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Monthly Archives: December 2021

Junk King Chicago Customers Add Positive Reviews

Junk King Chicago is a professional junk hauling company that provides exceptional service for this type of task. A claim like that can only be made if it has been backed up by positive reviews from customers. That is exactly what Junk King receives on a regular basis. Here are a few of those reviews as proof of that:

“The two gentlemen that serviced me were very fast, knowledgeable and polite. I will definitely use this company again and recommend others.” – Mona, Chicago

“I scheduled the morning of. Service was professional prompt first contact to finish 10/10 recommendation.” – Ashley, Chicago

“super satisfied with the Junk King team. They responded superfast to my initial request for quote, sent an in-person team out the next day and off at a fantastic price before immediately taking care of the project. Thanks for such great communication and service!” – Derek, Chicago

“Just moved and needed a ton of cardboard boxes removed and didn’t want to spend countless days breaking down and hauling boxes to my recycling bin down two flights of stairs. The junk removal is got it done in under half an hour for a totally reasonable rate. Great in very professional!” – Alyssa, Chicago

These reviews are perfect examples of how Junk King operates. That begins by dispatching a two-man team to the property. This will be your crew for the duration of the assignment. It is also team that shows up with a positive attitude. There isn’t a removal challenge that you could throw at the Junk King squad that they haven’t already done a dozen times over.

It also helps to make this process affordable. The Junk King pricing policy is based on how everything gets packed onto the truck, the less space that your stuff uses up, the less you will pay. It is just that simple.

It will only take one session with Junk King Chicago for you to post your own satisfied review. Set up that appointment today.

Sell Your Home Faster With a Clutter-Free Space

If you’re ready to sell your home, you want to ensure it sells as quickly as possible. Homes that have been on the market for more than 90 days are considered “stale” and tend to get less money when they finally do sell. As a homeowner, you want to generate as much interest in your house as possible. The more potential buyers you attract, the better your chances of selling faster.

In addition to partnering with an experienced real estate agent, it’s important to declutter your home before listing it. Buyers need to picture themselves in the space, but they won’t be able to if the house is cluttered.
Decluttering a house for staging is a different endeavor than regular decluttering because your goals are to maximize space and make it appealing to prospects. As such, you’ll have to get rid of more stuff. If you’re decluttering and in need of trash pickup in Chicago, Junk King can help you stage your house for listing.

Benefits of Decluttering for Home Staging

Even the most organized homes will benefit from decluttering when listing. Decluttering helps your home sell faster and earn top dollar in a competitive real estate market.
Here’s how.

1. It increases the perceived value of a home

Clutter is one of the worst offenders for making your home seem smaller and ill-maintained. A clutter-free home with minimal décor is far more appealing to buyers. The fewer items there are in a home, the more upscale and well-maintained it will reflect.
Plus, you’ll want to get rid of anything that impedes traffic flow. Even a large open floor plan can look unappealing if there’s too much furniture in a room. You want to leave just enough furniture and décor around to define the spaces and add an element of warmth to your house.

2. A clutter-free space keeps buyers from getting distracted

Real estate agents recommend depersonalizing a house before putting it on the market. You want potential buyers to fall in love with your house – here, your pictures and personal belongings will only distract them.
Give your buyer’s imagination a blank canvas and let them picture their family in the space. The key to doing this is minimizing everything except the best features of the home.

3. You will be more prepared when it’s time to leave

Decluttering for selling can also mean packing away some of your items and getting rid of the stuff you won’t need after moving. Doing so will create more space in the house and ensure you’ve started the sorting process well ahead of time. It also helps you emotionally move out and be ready when the time comes.

How Junk King Can Help Declutter Your Space

Decluttering is easier said than done. When you’ve lived in a place for years, it’s only natural to accumulate more and more stuff. It’s in your best interests to bring some experts along when decluttering to help you get your house in better shape faster by getting rid of all the junk and clutter in your basement, garage, attic, and sheds. It’s a process that will indubitably generate vast amounts of trash. That’s where Junk King Trash Pickup Services come in.
Junk King has been in the junk removal industry since 2005. In that time, we’ve helped countless homeowners with house cleanouts, yard clean-ups, furniture removal, estate planning cleanouts, among other things. You might be surprised just how much of our business consists of helping people declutter.
With that in mind, here are some of our decluttering tips for home staging.

