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Monthly Archives:

Here’s Your Spring Cleaning Plan

It’s that time of year to head outdoors and take in all that springtime in Chicago has to offer. Whether that is biking, rollerblading, walking the dog or sitting under a tree with a good book, the warm outdoors is calling you. However, before you can head out, there might be one small task you need to take care of: Clean every nook and cranny of your home from floor to ceiling. So, that might not be a small task but spring cleaning is one of those goals that will make you feel great once it has been accomplished. Here’s a good spring cleaning plan to follow:


Divide and Conquer

How many rooms are in your home? Whatever the number, you want to figure out what is the priority and what will take the longest. The thing about spring cleaning is that you have all spring to get it done. Do half one weekend and half the next. That way you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Go One Room at a Time

Stand at the entry of any room in your home. Decide exactly what needs to be done and enter. Don’t come out until it is finished. You’ll find it is more efficient to do one room at a time and then move on. Plus, this approach helps if you’re breaking up the whole job.

Carry Your Supplies

Your best spring cleaning tool will be a bucket. Not for a mop and soapy water (you’ll need a different one for that) but for all your cleaning supplies. Try to imagine you’re a hotel maid going from room to room. They bring everything they need on a cart so there is no going back and forth to the supply closet.

Have Fun

Just because you’re cleaning doesn’t mean you can crank up the tunes and get a little dance in. If you feel moved, then go ahead and sing along.

Get Rid of Rubbish

As you make your way through each room, designate those objects you’d like to get rid of. Yes, the ones that can fit in the trash should be toss out but for everything else, there is Junk King Chicago. These are the leading professional junk haulers in the windy city and they’re standing by to make all your old furniture, appliances, electronics and any other unwanted household item disappear. Partner up with Junk King Chicago for your spring cleaning and watch what a difference that can make.

Get Help Clearing Out Cardboard Boxes And Other Rubbish

Cardboard boxes have been around for over 200 years. We can credit Sir Malcolm Thornhill with creating the first cardboard box in 1817 and putting stuff away has never been the same since. Today, cardboard boxes are becoming even more prolific as increased sales from plays like Amazon and eBay make them vital for shipping all kinds of stuff. Getting rid of a single box isn’t a challenge. But when those boxes take over your garage or business storeroom, then it might be time to bring in outside help. That’s when you call Junk King Chicago.


Cardboard boxes are one of those commodities that are easy to recycle provided you can get them to the right facility. Do you know where recycling is done in Chicago? Trick question because you don’t have to with Junk King on the job. Since they began collecting junk, Junk King has partnered up with all the various recycling centers around the area. They know exactly who handles the cardboard and they will strive to make sure all your old boxes get to that right drop off.

Junk King is going to send over a pair of workers to make the removal of those boxes effortless on your part. You don’t even have to break them up. Leave it all to Junk King. Since you’ll have the team and the truck, you might want to consider what else can go beyond the boxes. Do you have files you know you can do without? Are their pieces of furniture you’re not longer using? What about other office equipment that has been replaced? All of that can be loaded onto the truck.

If you’re hiring Junk King to clear out the boxes from your garage, then they can take them empty or full of rubbish. Just think of how much storage space you’ll make for yourself when all that clutter is cleared away. It can be like moving into the empty garage all over again.

Before you call in Junk King, take the time to sort through all the storage areas in your home including closets. This is your chance to get rid of it all. Junk King Chicago makes fast work of removing cardboard boxes and other rubbish. Put them to the task today.

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