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Fire Up The Junk King Price Estimator

Have you ever spotted one of the red junk King trucks in your neighborhood? That might have had you thinking to all the things you would like to have loaded on the back of the junk King truck. Even if you haven’t spotted one of the red trucks, you no doubt have things that you would like to get rid of that can be tossed out into the trash. That type of rubbish removal can be efficiently handled by the team from Junk King Chicago. It might convince you to book a session with Junk King once you see how affordable this work can be. That can happen when you fire up the junk King price estimator. Are you ready to get rid of your junk?

Fair Range

The Junk King estimator is going to present you with a fair range of the flat rate that could be charge by Junk King. This rate is always based on  volume. It all comes down to how everything is going to sit on to the back of the Junk King truck. If you can visualize how much of your stuff would fit into the back of a normal pickup truck, then you can use the price estimator truck selection. The Junk King truck holds the equivalent of six pickup trucks. Therefore, you can guess whether your stuff will fill up one, two or more “pickups.”

You could also take advantage of the itemized list option for the price estimator. This lets you build a kind of “shopping list” of things that you want cleared out. It is a good way to remind yourself exactly what you’d like to get rid of.

When the crew has a chance to look over all the things that you want to get rid of, they will lockdown what your final price will be within that range. Because of their packing expertise, you might find that the price range you will be paying will be at the low end. Nothing wrong with that!

Book a rubbish removal session with Junk King Chicago by using the price estimator today.

Top 4 Reasons To Hire Junk King Pros For Recycling in Chicago

Did you know that the Better Government Association reported that Chicago has the worst recycling rate of all US cities? They estimated that only 9% of residential waste is recycled in the area.


As the world evolves and moves to use the resources at its disposal more effectively, the state of Recycling in Chicago is quite a despairing revelation.


But before we point fingers at anyone, it is important to note that suffice the big corporations insist that they are moving towards green energy. Indeed, investing in alternative energy in the US, they still invest more in fossil fuels outside the US. This beats the whole premise of investing in greener energy as they are just shifting their fossil energy usage to other parts of the world.


Clearly, there is a big problem with the whole cycle of energy consumption affecting the entire world. But you may ask yourself, with these big corporations and governments doing the very least to preserve our planet, what can I do at an individual level? The answer may not be so straightforward, but recycling is an excellent place to start.


What is the importance of recycling?


Recycling not only helps preserve the environment but also helps declutter your home or business. Many people buy new things and simply store the old ones. While this might be the easiest option, the problem comes in when new products need to be made by manufacturers and processing plants.

Since fewer people are recycling, manufacturers and processors have to source new materials. Processing new raw material takes a lot of energy, contributing to this global crisis even more. Recycled material does indeed use less energy to repurpose, making it a cost-effective and environmentally viable solution.

By recycling more, the need to also mine or extract new natural resources is reduced, leading to slower exhaustion of said resources. We are mining and processing natural resources at a rate not seen before in history. Many countries and companies just find it easier to do this rather than holding everyone accountable for the betterment of future generations. 


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Why is it so hard to recycle?


Recycling should be a no-brainer with the knowledge and understanding of the environment we have today. But yet it is so difficult for companies or individuals to recycle at a consistent rate. So why is this, aren’t there measures and incentives to do this?


  • Knowledge: one of the main reasons many people fail to recycle is that they do not know what to recycle and what not to. This also spills over to not knowing how to recycle. In the end, it is just easier for people to dump or hoard. 
  • Programs available: sadly, your recycling routine can depend mainly on where you live. The reality is we rely on the government and private companies for most of our recycling needs. If you do not have a program in your area, the process can be that much harder. Even if you have a private recycling company in your area, it may be expensive to use their services. 
  • Confusion in the process: research shows that most Americans support recycling, but only about 30% actually recycle. With only about 30% of the population actually recycling, that number goes even lower due to the recyclable material being contaminated or improperly sorting.
  • Companies make the customer work: Many junk collecting companies just make it way too hard for their customers to have their trash disposed of. Often the prices are too high; they need to get their own transport or pay extra to have trucks carry the waste. Due to the expense and difficulty with the process, many opt not to recycle at all.


