Ideas For New Hobbies

Hobbies enrich our lives. They allow us to be creative, which helps keep our minds sharp. Even if you don’t share any of your creations there is still a great sense of pride that comes with completing a task. Simply put, people who devote time to hobbies are a lot happier. Ready to get some of that happiness for yourself? Here are some ideas for new hobbies:


Experiment in the Kitchen

Have you tried one of those “meals in a box” services? They provide everything you need down to the precise measured out ingredients to whip up a gourmet meal. Easy to follow instructions, too. These are a terrific way to expand your culinary skills. But you don’t have to get everything in a box to experiment in the kitchen. What is a dish or baked good that you’ve never made before? You new hobby could be trying out some of those recipes.


Yoga is a hobby meant to get your mind and body into shape. It is a series of specific poses that keep you limber. Yoga takes practice. You might start in yoga classes but can soon develop the skills to practice in your own home. Yoga is one of those things you can do every day and you’ll see the results with each session.

Take Up Knitting

Knitting is one of those hobbies that is all about repetition but that’s a good thing. Once you have the basics down, you can knit while doing other things like watching TV or listening to an audio book. That takes multitasking to a whole other level because as you enjoy your favorite pastimes, you’re also making scarves, sweaters and hats. Lots of gifts covered that way!

Model Building

Did you build models as a kid? Why not pick up a kit and have another go? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many great memories those models can bring back. Once completed, they also make fun decorations to put on a shelf or mantel.

The best approach to starting new hobbies in your home is to clear some space. You don’t need a lot of room to set up a crafting stable or to do yoga but clearing out unwanted clutter can help. Junk King Chicago can lend a hand with that task. The movers assigned to your session will be able to swiftly carry out all the bulky and heavy objects you want cleared. It will only take one junk removal appointment with Junk King Chicago to free up space for all your new hobbies.

How To Motivate Your Family To Clean

Often the hardest challenge to cleaning your home isn’t the actual cleaning work but motivating your family to pitch in. Ironically, this would be the same group that is probably responsible for the majority of the mess to begin with! As you get ready for your basement to rafters spring-cleaning project, here are some ways to motivate your family to clean:


Set a Schedule

No doubt you’ve got a busy family. Between your work schedule and all the things the kids have going on it is hard to sometimes get everyone at the dinner table at the same time let alone cleaning. That is where a schedule can be a big help. Find those windows where everyone has free time and schedule the cleaning accordingly. With a schedule written out, your family should know in advance when they have to do their assigned chores. Just be sure not to overload the schedule. You can break up the time devoted to the cleaning tasks. In other words, it doesn’t all have to be done at once.

Write Up a Chart

Now that you’ve made a schedule, you’ll want to assign the specific chores to each family member. This can be throwing picking chores out of a hat full of written out tasks or direct assignments. This chart can be printed out and put where the family can see it or you can use a dry erase board. The great thing about a chart is that you can also track the progress and mark a task completed when it is.

Use a Timer

To kids, cleaning can last an eternity; at least in their minds. For simple chores like picking up toys or making beds, you can put them on a timer. Kids will have fun playing “beat the clock.” Plus, it’s a great way to show them how fast clean up can really become.

Accept No Excuses

Kids will come up with all kinds of excuses for why they can’t clean. It’s amazing how they suddenly discover how much homework they need to do. It is important that you nip those excuses in the bud. If they put off their homework, then make that a priority but then do the cleaning. That means something else will have to be cut back like TV time. Watch how fast they get into line!

One excuse you can head off is stuff being too big to get rid of. That’s where a call to Junk King Chicago can make a huge difference. You can set up a junk removal session with Junk King to work in conjunction with the big cleaning project. The kids won’t have to haul any junk up or downstairs. The Junk King team is going to handle all that. Nothing motivates a family more to cleanup than knowing Junk King Chicago will be lending a hand.

Put The Best Junk Removal Machine To Work Today

Do you think you could make it through the day without using a machine? Even if you “unplugged” from social media and turned off the phone for 24-hours, you would probably still want to start the day with a fresh cup of coffee from your favorite machine in the kitchen! Machines are meant to make our lives easier. The only time we really notice them is when they break down. There are some services that involve manpower that could be called a machine. Case in point: Junk King Chicago. The combination of a dedicated pair of movers and a large truck makes this company the best junk removal machine in Chicago.