  • – Minimize the amount of furniture in each room to make your home appear larger. You’ll want to keep high traffic areas clear and get rid of your old furniture.
  • – Thin out your closets, shelves, and other storage areas. Storage is a big factor when buying a house.
  • – Remove everything but the bare bone essentials from the kitchen and bath counters.
  • – Put away personal items, including family and pet photos.
  • – Get rid of old magazines and newspapers that are just lying around.
  • – Clean out your garage, attic, and basements. These spaces should be as free from clutter as possible.

It can be tempting to put everything away in closets and cupboards. That’s the opposite of what you want to do. Instead, empty your closets, cupboards, and cabinets. Reducing clutter shows off your storage, which is one of the most crucial factors people look for when house hunting.
Preparing a home for sale is the perfect opportunity to discard unwanted items. Junk King offers trash pickup in Chicago to make the entire process easier for you.

Sell Your Home Faster by Hiring Junk King Experts for Decluttering

With Junk King, trash pickup in Chicago is much more than removing junk from your premises. Our professionally trained junk removal team will handle all the labor, loading, and hauling away as well as disposal and recycling.
We’ll help you sort through your items and reclaim your space from the clutter. All you need to do is show us what you want gone, and we’ll haul it off your premises. Once we schedule a trash pickup service, we’ll meet you at your home and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.
Junk King Pros are also experts in organization, so we can help you move things around so you can stage your house perfectly. We provide custom cleanout solutions covering your yard, basement, garage, and attic in addition to trash pickup services in Chicago.

Why Should You Hire Junk King?


1. Impeccable customer service

Junk King is simply the best in the business. We have the resources and expertise to handle all your decluttering needs. Let us help you declutter your home and stage your home for listing. It takes an experienced company to get rid of the clutter quickly and efficiently.

2. Proper waste disposal

We don’t just pick up your trash and dispose of it in landfills. Our trash pickup services in Chicago cover everything from hauling to recycling and disposal. With Junk King, you don’t have to figure out the logistics of legal trash disposal. We’ve got you covered.

3. Equipped to deal with emergency situations

It doesn’t matter how large or small the job at hand is; we have the equipment and personnel to get it done. Our trash pickup professionals are fully trained and insured and can get rid of pretty much anything except for hazardous waste.
We’ll help you sort, move and organize your items no matter how serious the clutter situation looks. There’s no need to delay the process; you can have your house ready for listing in no time. 

Contact the #1 Rated Junk Removal and Decluttering Experts in North America

Junk King offers the highest quality trash pickup services in Chicago. Contact us today to declutter your home so you can get ready for the next stage of your life.

Start Your New Year in a Clutter Free Office With These Tips

The new year is right around the corner. 
If you are like most business owners, you have an excess of clutter at your office or other space used for work.  All that clutter will get in your way and weigh you down as you transition to the new year.  The challenge lies in removing the excess without damaging your property, hurting yourself, or wasting your time. 


Instead of trying to remove the items you no longer have a use for or need at your office, let Junk King perform bulk waste Chicago removal on your behalf.  Our bulk waste Chicago service is here for business owners, those who work from home and everyday people who simply want to get rid of the items they no longer want or need.

Recognize the Importance of Clean Office Space

The most productive business owners and employees clean their workspace on a daily basis.  However, business and life get hectic, so much so that maintaining a clean workspace can prove challenging or even impossible.  Instead of letting your office or other work area become a mess, rely on Junk King for bulk waste Chicago service.  We perform clean-outs and junk hauls including the efficient removal of bulk waste.  So don’t try to clear out all the extra junk from your office, business, home or other space on your own.  Let Junk King handle this project and you’ll enjoy an office with more space, fewer impediments and a resulting peace of mind that is absolutely invaluable. 
Once all the excess is eliminated from your office or other space designated for work, you’ll feel as though a mental weight has been lifted.  You will be able to seamlessly transition from one project to the next without sundries weighing down your mind or your body.  The end result of our bulk waste Chicago removal service is a significant increase in productivity that ultimately adds that much more to your business’s bottom line.

