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Upgrade Your Backyard With A Call To Junk King

Home renovations are all about improving your living space. As an added bonus, the money you invest in a renovation will most often come back in the form of increased home value. Yes, every renovation should have a return on your investment but it doesn’t just have to be a new kitchen or bathroom.  You can also be making upgrades to your backyard that can go a long way towards extending the living space of the house and raising the value of the home. If this is something on your agenda, then you should start with a call to Junk King Chicago.

Clean Before Build

Upgrading your backyard is not unlike upgrading your kitchen. The first thing that has to happen is that the old landscaping needs to be torn up. That might mean pulling out shrubs and even a tree. It could also mean taking a jackhammer to a concrete patio or pulling apart a wood deck or porch. Once the demolition has been complete then you can really revitalize and renovate the backyard. It will help your landscaping crews if all that demolition debris is cleared first. That’s where Junk King Chicago can be a big help. They’ll send over a truck and a pair of movers to quickly clear out the yard of any debris that has been created in the demolition process. This is a very safe and efficient way to cleanup your yard and it is something that can happen very quickly.

Weight is No Problem

Clearing out your backyard can mean removing some very heavy objects. But you don’t have to worry about how heavy something is that you getting rid of. That’s because junk King never charges by the pound. Can you imagine weighing out concrete or paver stones? The way the Junk King charges is by how they pack up the truck. Everything you’re getting rid of from your backyard can be neatly piled into a very tight space on the truck. That will benefit you when it is time for paying because it will mean the low end of the price scale. Junk King always wants to give you a great deal for this type of service.

Get your backyard makeover off to a great start by having Junk King Chicago clear out all the debris. Set up your session today.

Things To Avoid With A Junk Removal Company

Buyer’s remorse occurs when you pay money for something and then regret that decision. Usually, this remorse is associated with major purchases like a home or car but you can also have remorse for smaller things like hiring the wrong service professional. It is never fun when you need to get something done around the house and the company you hire turns out to be subpar. That can happen with any type of service including the simple act of getting your unwanted rubbish hauled away. If you want to avoid buyer’s remorse with junk removal then you’ll want to hire Junk King Chicago from the start.

One of the things you’ll want to avoid with a junk removal company is unfair pricing. Many companies charge a fee based on weight. They do this because that is how they’ll be charged at the landfill. Of course, there is no fair way to measure the weight of what you’re getting rid of unless you put it all on a scale. Junk King takes a different approach. They have a price scale that is based on how the truck will get packed up. Will your discarded items take up half the truck, one-third of the truck or the entire truck. The Junk King crews will be able to provide an estimate before the work begins. They have a lot of experience with packing up those trucks and will know how everything is going to fit on.

The other thing to avoid is a company that asks you to make things “easy” for them. This could involve you bringing your items down to the curb. Yes, that happens with your weekly trash pickup but it shouldn’t happen with junk removal. What is the purpose of hiring a company to get rid of an old sofa if you have to carry to sofa out of the house? When Junk King is on the job, you can count on those crews doing all the work. They’ll pick up any piece of furniture, appliance or box that you want to get rid of right from the spot. That includes anything that is on a second floor or down in the basement.

Your junk can be hauled away and you won’t experience any “buyer’s remorse” when you give the job to Junk King Chicago. Book a session today.

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