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Hire Junk King For Your Holiday Preparations

All across Chicago, folks are pulling out their Christmas decorations and getting ready to light up the night skies. Whether you live in a home outside the city or an apartment downtown there’s something special about putting lights up at this time of year that puts everyone in a good mood. Some people like to take the minimalist approach by having simple white lights in well-organized patterns. Others prefer the eclectic approach of as many twinkling colored lights as can be strung up. Both scenarios work. What doesn’t work is decorating a yard when there is still lingering junk and debris scattered about. All of that can be gone in a flash with one call to Junk King Chicago.


A typical Junk King session involves removing big pieces of furniture and appliances. Those are the two items that people struggle the most with when it comes to getting rid of them in their home. They need movers and a truck to take care of that and that’s exactly what Junk King provides. But Junk King doesn’t want to limit you to an old couch or refrigerator. You can get rid of just about anything that’s either inside or outside of your home. Junk King provides quality junk removal for piles of leftover construction waste or boxes of old sweaters. They can just as easily remove a ping-pong table that nobody’s playing with as they will with old patio furniture. Whatever you can point to can be picked up and loaded onto the Junk King truck by the Junk King squad. That even includes something that has to be taken apart first.

The cost for this service is based on how the truck will get packed up by the crew. Their goal is always to get as much junk into his little space as possible on the truck. They want to make sure they can make a few more stops before the end of the day. They also want to give you a good deal so the less room they take up the less you’ll be paying.

Your home will look a lot brighter for the holidays once all the junk and rubbish has been removed by Junk King Chicago. Put them on that task today.

Junk King Rubbish Removal Is The Ultimate Holiday Gift

How good are you at wrapping presents? There are a lot of folks to take great pride in how they wrap presents. They pick the perfect paper and make sure it is cut accordingly. The selection of a bow or ribbon is also important. These are the packages that are mini works of art. They look great under the Christmas tree and it is a shame to have to “ruin” them by ripping open the paper to get to the gift! Of course, there are some unique gifts that can be given to loved ones that aren’t necessarily wrapped up in a pretty box. One such gift will be a rubbish removal session from Junk King Chicago. You wouldn’t be able to wrap that up but it will certainly be appreciated when it is put to use.


Who do you know that would benefit from having two movers and truck pull up to their house for some rubbish removal? It might be a relative or friend who doesn’t have the means to get rid of big items like an old sofa or bedroom set. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t appreciate having those things gone from home. Every Junk removal session set up by Junk King is staffed by two very friendly movers. This is a crew who is going to show up with a “no problem” attitude that will make them very easy to work with. That “no problem” means lifting something heavy or carrying it downstairs isn’t going to be a challenge for them. They make this kind of work look easy.

Although the initial gift might be a surprise, you don’t want to show up with the movers and a truck. You want to coordinate the schedule of the person who is receiving the gift and make sure they have time to sort through all the things they could get rid of. It might be that just clearing out closets or the garage would be all they would want. But that can still make a huge difference. A rubbish removal session with Junk King Chicago is going to be a great gift to give to someone special or to yourself. Make that happen today.

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