Junk King Chicago Helps Remove An Old Swing Set And Other Rubbish

All good things must come to an end. That holds true for your favorite television show and the swing set you have in the backyard. Do you remember when that swing set was first put up? It was such a novelty that your kids probably spent hours out there swinging and climbing on the bars. They might’ve invented all kinds of imaginary games using the swings as rockets or airplanes. As what happens with everything in your child’s life, they eventually outgrew the swing set. The question then becomes do you want to hold onto it for sentimental values or reclaim that area in your backyard? As long as you have pictures of them swinging, then there’s no reason to hold onto the swing set. One call to Junk King Chicago it gets it taken down.

swing-set-539827-mA swing set is one of those items that has to be taken apart before it can be loaded up. It might be anchored into your yard with cement posts. It could also have all sorts of attachments like a slide or ladders. The Junk King Chicago team will have no problem taking that all apart. They come with the skills and the tools to get the job done. This certainly won’t be there for swing set!

Once that swing set is loaded onto the truck they can turn their attention to any other item you want removed from your yard. It doesn’t matter something is grimy or especially heavy. The Junk King Chicago crew will lift and load in no time at all.

How everything is packed onto your truck will be the determination of your final fee. The junking crew will make that estimation before they begin the work. There are experts at this and know exactly how everything would fit onto the truck. With the old swing set removal, you won’t be charged additional cost for the time it takes to dismantle the structure. It’s all about the volume on the truck.

A lot of that swing set could also be recycled. Junk King Chicago is happy to make the drop-off at the nearest metal scrap yard. That saves you a trip and helps the environment. Take care of old swing set removal and junk hauling the right way by hiring Junk King Chicago from the start.

Clear Way Cardboard Boxes And Rubbish With One Call To Junk King Chicago

When you move from your last place to the place where you living now did you also bring a lot of junk with you? That’s not uncommon. Even though you spend the time to pack up everything from your old house and recognize all the things you live without they still manage to get onto the truck and into your new home. Often those boxes of rubbish and up being stored in the attic or garage without even being opened. As for everything you do unpacked, you might be stuck with all the empty cardboard boxes that are also taking up valuable storage space. Instead of living with all that rubbish why not give it to Junk King Chicago? These are the junk removal experts who know just what to do with all that clutter!

Hiring Junk King Chicago really means hiring a pair of very capable movers. This is a friendly crew who is going to show up with a positive attitude. That certainly helps when you asked them to bring up something heavy from the basement or carry a piece of furniture down from upstairs. None of these challenges are unique to the Junk King Chicago team and they are very happy to oblige. Scheduling your session with Junk King Chicago can be accomplished by a visit to the website. A few clicks and you’ll be set up with a time and date that works best for your calendar. That can be any time during the week or on the weekends. Junk King Chicago is all about accommodation!

The other aspect that customers appreciate from Junk King Chicago is what happens after their junk has been collected. You probably don’t give much thought to the trash you toss out from your kitchen every day but when it comes to the big items like furniture, clothing and household goods you probably don’t want them to go to waste. The junk King Chicago on the job that’s not to happen. They make routine drop-offs to charities and recycling centers throughout the week. It’s a safe bet that most of your stuff will end up at one of those places. That’s the Junk King Chicago way! Is it time to finally say goodbye to all those cardboard boxes and rubbish? Then it’s time to say hello to Junk King Chicago.

Junk King Chicago Can Help Get Your Garden Ready

When most people think of Chicago they get an image of the iconic skyline with the Chicago River. What they don’t think about our backyard gardens. However, there are plenty of homeowners who enjoy gardening whether they have a big backyard in the suburbs or a little plot of cement downtown. Both of those scenarios can be utilized for some terrific growing. Now that spring has officially arrived it’s time to focus on getting your garden ready. It might not just be about turning soil over but by clearing out a lot of debris. That’s where a call to Junk King Chicago can make a huge difference.


Junk King Chicago are professional junk haulers who mainly deal with removing things like old sofas and refrigerators. That doesn’t stop them from doing some amazing yardwork. The operating philosophy for Junk King Chicago is that if you want something on, then they are going to take it away. In the backyard, that could mean anything from a fallen tree to a set of spare tires. It can be a children’s playground or a broken lawnmower. If you’re replacing the deck, then Junk King Chicago can remove all that old rotting wood. They make this happen by providing you with a pair of very capable movers and a truck big enough to hold whatever you want to get rid of.

