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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Concrete Cleanup Is No Problem For Junk King

The easiest part about replacing a concrete driveway or patio is busting up that concrete. It only takes a few minutes with a jackhammer to get that concrete broken up into chunks. You can even rent a jackhammer and do that demolition on your own. The real challenge is what happens after concrete is broken up. That’s when you have to find a way to get rid of all that concrete. Fortunately, there is a company that makes quick work of concrete cleanup. That company is Junk King Chicago. Here’s the video proof of what they can accomplish with a bunch of concrete debris.

The Needed Manpower

Lifting chunks of concrete would definitely qualify as “backbreaking work.” At least it would if you didn’t know how to properly lift and load heavy objects like that. The team from Junk King shows in this video that they have the expertise to do that kind of living without causing any injury. It is also evident that the team from junk King has a terrific attitude when it comes to getting the job done. They actually make it look like fun! No time at all those busted chunks of concrete that you have on your property can be loaded onto the Junk King truck and taken away. That will clear the space for you to report cement and create the environment that you hope for with this renovation.

After the Concrete

Depending upon the amount of concrete you getting rid of, there will probably be some room left over on the truck. You can use that same hard-working Junk King crew to carry out any unwanted items from your home like an old sofa, mattress or refrigerator. It will all fit onto the truck and be disposed of in a proper manner. Knowing that you have a dedicated crew doing all the lifting and loading can certainly broaden your list of things to get rid of. If they can easily move concrete around, then they won’t have a problem with anything else that you want to get rid of.

Whether you need a concrete cleanup or standard junk removal, Junk King Chicago is the team to hire. Give them a call today.

Take Down Cubicle Walls With Help From Junk King Chicago

Are you able to look across from one end of your office to the other without a blocked view? If so, then you are probably in an open design type of work environment. However, if your view is blocked by cubicle walls, then you might want to consider if those walls are being conducive to a productive work environment. After all, if you can’t see your team at work, then neither can they and that can impede effective teamwork. Taking down those cubicles would be a big step with regard to redesigning your office space. However, that is a task that would be easily accomplished if you were to turn it over to a company like Junk King Chicago.


The most challenging aspect about cubicle removal is the actual dismantling of the system. At least, it would be challenging if you are unfamiliar with how those cubicle walls were put up. This is something that the crews of Junk King have a lot of experience with. Not only have they taken apart hot tubs, pool tables and swing sets but they’ve also cleared out their fair share of office spaces of all kinds of equipment, furniture and cubicle walls. It won’t be a challenge for those crews to take down and swiftly load up all the pieces to the cubicles in your office space. You are going to like how quickly they can make this happen without any disruption to your work day.


You might also have some e-waste that you are keeping in storage. Items like computers, printers, fax machines and monitors could all be categorized as e-waste. Those are the type of items that have to be recycled at certified facilities. That is part of Junk King’s service. They will strive to get those e-waste items from your office delivered to those facilities. That will help you to continue to promote your company as an eco-friendly business.

Redesigning your office begins with taking down the cubicle walls. That can be accomplished with one call to Junk King Chicago.

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