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Monthly Archives: June 2022

Get Your Old AC Disposed Of The Right Way

There are many things in your home that could “pass down” to friends or family members. Most common objects that fall into that category are things like baby furniture and clothing. However, there are a few objects that no one will want. At the top of that list is an old AC that no longer works. In the summer, air conditioning is a must for anyone living in Chicago. That means if your air conditioner goes on the fritz, then you want to make sure to get it replaced as quickly as possible. First, you need to clear out the space by having your old AC removed and disposed of in a responsible manner. That is a task for Junk King Chicago. These are the junk hauling professionals that will make quick work out of removing your old AC.

A Two-Man Lift And Load

Removing an old air conditioner is definitely a two-man lift and load type of job. That is exactly what junk King is going to provide. Every Junk King session is staffed by two capable movers who have a lot of experience carrying heavy objects. That includes carrying those objects down flights of stairs if needed.

A single air-conditioning unit is not going to take up a lot of space in the back of the junk. If this is all that you are getting rid of, then you would pay the low-end of the price. That is because Junk King has a flat rate pricing policy that is determined by how everything fits on to the truck. The less room that your stuff takes up, the less you will pay. Of course, that also means that you will have a lot of available space to get rid of anything else that you don’t need.

As for the disposal, Junk King will make sure that your old AC ends up at a safe place for recycling. The best approach for getting rid of an old air-conditioning unit is to call in the crew from Junk King Chicago. Make that call today.

Washer and Dryer Removal in North Chicago

Home appliances often fizzle out after some time, calling for a replacement. Unfortunately, not all appliance retailers offer to haul away or remove old appliances. Moreover, you can’t throw them on the curb since they’ll just end up in landfills, and depending on the specific appliance, you could be releasing dangerous chemicals into the environment. When your laundry appliances such as washers and dryers reach the end of their life cycle, you’ll want to seek the services of a professional junk hauling company to help you dispose of them appropriately.

At Junk King North Chicago, we offer eco-friendly washer and dryer removal to take the burden off your shoulders. Our team has the training and expertise to offer you a simple solution for the disposal and recycling of old washing machines or dryers. When you hire us for your junk removal project, you can expect exceptional service from America’s greenest junk haulers. More importantly, we ensure your old washer and dryer are donated to a local charity (if it is still working) or hauled to an appropriate recycling facility to help protect the environment.

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Why Washing Machine and Dryer Removal May Be Necessary

If your washing machine or dryer has become inefficient, noisy, or needs to be repaired constantly, it’s time to replace it. Modern washing machines and dryers use less water and energy and deliver better cleaning results than traditional machines. If you hire our eco-friendly junk removal company to repurpose your old appliances, you won’t be responsible for the environmental impact of replacing them.

Consider buying a new washer and dryer if you have problems with your old appliances. Some of the issues that could call for a replacement include:

  • Dryer takes too long to dry.
  • Water leaking from the machine or not draining.
  • Noisy, rattling and humming washing machines.
  • Excessive water consumption or ineffective cleaning of clothes.
  • Years of age or outdated energy efficiency.
  • Expensive repairs, particularly with old top-loader machines.

Junk King North Chicago is a professional appliance removal company specializing in safely removing washers and dryers. Just pick up the phone, send us a text, or use the contact form on this website to get in touch with us. Apart from washers and dryers, we also remove the following appliances from your home:

  • Refrigerators
  • Microwaves
  • Dishwashers
  • Heaters
  • Wine chillers/beverage chillers
  • Hot water tanks
  • Air conditioners
  • Trash compactors
  • Ovens
  • Stoves
  • And much more

Why Choose Junk King for Washer and Dryer Removal

According to Chicago laws, many landfills do not take large appliances like refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, or other big items. Instead, you will have to take the appliances to a junkyard. Once you get to the junkyard, you may realize that there is no space for all your junk. An easier solution is to simply call Junk King North Chicago to take care of the whole process so you can focus on what matters to you. Here are some ways Junk King North Chicago makes washer and dryer removal seamless:

We Offer Hands-free Junk Removal

It is not easy to get rid of old appliances. They are heavy and bulky, and even if you get help, you may not be able to remove them safely. Junk King North Chicago is here for you. We understand that trying to lift heavy appliances by yourself can be dangerous. If you end up in an accident while trying to lift heavy appliances, you can have trouble living a normal life for years to come.