Clearing away all of that debris will provide you with an open space that you can then conform to whatever garden you would like. You can bring in containers or dirt to plant your flowers and vegetables. In no time, at all you’ll have plenty of plants blooming.

Although your focus might be to clean the backyard, there’s no reason why Junk King Chicago team can the clutter from the rest of your house. If you have any items in your garage, basement or upstairs, then just point the team from Chicago in that direction. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they can remove all kinds of junk.

Everything collected by Junk King Chicago will be loaded onto the back of the truck. How much space that junk will take up on the truck will determine how much you’ll be paying. You know what the price is before the work begins and you’re sure to be very happy with the results. This spring, start your backyard garden project with a call to Junk King Chicago.

Junk King Chicago Helps You Enjoy All That Chicago Has To Offer

When was the last time you went to the Art Institute of Chicago? Maybe it was when a friend was visiting from out of town. When that happens you often have to rush through the exhibits because you have got so much else to do. How great would be to go to the museum by yourself and just spend hours getting lost in all the fantastic artwork? There are a few other museums around town that can also pique your interest. All you need is the time. What could be standing in your way are those nagging chores that you have to finish around the house. If one of those chores happens to be “get rid of junk,” then you might find yourself at the museums sooner than you think. All you have to do is set up junk removal session with Junk King Chicago.


The way to Junk King Chicago operate could also be considered a work of art. This is a business that has been collecting junk from homes, businesses, apartments, schools, restaurants and even vacant lots for over 10 years. In that time, they’ve literally collected tons of old furniture, appliances, clothing, household goods and construction waste. This is no end to what they can take away. Think about your home and all the big items you like to get rid of. Junk King Chicago can provide the manpower and the truck space in order to make that happen.

Cost is always a consideration whenever you hire someone to do a job around your house. With Junk King Chicago that cost is very affordable and fair. There pricing policy is based upon how tightly the crew will pack your stuff up on the back of the truck. Think of it as a huge game of Tetris. The less space they take up the less you’ll be paying. You’ll know the price before the work begins. After looking over all the stuff you want to get rid of, the Junk King Chicago crew will present you with that written estimate. This is prices can be locked down and not change with any extra fees at the end of the job. If you want time to enjoy the Windy City, then you should book some quality junk removal time with Junk King Chicago first.

Junk King Chicago Can Instantly Upgrade Your Business With Fast Junk Removal

The key to success for any business is attracting new customers. That’s where a strong marketing campaign comes into play. However, you could devote a lot of energy and money to a strong marketing campaign only to have those new customers turn away at the door when they get a first look at the inside of your business. If your space isn’t welcoming and free of clutter, then those customers will take their business somewhere else. This is where a junk removal session with Junk King Chicago can be a big help. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and efficiently these teams can remove all kinds of unwanted rubbish.


Transforming your business space includes clearing out junk from storerooms, parking lots and work environments. There should never be anything in a restaurant or retail outlet that you wouldn’t want to put in your own living room. Junk King Chicago provides you with a two-man moving crew and a huge truck that will be able to facilitate this kind of intense cleanup. It doesn’t matter to this team how heavy something might be. All that matters is that you want to gone. This is a chance to get rid of any busted appliance, piece of equipment, furniture or display item. In other words, it’s all the stuff you been hanging onto for no good reason.

Junk King crews are licensed and insured. That makes them totally professional. They’ll be happy to work around your business schedule. If you would prefer an early morning session or one late in the evening or even on the weekend, then Junk King can be very accommodating. They also work very fast.

In addition to freeing your work environment of unwanted rubbish, you’ll be able to promote your business as eco-friendly. That’s because Junk King Chicago is dedicated to keeping as much of what they collect out of local landfills as possible. They accomplish this goal by dropping items off at charities or recycling centers. You may not think your stuff that you are getting rid of has any value but the crews from Junk King Chicago might tell you otherwise. They’ve all been trained to spot those items that can be repurposed. If you’re ready to transform your business by getting rid of unwanted clutter, then you’re ready to hire Junk King Chicago today.