There is a simple reason why we hold on to a lot of unwanted rubbish: We just don’t have a way of getting rid of it. An old television ends up down in the basement rather than tossed out in the trash because it won’t fit in the trashcan. A broken recliner could be put in a spare room because nobody goes in there. And if you were to go through your closet to pull out all the stuff you’re never going to wear again, you would have too much to load into your car. This is where the Junk King machine comes into play.

One junk removal session with Junk King Chicago is all it takes to clear out your entire home of all that unwanted rubbish. You only role in this process is to point to the things you want taken away. The team from Junk King will do all the rest. Climbing stairs? Not a problem. Lifting something heavy? Nothing to worry about. Junk King’s mission is to make sure all your clutter is gone without you exerting any effort at all.

You’ll be able to get a rough estimate of the service when you use the online price estimator. Just know that the final price won’t be locked down until the crew has had a chance to size up everything for themselves. They’re not looking to see how hard it is to lift but how it will be packed on the truck. Put the Junk King Chicago junk removal machine to work around your house today and watch your clutter disappear.

Affordable Decorating Ideas

Redecorating your home doesn’t automatically mean you need to bring in a professional decorator at a high cost. A lot of small touches can make a big difference all throughout your home. These touches also don’t have to break your budget. Here are some affordable decorating ideas you could add to your home:


Make Your Own Art

There are many art pieces that you can create with a little imagination. Think of all the amazing photos you can print out from online and arrange into a frame. Any type of craft item that you create could also be put on display in a shadowbox or frame. You could also go natural by incorporating things like seashells or stones into your artwork. These can create a rustic accent to any room.

Hang a Gallery of Photos

Thanks to cell phone cameras you no doubt have hundreds of photos of family and friends. There’s also all the old family pictures you’ve got tucked away in albums. It’s time to print and scan those pictures and create a gallery of memories. You can either use the same types of frames for your gallery or mix-and-match styles. You can also be very playful when it comes to positioning them on the wall. It doesn’t have to be a straight line.

Stack Your Books

Not every stack of books needs to go onto a shelf. You could take a few choice tomes and stack them on a flat surface like a bench or in table. This works great with oversize books.

Make a Candle Cluster

Candles look great when they are clustered together on a spacious surface like a coffee table, windowsill or mantel. You should try to find candles of the same color but different sizes to put in your cluster. If you place them on a mirror, then when lit it will reflect the light throughout the room.

Pump Up the Color

Any room can be perked up with a few vibrant accents utilizing bold colors like greens, yellows and reds. A big burst can come from a rug utilizing these color patterns. You can then tie in pillows and throws to complete the scheme.

All the hard work you put into decorating will be diminished if you had hang on to the clutter that might be scattered throughout your house. It doesn’t matter if the clutter is a stack of junk mail or an old recliner. If it is creating an eyesore, then you want to get rid of it. That is easily handled with one call to Junk King Chicago. Junk King will dispatch a pair of movers to your home that will quickly sweep through every room and remove any unwanted piece of furniture, appliance, electronic gear other item you deem to be rubbish. Decorating your home should always begin with a junk removal session from Junk King Chicago.

Start 2018 With These New Year’s Resolutions

Tradition holds that the person or people you are with at midnight on New Year’s Eve will be the same people you’ll be with throughout the year. That isn’t much of a stretch, especially if you’re celebrating with family. New Year’s Eve is also the time to lock down those resolutions for the coming year. Here are some good suggestions for those goals.


Start With Positive Mornings

Are you mornings always hectic. Is it a mad scramble to get yourself and everyone in your house up and out for the day? Part of the problem could be in when you choose to start each day. We all get into the habit of trying to get the most sleep, especially in the morning. That is the “curse of the snooze” button. That extra ten-minutes really isn’t worth all the frenzy to come. Instead, give yourself more buffer time in the morning to have a nice breakfast and plan out the day ahead. Relax your way into the day.

Keep the Fridge Stocked

If getting into better shape is top of your New Year’s resolutions, then you can start by getting your fridge stocked with healthy foods. Try not to bring junk food into the house and instead have a bunch of fruits, yogurt and veggies stocked in your fridge for snacking. Any time you can avoid a food that comes in a box or a bag, you’ll be ahead of the game.

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

Are you constantly judging yourself in a negative way? Most people fall into that habit. For the New Year, try to “flip the switch” and instead of a negative thought, focus on the positive. What kind of support do you offer to friends and family? Do you take care of a pet? Are you getting the job done at work? Those are all positive things you should be celebrating on a daily basis. Most of what you blame yourself for isn’t really your fault.