And if you still have old appliances in your home, they can be very noisy and inefficient. Moreover, they take up a lot of valuable space that you will need for new appliances. Some old appliances, such as washers and dryers, air conditioners, and refrigerators, may also be filled with mold and could be faulty, which could cause a fire in your home or place of business. Even things like faulty heating elements or clunky fans that have stopped working can seriously hurt you or your family. Junk King offers a hands-free junk removal experience, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Great Customer Service

Junk King is highly recognized for exceptional customer service, and our excellent online reviews can affirm that. As a trustworthy business, we are able and happy to provide you with references or give you a list of people we have worked for before. If you have a good friend or colleague who can give you good referrals, it can help you narrow your choices even further. Junk King North Chicago’s reputation is based more on how well we treat our customers. Additionally, we offer highly competitive prices.

Competitive and Clear Pricing Structure

Never choose a junk removal company that promises to remove junk for free, but one that actually charges a reasonable price for doing the job. If you get what you pay for, it is worth the money. Although there are people always willing to work for less than everyone else, a company that is a little more expensive but still affordable will quite likely provide you with more value for your money. At Junk King, we offer excellent junk removal services at the most competitive prices in the region.

Professional, Insured, and Bonded

There are many one-man businesses and small companies that offer junk hauling services. While some may be competent, you should always verify their experience and professionalism. Check to see if the company is bonded and insured. Do their trucks look good? Are they maintained clean? Do they have a website? If so, are there any ways you can contact them? If you hire a company with lots of experience, like Junk King North Chicago, you will get excellent service in the shortest time possible.

Bigger Trucks

Eco-Friendly and Committed to Green Practices

Stay away from junk removal companies that will only haul away the junk and put it in landfills. Junk appliances and other junk can be recycled or disposed of safely, so call a company that has been certified, is eco-friendly, and will safely dispose of your junk. At Junk King North Chicago, we strive to recycle as much as possible. We are committed to a clean environment and zero waste policies.

You can sit back and relax while we remove that huge washing machine and/or dryer that has finally had its day. You won’t have to worry about anyone being hurt or inconvenienced because we have a highly trained team of junk removal experts on our team. We’ll ensure that nothing will damage your home while we haul away your junk.

We know that the average refrigerator weighs about 250 pounds, but there are definitely refrigerators that weigh up to over 400 pounds. Even though you might think you can handle moving a refrigerator weighing nearly 500 pounds, are you prepared to move it from room to room or even down star cases? What about washing machines, dryers, and hot water tanks? They are also very heavy. Junk King can do that for you. Junk King’s team can remove any heavy appliance or other household junk for you and dispose of it in an eco-friendly manner.

Recycling Old Appliances

At Junk King, we ensure your old washing machine and dryer are disassembled and recycled. Our junk removal team is happy to help you donate appliances that are in good condition and will be appreciated by donation centers and charities. Our junk removal service can also help you arrange to get your appliances recycled or reused.

Recycling old appliances is often more efficient than donating them — they are almost certainly broken and are about to fail. Moving a washer or dryer takes a lot of effort and requires a truck that can safely transport the heavy load. Junk King’s junk removal technicians have all the right equipment to do this job safely and quickly.

Junk King is rated the #1 junk removal company in North America, and we are also proud to be the most environmentally friendly appliance disposal company in the country. Many of our trucks run on biodiesel, and our drivers know where to recycle or donate old washing machines and dryers. We also make it easy to upgrade to more energy-efficient appliances and enjoy the benefits of responsible appliance recycling.

We also understand that refrigerators, air conditioning units, and other appliances contain Freon and other hazardous chemicals. They are harmful to the environment and should not be handled or stored inappropriately. We ensure that these hazardous chemicals are handled very carefully and that Freon must be collected at a recycling center before recycling the appliance itself.

Besides recycling, Junk King offers quick and affordable junk removal and takes care of disposing of your old washing machine and dryer. We also have the expertise to recycle other appliances, electronics, trash, and other junk you may have lying around.