Junk King Chicago Always Provides Reliable Junk Recycling

Landlords are on notice. If they don’t provide tenants with an effective recycling program, then they can be slapped with heavy fines. This is a law that has been on the books for some time that the Department of Streets and Sanitation plans on stepping up the enforcement of. That will mean individual tenants need to report any landlord that isn’t in compliance. This is a great way to expand recycling services throughout the city. For many apartment dwellers, it could also be their first introduction to home recycling. Once you get used to sorting your paper, soda cans, plastics and other containers it becomes a matter of routine. If you really are in the recycling mood, then you can do a lot more beyond just the kitchen trash. All you need to know is that Junk King Chicago is the perfect junk recycling partner.


There are a lot of things you might want to throw out from your home that you couldn’t fit into your recycling bin. That doesn’t mean they can be precluded from being recycled. Junk King Chicago has a robust recycling policy. Their first rule is to avoid a trip to the landfill at all costs. They accomplish that by focusing on repurposed thing what they collect. A lot of the items would fall into the usable category. This would be things like clothing, furniture, appliances and other household goods. You might be done with all those things but that doesn’t mean that a local charity couldn’t find a new home for them. Best of all, you don’t have to sort your stuff into two piles, one for trash and one for recycling. The well-trained crews from Junk King Chicago will handle that.

The cost for all the service will depend on how your stuff gets packed onto the truck. Not only are the Junk King Chicago crews experts at lifting and loading but there also great with packing. Their objective is to take up the least amount of space as possible with all your stuff. They want to be able to pick up from other homes throughout the day. That’s all good news for you because it means you’ll be paying the least amount in fees. Take care of junk removal and junk recycling the right way by hiring Junk King Chicago from the start.


Chicago Contractors Depend On Junk King Chicago For Fast Cleanup

Nothing slows a work site down like mess. This is why crews are often trained to clean up before they go home. You want to start the day fresh in a workspace that is ready to go. A remodeling job is going to generate a lot of mess throughout the job but none more so than at the beginning. This is when cabinets are pulled off the wall, countertops are yanked up and flooring is ripped off. All of that stuff has to be cleared before any new framing, wiring or plumbing can be done. This is a job that many local contractors turn over to Junk King Chicago.

Junk King Chicago specializes in quick junk removal of things like old furniture, electronics, clothing and household goods. But they can also quickly and efficiently clean up huge mounds of demolition waste. Once all of that is gone from the site, it will be easy to store building materials for the duration of the project. At the end of the remodeling there could be all kinds of scraps, boxes and other rubbish that also has to be tossed out. This is definitely way too much for a couple of garbage bags. Instead, Junk King Chicago can swoop back in and do a final cleanup making the space ready for you to move back in.


When contractors hire Junk King Chicago its one less thing they have to worry about. You can take that same approach when it comes to getting rid of all the unwanted rubbish from your garage or basement. Even though you’ve been holding onto that stuff for a long time there is no reason to head into the New Year with all the clutter. One call to Junk King Chicago makes it all disappear.

You’re encouraged to take full advantage of the two-man moving crew and huge truck that will be at your disposal from Junk King Chicago. Although Junk King Chicago would love for you to become a repeat customer (and many customers are!), their goal is to get everything you want taken away in a single session. It all depends upon you making those decisions. Find out what contractors already know: by hiring Junk King Chicago, you can get rid of your clutter the fast and affordable way.

Make More Room In Your Home With An Assist From Junk King Chicago

Which room in your home has the most clutter? Let’s exclude any kid’s room because we know that’s a lost cause. Would it be the kitchen? Usually the clutter in the kitchen is contained within cabinets and drawers. Very rarely does it make itself known. The living room could be a likely clutter offender as it often becomes the dumping ground for shoes, backpacks, skateboards and other “dropped off” items from the family. Those are the heavy traffic zones. But you probably got a lot more clutter in areas that you don’t use every day like the garage or attic. It would be a shame if those areas were more storage locker than practical living space. One call to Junk King Chicago can change all that.


Think about what you could do in your garage or attic or basement if you could certainly make everything in there disappear. Starting with a clean room you could create an amazing guest bedroom in any one of those areas. You can set up a private reading room or sewing corner. It could become a workout or yoga space. It might even be the perfect kid’s playroom where all their clutter can go. All of that can happen after Junk King Chicago has worked their magic.