Reasons To Hire, Junk King Pros For Recycling in Chicago


With that said, you can see why recycling is so tricky yet an essential thing for both you and the environment. But why is using Junk King Pros a viable solution?


1. Online estimator and ease in getting an estimate

We understand that one of the biggest questions many clients ask before looking to have their junk removed and recycled is how much they will pay for the service. Sadly, if the service is too expensive, many just opt to dump or hoard the junk. But with Junk King Pros’ online price estimator, you can quickly check the cost through our online cost estimator and know precisely what you will pay, making it easy and transparent for you.

You can also set up an appointment with us through the phone or any other medium that is convenient for you. We will visit your residence or business and conduct no-obligation on-site pricing. We have come to learn that this is the most effective way of getting an estimate. Once you have the numbers and we agree on the cost, we set up a pick-up date when it is most convenient for you. 


2. Experienced through growth

One of the biggest advantages we hold over most junk removal services is that we have gained experience on the job and used past encounters from our team members’ previous experiences to grow. For example, our founder was a logistics and financial expert before starting Junk King Pros. He then used his logistic expertise to create a well-rounded set-up from collecting junk, sorting to sending it to the correct recycling plant to make the business as efficient as possible. As a result, Junk King pros has evolved and grown to be one of the most extensive junk removal services in the US.


3. Focused on backend recycling

Many companies simply pick your junk with no proper plan on how to dispose of it. Some simply do not have the capacity or the manpower to deal with a large quantity of junk.  In the end, instead of the junk being recycled, it ends up in landfills expediting the very problem recycling is trying to solve. 

Junk King Pros focuses on the backend of recycling. We always have a plan in place even before we pick up your items from you. We have created a network with other businesses such as recycling plants to help eradicate, repurpose, reuse and recycle different types of materials. 


4. Affordability and flexible services

One thing that many junk removal companies realize is that each business or home is different and has its specific needs. But expanding and diversifying can be difficult, leading to many junk removal companies focusing on specific aspects of the business only. 

But Junk King Pros has evolved with the needs of the clients. We offer both residential and commercial junk removal services. This has allowed many of our clients to use our services both at home and at their place of business. 

Like we have mentioned, every client’s needs are diverse. As a result, we have tailor-made solutions even for those looking to get rid of just a few items. You will only pay for the space used in our truck and not the entire vehicle. This makes it cheaper for you in the long run.


Hire Us Today!

With all the complexities that come with the recycling process, Junk King Pros has focused on simplifying it while making recycling affordable for everyone. Contact us for an on-site no-obligation quote, or use our online cost estimator to see our pricing and help you schedule a visit. We always call 15 minutes before we arrive on the site and need a two-hour window to collect all your junk effectively.

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Property Cleanup Is Easy With Help From Junk King

Cleaning up a property can be a daunting task if you were to take that on yourself. First of all, there would be an issue with the bulky items that you would need to clear from a home or lot. Those are the kinds of things you can’t move on your own. That would mean you need to either ask friends for help or hire your own day laborers. Then you need a truck to load up all the debris that you are clearing out. That requires more coordination with you getting dropped off or taking a rideshare to the rental agency. Then you would have to repeat that process when you take the truck back. That is all very time-consuming.

Time is also a factor when it comes to disposing of the things you are getting rid of. Would you even know where to take them? This is why property clean up can be a challenge but it doesn’t have to be. One call to the team from Junk King Chicago can take care of your property clean up from start to finish.

All About the Volume

When you hire Junk King for a property clean up, the team is always focused on the volume. That volume pertains to how everything is going to sit on the back of the Junk King truck. The less space that your stuff takes up, the less you will be paying. Junk King never charges by the pound. That can make a big difference especially with an excessive amount of debris and rubbish that might be cleared away. You will know what this price is before the work begins. And there will be no surprise charges at the end of the job.