Contact Junk King North Chicago for Eco-friendly Washer and Dryer Removal

Junk King North Chicago can help you get rid of broken old broken appliances, such as old washers, dryers, and refrigerators that are no longer running. We will get rid of your old appliances legally and safely. Our skilled crew will come to your home and issue you an instant on-site quote and, upon your approval, pick up the old appliances and haul them away for eco-friendly disposal. We often donate usable old washers and dryers to local charities and recycle broken ones.

Overall, Junk King North Chicago offers very affordable prices for appliance removal services. We are here to provide you with quick and friendly service that you can rely on. If you are ready to get rid of all your old washers and dryers or other junk appliances, then call Junk King North Chicago today. You can contact us online by filling out the quote request form on this website or call us at 1-888-888-JUNK to receive a quote.

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Get Rid Of The Backyard Swing Set With Help From Junk King

As kids grow up, they outgrow clothing. This happens at different stages and always comes as a surprise to the parents. Even though you are living with that kid it is always a shock when they try on a pair of pants that fit them a few weeks ago only to find they have outgrown them. The same can be said for the things that kids play with. As they grow older, certain things don’t hold the same amount of fun as they used to.

That would certainly be true with a backyard swing set. This was something that no doubt provided endless hours of fun especially in the summer time. But when a kid becomes too big for swing, then there’s no reason to hold onto that swing set. If you have reached that point, then it is time to bring in the team Junk King Chicago. This is the crew that can take apart and dispose of that swing set in no time at all.

Dismantling Required

A swing set is one of those items where dismantling is required. This is not something that could be easily picked up and carried out to the Junk King truck. The two men Junk King crew who will be assigned to your appointment will have the skills and the tools necessary to complete the dismantling phase of this removal. Once those pieces of taking apart, they can be piled up on the Junk King truck. That is how the cost for this service will be determined. Junk King always has a flat rate pricing policy that is based on how everything fits on to the back of the truck. One price covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. And those labor costs are not charged by the hour.

The quickest way to get rid of your backyard swing set is to give that job to Junk King Chicago. Book your session today.

How to get rid of couches in North Chicago


If you have an old couch, chair or other piece of furniture in your home or business, don’t attempt to haul it away on your own.  Take a moment to consider all the effort involved in hauling away a couch or other large item.  Even if you had enough manpower to lift the couch, you would have to find a way to dispose of it and avoid damaging your door frames, walls, floors and other parts of your home in the process.  Let Junk King Chicago handle the project and we’ll do all the work on your behalf.


Heavy Lifting, Without Moving A Muscle


Recognize the Challenge of Hauling Away a Couch


If your vehicle is like most, it can’t accommodate a couch or other large piece of furniture.  Even if you have a truck, van, sport utility vehicle or other large automobile, driving around with a large couch in the back is a safety hazard.  Instead of running the risk of an injury or accident, lean on our experienced junk haulers to carefully and expertly remove the couch so you don’t have to run the risk of an injury or accident. 

We haul away couches, loveseats, chairs, desks, tables, dressers, cabinets and items of just about every other type and size.  As long as the item you would like hauled away is not hazardous, our crew will remove it.


Couch Removal That is Both Green and Efficient


Use your mind’s eye to envision how you think couch removal in Chicago is performed.  If you are like most people, you imagine the couch being carried out into the back of a truck or van and immediately being hauled away to a landfill.  Instead of taking this common approach, Junk King takes the road less traveled, meaning we recycle, donate, repurpose and otherwise use couches and other items we haul away from local North Chicago homes and businesses. 

If possible, we will recycle the couch.  Though some couches are old or worn to the point that they don’t have any components that can be used for other purposes, most couches have at least one usable component.  Junk King goes to great lengths to find ways to repurpose couches and other pieces of furniture to serve the greater good.