Don’t Live With Clutter

Just as you shouldn’t live with negative feelings, you shouldn’t live with clutter. Being surrounded by rubbish is a sure way to bring you down. Schedule an appointment with Junk King Chicago today. That will motivate you to pick out all the things you can toss out from your home. It will make a huge difference not to have a closet full of clothes you’re never going to wear or a garage empty of junk. The best New Year’s resolution to make is to start living in a junk free home. Junk King Chicago can easily make that happen.

Get Your Shed Clear Of Clutter Today

A backyard shed is like your own private storage locker. Yes, you’ll probably keep a good amount of garden tools and yard toys out there but it can also be a decent place to store other items that can withstand the cold. Good place for bikes and other sporting equipment. As with any other storage area in your home, it is easy to fill up your backyard shed. The start of a new year is the perfect time to shake off all that unwanted clutter. That is easily taken care of with a session from Junk King Chicago.


Clearing junk from a backyard shed in the middle of winter doesn’t sound like a fun job but you won’t hear any complaints from the Junk King crew. The team assigned to your session will show up with a positive attitude. They also work fast, which means they won’t be out in the cold very long. Your part in this process is to point to all the things you want taken away. That’s why you should do any presorting before the crew shows up.

Before they start loading the truck, they’ll want to lock down the fee. The pricing scale that Junk King uses is based on how the truck gets packed. The crews like to get as much into as little space as possible. That translates into the low end of the price scale. You’ll know this price before the work begins and it will be locked down. Even if your shed clutter takes up more space on the truck, you’ll still pay that original estimate.

Of course, you don’t just have to use Junk King to clear out the shed. They can also fill up their truck with all the rest of your unwanted clutter. That includes old sofas, futons, washers and refrigerators. Are you planning to get a new TV for Christmas? Then toss out that old one the right way by turning it over to Junk King. They’ll make sure it gets dropped off at an e-waste recycling center. It’s all part of the package.

Let Junk King Chicago handle your shed decluttering and junk hauling before the year is up.

Get Your Guestroom Ready For Holiday Visitors

Chicago is a great town to celebrate Christmas and New Years. Are you opening up your home to holiday visitors? We’re not just talking about a fun party but for an extended stay. Whether they are family or friends from out of town you want to make them feel welcomed as in, “home away from home” welcomed. To get that right, you’ll need to do a little prep work.


First, find out what your guests enjoy to drink or snack on. Tastes change over the years and they might be “into” something totally different than the last time you saw them. You especially want to find out what they enjoy waking up to in the morning. Yes, snag some pastries from your favorite neighborhood bakery but also set up a coffee station for them. Get the pot, pods, mugs, sugar and creamer ready on a tray. That way they won’t have to wake you when the wake up.

Comfort is also a consideration when it comes to the actual bed. Might be time to take a nap on that guestroom bed to see if it is a nice place to snooze. Be sure the linens have been freshly laundered and the pillows are fluffy. While you’re at it, double check the TV remote (if there is one) and replace the light bulbs. You don’t want them knocking about in the house.

Clutter is another consideration for getting your guestroom ready for holiday guests. If that spare room has become your family’s storage locker, then it is time for some serious decluttering. Instead of moving unwanted stuff from one room to the other, why not give Junk King Chicago a call. These are the expert junk haulers who can make any pile of junk vanish right before your eyes.

Junk King will provide the moving crew and truck. All you need to do is provide the junk and that is accomplished by literally pointing to the things you want removed. The team from Junk King will do the rest. Once that clutter is clear, you can add some finishing touches like fresh flowers or scented candle. Your guestroom will be ready for holiday visitors with a little help from Junk King Chicago.

Remove Your Winter Clutter Today

To live in Chicago is to know what a cold winter feels like. Any out of town guest might be shocked by just how cold it gets outside. True Chicagoans take it in stride. Even though the first day of winter isn’t until December 21st, you can definitely feel the falling temperatures. A snow-covered Christmas isn’t that far-fetched of an idea. You’ll probably get ready for winter by pulling out all the winter outfits and making sure your furnace is in working order. Another good thing you could do to get ready for winter is to toss out all your winter clutter.


