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Monthly Archives:

Utilize Junk King Service For Construction Cleanup

On a construction project everyone has a specific job. Those jobs can change as the work gets completed. Pouring the foundation leads to framing. That leads to flooring and walls. Of course, along the way plumbing and electric are going to be installed as well. One thing that is consistent throughout any size construction is the need for cleaning up. Whether it is a small remodeling project or building an entire house from the ground up there will always be a lot of debris generated. That is why assigning a specific crew to handle the construction cleanup is essential. For your next project, that crew can be the team from Junk King Chicago.

Start Off With The Demo Cleanup

Every construction job begins with a certain amount of demolition. This is the phase of the project that also creates the most debris. It makes sense to schedule your first construction cleanup session with Junk King on that first day. That will ensure that your work crews return to a site that is totally cleared and ready for construction.

You can set up additional appointments for a junk King cleanup throughout the length of the project. The important thing to keep in mind is that when you hire Junk King cleanup you won’t be taking your own crews off their tasks. The Junk King team needs very little supervision. All you have to do is point to what you want removed and they will take care of the rest.

As for the cost of this service, it is the same pricing structure that is used for a standard Junk King session. That price is always based on how the truck gets packed up with all of the debris. The goal for the junk King crews is always to get as much as they can into as little space as possible. The less room that your stuff takes up, the less you will be paying. It is just that simple. And Junk King always wants to make the sessions work for your bottom line.

For your next construction project, be sure to utilize Junk King Chicago for your construction cleanup.

How To Take Care Of Old Stove Removal

There is nothing better on a cold winter day then to have something baking in the  oven. Not only does having this oven on warm up the house but those fragrant spells of whatever you’re cooking always puts a smile on your family’s faces. Of course, if that stove is in up to the challenge of providing warmth and consistent baking, then it is time to replace it. Fortunately, the new models of stove can enhance your cooking skills and provide you with the perfect appliance to make great meals every time. Before any of that can happen, you need to set up the removal of your old stove. That is something that is easily taken care of with a call to Junk King Chicago.

Just the Stove

The Junk King team who will be assigned to your appointment will be showing up with plenty of lifting and loading experience. They will make quick work out of unhooking your stove and safely carrying it out of your home without scratching up the floors. At that point, the job can be officially over. Yes, you can hire Junk King just to get rid of the old stove. However, you should consider taking advantage of that moving crew and the truck space to get rid of anything else that you would like removed from your home. This is your chance to finally clear out some old furniture that you also want to replace. They could also be boxes of clothing and other household goods that you can clear out of your closets and garage. Think of getting rid of your old stove is the inspiration clear out all the clutter in your house!

The cost for Junk King service will always be based on how everything will fit onto the truck. The Junk King crew experience extends beyond lifting and loading and also to packing. They like to get as much as they can into as little space as possible. That will mean you get to pay the low-end price scale. That is how the Junk King pricing works.

The best approach for old stove removal is to turn that job over to Junk King Chicago. Make your appointment today.

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