Two-man crew from Junk King Chicago sweep through your home picking up all the things you want removed in no time flat. Their work as quickly as you can tell them what you want taken away. Between the time you call to set up your appointment and the actual arrival of the team you can add to that. That’s because the final price will be locked down once the crew has had a chance to size up all the things you want to take away. They’ll be looking to see how much space it will occupy on the back of the truck. These crews are experts when it comes to packing up that truck with as much stuff in as little space as possible. That means you’re going to get a great price every time.

The best approach to opening up room in your home is to bring in Junk King Chicago to clear out the junk first.

Junk King Chicago Helps You Reclaim Your Spare Room

Wouldn’t it be great if you could wake up one morning and suddenly discover that you had an extra room in your house? Just think of all the possibilities. This could become your “quiet” room to relax or meditate in. It can become a studio to create all kinds of crafts or artwork. It could be a guest room that finally allows you to invite all your out-of-town friends for a visit. The possibilities truly are endless. You might already have a room that could be converted into one of those “possibilities” but instead it has been turned into a storage locker. This is not an uncommon phenomenon. Even someone living in a two-bedroom apartment often finds that the spare bedroom becomes the dumping ground for all the unwanted stuff. It makes a lot more sense to reclaim that room then to use it for storage. To make that happen you only need to call Junk King Chicago.


Junk King Chicago is part of a nationwide chain of professional junk haulers who have been in this line of work for over 10 years. They want to make sure that the junk removal process you sign up for is hassle free and uncomplicated. Based upon the rave reviews they collect on a weekly basis it’s clear they are hitting those goals. The first step is scheduling. That begins with you picking the perfect day for your schedule. You’ll be amazed how common any Junk King Chicago can be even if you want to set up a same-day pickup appointment.

When the crew arrives your to show them all the things you want taken from your spare room and the rest of the house. Because you’ll have two competent movers and a huge truck, you want to take full advantage. That means finally getting rid of an old mattress, sofa, crib or anything else you consider too heavy. It can all go with a single junk removal appointment from Junk King Chicago.

Aside from getting back your spare room the other huge benefit from hiring Junk King Chicago is what happens to all your stuff once they’ve put it on the truck. This is the company is dedicated to keeping the environment around Illinois as green as possible. That means staying away from landfills and instead donating or recycling what they collect. You don’t have to decide what could fall into the category. The crews will handle that from start to finish. The only way to make room in your home is to clear out the clutter and that happens with one call to Junk King Chicago.

Junk King Chicago Helps Get Your Home Be Ready For Guests

How full will your house be this Christmas? Depending on the size of your family, you could have a lot of guests dropping in and out. You might even find a few Christmas “orphans” in need of a place to spend the night. This is definitely the time of year when we shouldn’t turn anyone away. Of course, if your only guest room is full of boxes, sporting goods, exercise equipment and other clutter, then it’s going to be hard to make those guests feel at home. Perhaps you need to bring in Junk King Chicago ASAP.


Hiring Junk King Chicago has a way of reducing your stress levels over the holidays because it’s one less thing you have to worry about namely getting rid of your junk. It doesn’t matter if you have items scattered throughout your entire home; if you want something gone all you need to do is literally point to the item and the Junk King Chicago crew will whisk it away no time at all.

Although your guests might not be staying in the garage or heading down into your basement can still take advantage of the Junk King Chicago crew to clear out the clutter in those areas as well. This is going to free up a lot more storage and possible hiding places for Christmas presents!

The other thing to keep in mind about hiring Junk King Chicago is that the stuff you’re getting rid of doesn’t have to go to waste. These crews are dedicated to keeping as much stuff in circulation as possible. The bulk of what they collect actually ends up getting donated to charities throughout the Chicago area. Many of these charities employ residents to reupholster or repair various items. That means your donation can help on many levels. Best of all it all happens automatically as part of Junk King Chicago’s complete junk removal package.

The cost for this service is surprisingly affordable. It’s going to be a single flat fee based upon how much space your junk will fill on the back of the truck. It’s all about the volume and that’s a very fair approach to this type of work. Before your holiday guests arrive, get rid of all your clutter with one call to Junk King Chicago.

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