Our junk removal team will provide a clear quote that doesn’t include any extra fees or costs, pricing the project based on the amount of space the junk will take.  Our team will reach out to you at least 15 minutes prior to our arrival so you can clear out a walking path for us to traverse as we haul away your couch and/or other items.  All you have to do is point us in the direction of the couch or other junk and we will do all the heavy lifting.  Our junk haulers honor the initial quote without adding on any last minute fees or hidden costs.


sofa removal


Don’t Run the Risk of the Couch Becoming an Eyesore


Think back to all those times you saw a couch, chair or other large piece of furniture or other item positioned alongside the curb.  Your couch could easily end up the same way if you were to drag it out to the curb assuming someone from the local town or city government will show up to haul it away on your behalf.  Even if you manage to get your couch or other piece of furniture out to the curb, there is no guarantee that the local city government or anyone else would swing by to transport such a sizable time away from your property.  There might be a large item pick up day mixed in once every month or two yet there is a chance the couch will remain by the side of the road collecting dirt, moisture and bugs. 

Instead of letting your couch become an eyesore by the side of the road, consider the alternative.  You could let the couch sit inside your home or business that much longer, becoming even more of an unsightly indoor eyesore.  Opt for removal done right with Junk King North Chicago and you’ll get rid of the couch or other item for good.  We will haul away your couch and other junk so you don’t have to. 

Couch Hauling and More


If you are like most people, you have more than a single couch you would like removed from your property.  Whether you are a homeowner, renter, business owner or have another role in the community, you probably have other sundries you would like hauled away while our trucks and haulers are at your service.

If you have items aside from a couch you want hauled, simply point us in their direction and we will remove them from the premises.  We haul away just about every item that does not pose a hazard to the health of our junk haulers.  Our junk hauling crew hauls away electronics, yard debris, foreclosure junk, cleanout items, furniture, random sundries and plenty more.  If you are unsure as to whether the item you have in mind can be hauled away from your property by our junk hauling specialists, simply give us a call and we will let you know.


Bigger Trucks


Don’t let an Old Couch Ruin Your Living Space 


Most homeowners dread the prospect of hauling away an old couch or other item to the point that the prospect of such a project becomes a bit intimidating.  If you have been staring at an old couch, chair, desk, dresser or other piece of furniture or large item and want it out of your life for good, reach out to Junk King North Chicago for prompt assistance. 

Our junk removal process works quickly and efficiently.  Point us toward the couch, we’ll provide a quote based on its size and weight then perform a fast and easy junk haul that does not damage any part of your home. It really is as easy as that.  Once your old couch or other space-eating item is finally out of the way, you can transform your living room or other area, making it into something that better defines you and your family. 

Consider all the Options and Choose Junk King


Aside from the options noted above, there is also the option to break down the couch on your own.  Though some people have successfully broken down a couch for a more efficient removal, doing so is risky.  For one, breaking down a couch is an endeavor that is not guaranteed to result in a beneficial outcome.  It is quite possible that an attempt to break down an old or undesired couch will result in frustration and a massive mess without actually separating the furniture into distinct components.

If you were to attempt to dispose of an old couch in a dumpster or trash bin,  you would need tools, manpower, muscle, time and plenty of energy.  The disassembly of a couch is not a project to take lightly.  You could easily tear your clothing or cut yourself when attempting to break own a couch or other large furniture item for a more efficient removal.  Simply cutting the padding of the couch’s cushioning material has the potential to release toxic material into the air of your home or other space.  Add in the fact that nails, screws, springs and other metal components will bounce around your living space when disassembling the couch and there is even more reason to rely on Junk King to do the job right. 

Instead of going to the trouble of buying all the tools necessary for the job and making a mess in your home, let Junk king handle the project on your behalf.  We perform the efficient removal of couches and other furniture.  Our team takes great pride in ensuring the couches we remove from local homes and businesses throughout the greater Chicago North area and up serving a purpose, if possible.  We donate, repurpose and recycle old couches, sofas, loveseats, chairs and other pieces of furniture at every opportunity.


Chicago Furniture Removal


Schedule Service With Junk King North Chicago


Junk King North Chicago is here to help with your couch removal and other junk hauling projects.  If you have a couch, chair, desk, dresser or any other items you would like hauled away, give us a call for assistance.  You can reach Junk King North Chicago by phone at (847) 807-3449. 

You can also reach Junk King North Chicago on the web by completing our contact form.  We will be in touch at our earliest convenience after receiving your online inquiry.  If you prefer to text us, send us a message at 1-737-888-5865 along with a picture of the junk you would like hauled.  We’ll provide a quote, haul away your old or unwanted item and clear out the space in your home or business for a new beginning. 


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