The fastest and most affordable way to clean up any size property is to give the job to the Junk King Chicago squad. Book your cleanup session today.

Outdoor Equipment Removal At Junk King: Everything You Need to Know

Old and unused equipment can sometimes take up as much space as your functional equipment.


Do you want to enhance your business or residential rental operations? Perhaps you should get new equipment to replace your existing machines. Alternatively, maybe you want to expand, remodel, or create a new business. Either way, you may have to remove old equipment from your North Chicago property.

The process of removing old or unused equipment is full of safety hazards. In addition, it can be time-consuming and require intensive physical labor. That is why you must allow a professional to remove the equipment and safely discard it. At Junk King, we help individuals and companies to dismantle and relocate outdated, damaged, or useless equipment.

What is Outdoor Equipment Removal?

The pressure to adopt the latest equipment has forced many organizations to buy unnecessary equipment. Much of this equipment will be lying around without helping the individual or organization. It will be difficult for the business to find extra space to put new equipment. As a result, the company must come up with ways to reclaim the lost space.

You also spend a lot of money and labor to maintain and store outdated equipment. So what exactly are your options? The best course of action is to remove and discard the old equipment. Here is how you can do it.

1. Donate the Equipment

There may be somebody who can put your old and outdated equipment into use. Consequently, donating your obsolete equipment to charity can be a good idea, especially since you may receive some tax credits.

For example, you can donate your old car to charity to help those in need. Alternatively, it may be more difficult to find the family in need of your old refrigerator or washing machine. 

Businesses operating in specific industries may have a hard time finding somebody to donate the equipment to. For instance, construction companies with heavy machines may not be able to donate their equipment so easily without spending countless time searching for the right donation recipient. 

2. Resell the Item

If your equipment is not badly damaged, you may be able to find a buyer for it. Brokers typically have a big network of second-hand equipment retailers and buyers. The brokers will ask for some commission, but they will still help you to get rid of your old equipment. If there are items in your home that are clearly of quality value, re-selling may be a great idea, but if you are unsure of an item’s value and depreciation, it might be best to save time sorting through old junk and just have all of the clutter removed from your home at once. 

3. Scrap It

Sometimes, the only option is to dispose of your old equipment. That is because the equipment is too old or too damaged to be of any use to anyone. Therefore, you will convert the equipment into scrap before recycling it. This is a process that must be carefully done because you don’t want to pollute the environment.

Many people think scrapping metal is an easy DIY job, but it is vital that the disposal is done by a professional. If you attempt to dispose of scrap metal on your own, you could face serious injury as you attempt to dismantle and prepare the materials you are scrapping. 


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How to Remove Outdoor Equipment

Whichever way you want to get rid of your equipment, you will still need to dismantle and remove it from your premises. While it is possible to do it yourself, the most recommended method is hiring experienced technicians. They will know how to dismantle heavy equipment. In addition, they will come with suitable hauling vehicles to haul away large waste and remove junk from your home.

At Junk King Chicago, we routinely help organizations and individuals to remove their old equipment. We can deal with most categories of equipment, including residential and industrial equipment.

When it comes to outdoor equipment removal, we will take care of the entire logistics and ensure that you have nothing to worry about. Junk King North Chicago will also dispose of old furniture and pick up household bulk waste so you don’t have to. In some instances, we can also remove the still usable equipment or furniture and donate it to charity.

Why Choose Our Services

We don’t compromise your safety when it comes to removing junk equipment. One of our main policies is environmental conservation. That is why our equipment removal processes are meant to be environmentally friendly. We will never dispose of an item in a manner that is harmful to the environment.

Another benefit of working with us is that you will get competitive prices. We always list all our charges and fees upfront so that you can make an accurate removal budget. You won’t have to deal with constant haggling and bargaining during the outdoor equipment removal process.

All our technicians and staff members are insured and highly trained. We are always on standby to provide a quick and free quote. Take advantage of our free consultation by contacting us today.


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