New Year and Clean Office

The new year is a time for a fresh beginning.  Junk King is here to help you make a smooth transition to 2022 and beyond with bulk waste Chicago service.  Simply point us in the direction of your office’s junk and we will get rid of it as efficiently as possible.  Our team goes to great lengths to avoid damaging office walls, floors and ceilings when hauling away items no longer needed or desired.  Once we’re done hauling all the junk out of your office, it will feel more spacious, look amazing and prove conducive to heightened productivity. 
Gauge your productivity and efficiency moving forward through the new year after our team performs the hauling of your unnecessary items and you’ll find that the removal of this junk really does boost your workplace performance all the more.  You’ll have more space to maneuver, fewer distractions and a more welcoming environment for colleagues and potential business partners to enjoy when discussing money-making ventures. 
The best part is you can retain your focus on your work while our team performs the bulk waste Chicago removal on your behalf.  The bottom line is you have more important work to do than junk hauling.  Even if you have free time and energy eliminating office items and other sundries from your business or home will prove frustrating, physically taxing and possibly even dangerous.  There is no sense putting your physical health in jeopardy attempting to transport heavy, wide or otherwise bulky items when our team is here to do the heavy lifting for you.
All you have to do is give us a call, tell us what you would like hauled out of your business, office, cubicle or home and we will remove it on your behalf.  Junk King eliminates all junk regardless of its size or shape as along as it is non-hazardous.  If you have any questions as to whether our team can remove the items you no longer want or need at your office, business or home, simply give us a call and we will let you know if we can haul it without putting our team in harm’s way.  We are proud to haul 99% of the items customers request for removal from their property.

Tips to Make Your Office Clutter-Free

The most important thing you can do to clear out your office is to ask for assistance from Junk King’s hauling service.  We know how to perform green junk removal that disposes of sundries in a manner that does not ruin our surrounding environment.  You can start the junk removal process by assessing the entirety of your office. 
Move items into piles for junk hauling, selling and keeping.  Though some items can be sold or donated, many office items lose their value after years of use as they become outdated or break.  Junk King is here to repurpose, donate, recycle and otherwise remove of your office items in as green a manner as possible.  All you have to do is separate the items you would like to keep from those that you would like to eliminate and we will handle the rest. 
Once Junk King has eliminated all the items you no longer have a use or desire for, you will be challenged with keeping your office tidy and organized.  The best strategy for preventing additional clutter from accumulating is to adopt the minimalist ethos in which you add as few items as possible to your office or other workspaces.  Junk King’s hauling service sets the stage for you to transition to minimalism in 2022 and the years that follow. 
Lean on our junk hauling crew to clear out all the office items you don’t want or need and your clutter-free office will dramatically boost your productivity through the new year.  However, if you or a colleague end up accumulating an excess of items as the year continues or in the years ahead, don’t fret. Our junk hauling experts will haul all the excess away to ensure your cubicle, office or other workspace is conducive to getting work done.

Junk King’s Decluttering Services is a Call Away

Our bulk waste Chicago removal team is at your service.  If you own a business, have a home office or work in a cubicle or other space that has become a mess, don’t continue to work through the clutter.  Instead, start the new year off on the right foot by tapping into the power of our decluttering service.  We serve Chicago businesses, offices, and homes of all types and sizes.  You can contact us to schedule bulk waste Chicago removal service and decluttering by dialing 1-888-888-JUNK or by completing our online contact form.

Dispose Of An Old Television The Right Way

This is the time of year when a lot of new items will be coming into the house. Some of those items you will wear while others you will make use of in the kitchen. Of course, the one item that everyone in the family will enjoy is a new flatscreen television. Most folks wait until Christmas time to buy a new TV because that is always when the best deals are. If a new TV is making its way into your home this year, then you have to make arrangements to dispose of the old television the right way. That can easily be handled with one call to the team from Junk King Chicago.

The Right Disposal

Junk King are the professional junk haulers who are in the best position to dispose of an old television. That disposal has to involve dismantling the TV and recycling each one of its components without those components ending up in a landfill. That disassembly is not going to be handled by Junk King. However, Junk King will strive to make sure your TV gets to the people who can handle the task. That is the same for any type of electronic equipment that Junk King picks up from a home. It all goes to certified recycling center.

The television that you are getting rid of will not take up a lot of room on the back of the Junk King truck. If that was all that you are getting rid of, then you would end up paying the low end of the Junk King price scale. That scale is always based on item. The less space that your stuff takes up, the less you will pay. Of course, that also means that you can add a lot more items to the truck that you want to clear out once and for all.

The right way to get rid of an old television remains turning that job over to the team from Junk King Chicago.

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