A lot of your winter clutter could be found in your closet and dressers. This would be all the sweaters, coats, hats, shoes and other bulky items that you bundle up with. Now ask yourself how many of those things are you still wearing? If it turns out that you don’t use any of those items any longer, then you could make a lot of space by getting rid of them. You certainly don’t want to throw them out into the trash. Instead, turn them all over to Junk King Chicago. This is a professional junk hauling service that makes charity drop-offs part of their weekly routine. All that old winter clothing can be put to use again with Junk King Chicago on the job.

You can also turn over to Junk King more winter clutter like snow boots, skis or sleds. Obviously, if you are still using those things then you want to find a better storage spot for them then just piled up in the garage or down the basement. However, if they have been replaced, then you definitely want to clear out that space by having them hauled away by Junk King. It’s very hard to put skis in the trash!

There might also be some winter clutter around your yard. Is no sense having things like lumber, patio furniture, barbecue grills or other things you want to get rid of stored out there throughout the winter. Instead, make space by having them removed today. One junk removal session with Junk King Chicago is all it will take to get rid of all your winter clutter.

Don’t Move With Clutter

As you prepare your next big move, you’re going to have an opportunity to go through everything you own and decide whether you want to keep it or toss it. Moving into a new home is a terrific opportunity to get organized and start fresh. That begins with all the packing. It would be a good idea to begin your packing on the same day that you give notice. If you pack a few boxes each day then you will be really good shape on the final week. Your closets, drawers and cabinets you can create that “toss out” pile. The bigger that pile grows, the more you need to consider hiring Junk King Chicago.


Junk King Chicago is the perfect decluttering partner. They’ll dispatch a team of expert movers to your home or apartment to do all the manual labor. That means you don’t have to consolidate your clutter. You can leave it literally in every room if you want and the Junk King crew will pick it up from the spot. That especially holds true with big pieces of furniture that want to get rid of. Yes, they can be considered clutter too especially if there to take up space in your new home.

Everything he gets loaded onto the Junk King truck will be sorted back of the depot. This is where junk King will pull out all those items that could be donated or recycled. You might tag some of these pieces yourself but you be amazed at how much more could actually be repurposed. Many of the organizations that Junk King works with aren’t concerned with the condition of an item. They have people that can reupholster or repair. This should make you feel good about getting rid of a lot of things that might still be useful to someone else.

Those drop-offs are part of junk Kings complete junk removal service. There is no extra charge. Your rate will always be based on how much room your stuff takes up on the back of the truck. The Junk King crew will be able to size that up with one look at all the stuff you want to get rid of. Getting rid of your unwanted clutter before you move into a new house is a perfect task for Junk King Chicago. Don’t bring that stuff with you!

Get Your Holidays Started With A House Free Of Junk

It won’t be long before you are shopping for your Thanksgiving turkey. Once that holiday is past, then it’s a quick slide into Christmas and New Year’s. That means a lot of prep work will be happening around the house. The more you get done earlier, the more time you have to actually enjoy the holidays. That’s why it’s a good idea to get take care of some household maintenance chores that you’ve been putting off before the season kicks into high gear. If getting rid of junk is at top of that list, then that is easily taken care of with a quick call to Junk King Chicago.


Take a moment and stand in the center of each room in your house. Slowly look around at all the items you have in those rooms. A lot of that stuff is practical and should stay. But there could be plenty of things that you can get rid of. This is especially true if you are in your basement or garage. A spare room that has become your family’s storage locker would be better put to use as a spare bedroom over the coming weeks. How much junk could you toss out from that room?

Once you’ve decided all the things you want to get rid of, you should give Junk King Chicago a call. They’ll ask you to approximate what you need loaded onto the truck. They’re doing is not so much for pricing as for crew count. They want to make sure what you’re getting rid of can be handled by the standard two-man moving crew. If you are going deep with your decluttering, then junk King can provide additional crews and trucks at no extra charge. Their fees are always based on how the crews pack up the truck. They may use up one-third, one-half or the whole truck. There’s a price that coincides with each of those sizes. You’ll know this amount before the work begins.

Also included in the flat fee would be a time it would take to take apart something in order to get it out of the house. Then there is the disposal. If you were to load up the stuff to try to get rid of it, you may find yourself driving far outside of the city. Junk King Chicago has set up partnerships with recycling centers and charities throughout the area. They’re all part of their daily drop-off routes. All of that recycling is going to happen automatically. The best approach for getting your home ready for the holidays is a call to Junk King Chicago today.

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