Junk King Chicago.


Junk King Chicago is part of a nationwide chain of professional junk haulers who have been in this line of work for over 10 years. They want to make sure that the junk removal process you sign up for is hassle free and uncomplicated. Based upon the rave reviews they collect on a weekly basis it’s clear they are hitting those goals. The first step is scheduling. That begins with you picking the perfect day for your schedule. You’ll be amazed how common any Junk King Chicago can be even if you want to set up a same-day pickup appointment.

When the crew arrives your to show them all the things you want taken from your spare room and the rest of the house. Because you’ll have two competent movers and a huge truck, you want to take full advantage. That means finally getting rid of an old mattress, sofa, crib or anything else you consider too heavy. It can all go with a single junk removal appointment from Junk King Chicago.

Aside from getting back your spare room the other huge benefit from hiring Junk King Chicago is what happens to all your stuff once they’ve put it on the truck. This is the company is dedicated to keeping the environment around Illinois as green as possible. That means staying away from landfills and instead donating or recycling what they collect. You don’t have to decide what could fall into the category. The crews will handle that from start to finish. The only way to make room in your home is to clear out the clutter and that happens with one call to Junk King Chicago.

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