Where To Spot Fireworks In Chicago On The 4th Of July

Can you imagine the 4th of July without fireworks? It just couldn’t happen. Even if you don’t physically take yourself somewhere to see them, they are still going on all across the country. Watching them on television is nice but it’s like seeing the real thing. Here in Chicago, there are plenty of options for seeing fireworks on the 4th. Consider a mini-cruise like these:


Odyssey Chicago

“Join Odyssey on the water for a 4th of July lunch or dinner, featuring creative plated dining, award-winning wines, entertainment and breathtaking views! Choose from a 3-hour 4th of July Weekend Cruise (June 29-July 4, from $189.90), with spectacular views of Navy Pier’s fireworks display; a 2-hour 4th of July Skyline Lunch, with DJ and dance floor (July 4, from $56.90); or a 4th of July Fireworks Dinner Cruise, with platinum open bar, onboard DJ and dance floor (July 4, from $189.90).”

Shoreline Sightseeing 4th of July Cruise

“This 60-minute panoramic tour of Lake Michigan covers the entire length of Chicago’s magnificent skyline. The cruise concludes with lakeside viewing of the July 4th fireworks at Navy Pier. Cash bar available. Fares: $69.00 all ages.”

Spirit of Chicago Cruises

“Celebrate the 4th of July aboard Spirit of Chicago. Choose from 4th of July Weekend Dinner, Lunch, Brunch and Cocktail Cruises (June 29-July 4, from $45.90), with spectacular views of the Chicago skyline; a 2-hour 4th of July Skyline Lunch, with DJ and dance floor (July 4, from $52.90); or a 4th of July Fireworks Dinner Cruise, with platinum open bar, onboard DJ and dance floor … and, of course, fabulous fireworks (July 4, from $149.90).”

Mystic Blue 4th of July Cruises

“Take your pick of 4th of July Weekend Dinner, Lunch and Brunch Cruises (June 29-July 4, from $29.90), with spectacular views of Navy Pier’s fireworks display and/or the city skyline; or a 3-hour 4th of July Fireworks Dinner Cruise, with platinum open bar, onboard DJ and dance floor (July 4, from $139.90).”

All of these cruises leave from the Navy Pier. That is also the destination for thousands of locals who find a spot to see the fireworks from shore. Of course, if you can see fireworks from your backyard, then why fight the crowds? Hosting a backyard BBQ is the perfect way to celebrate the 4th. To help get your home ready for that, you’ll want to set up a junk clearing session with Junk King Chicago. You’re going to be very happy at how swiftly the Junk King team can sweep through your yard removing all your unwanted clutter. Let Junk King Chicago help give you a junk free home for the 4th of July.

How To Handle Trampoline Removal

A backyard trampoline is one of those fun kid toys that were probably delivered as a “surprise.” What followed were endless summer days involving a lot of bouncing. Your kids might have even perfected all kinds of flips. Good times for sure. But as they grew older, there were less trampoline sessions. Before long, that trampoline sits unused like the childhood swing sets. But does that mean you have to hold onto that trampoline forever? You don’t as long as Junk King Chicago is just a phone call away.


Junk King is a professional junk hauling service that specializes in oversized junk removal. That backyard trampoline would definitely fit into that category. This is the kind of item that needs to be taken apart before it can be loaded up. You might have taken hours to assemble that trampoline when it was delivered but the Junk King crew will make short work of taking it apart and loading it onto the truck.

As long as Junk King is handling your trampoline removal, why not put them to work removing the rest of your unwanted items? As long as there is room on the truck, you can have the team from Junk King load it up. Not only are these crews terrific with lifting and loading heavy objects but they’re also great with packing. That will matter when it comes to estimating your final fee. Junk King only charges a flat fee based on how the truck gets packed. The less room your stuff takes up, the less you’ll be paying. You’ll never be charged by the pound or by the hour.

That flat fee also includes the disposal. This is where Junk King is going to be a major boost to the environment. Junk King doesn’t want to make any drop offs at a landfill. Instead, your junk can end up being recycled or donated. With that old trampoline, there is probably going to be a lot of scrap metal that can be repurposed. These special drop offs are all part of Junk King’s complete junk hauling service. Trampoline removal and junk hauling is not complicated. One session with Junk King Chicago gets it done.

How To Throw An Awesome Graduation Party

After countless hours of homework, after school activities and fundraisers it is finally time to say, “Congratulations” to your graduating child. If ever there was a reason to celebrate, this is it. The best place to throw an awesome graduation party is the place where it all happened: your home. Here’s how to get it done:


Split the Family and Friends

If you come from a large family, then you’ll want to include them in the graduation party celebration. The same can be said for your kid’s friends. If he has a large squad, then they’ll all want to get in on the fun. A good idea would be to split the party. Have the family over for a late afternoon BBQ and then let the kids come over at night for dancing and hanging out. Everybody wins.

Use Rentals

Once you’ve locked down the potential guest list, you’ll know how much food and drinks to set up. You’ll also know how many chairs and tables you might need. If you can’t pull those together from what you have, then consider renting from a party rental place. Even two dozen extra chairs can make a big difference. That same rental place might also be able to provide fountains for drinks, helium tanks for balloons and other party gear you might not even be thinking of.


If the party is going to be small, then you might be able to do the cooking yourself. But will you have the time for all the shopping and actual cooking? An easier approach would be to go through your list of take-out menus. Most of those restaurants probably offer catering services in the form of trays of food cooked up and ready to serve. All you would have to do is put out the plates and forks!

Clear Out Rubbish

The best way to make room for a party is to clear out the rubbish. That rubbish could be anything that is taking up space and not being used. In the backyard, that could be old planters, grills, lawnmowers and patio furniture. If there is leftover construction material from a remodeling project, then that should go, too. How can you get rid of all that rubbish in time for the party? One call to Junk King Chicago gets it done. They’ll send over the moving crew and the truck. You point to what you want taken away and it is gone. What could be easier than that? Let Junk King Chicago help you clear out the rubbish for your graduation party.

Dependable Junk Cleanup In Deerfield

What will $14 million in renovations look like? You can find out when the remodeling project is complete at the Hyatt Regency Deerfield. Work is underway at the 301-room hotel on Lake Cook Road. The new owners already plunked down $30 million to purchase the hotel. The hope is that after the renovations are complete, they’ll be able to attract guests from the eight Fortune 500 companies that have headquarters nearby.


It would be nice to have millions to renovate your Deerfield home. Of course, if you have that kind of money, you might opt to buy or built a brand new home. There is still a lot you can do to improve your surroundings and that should start with clearing out the rubbish. Once you’ve gotten rid of old furniture, clothing and other junk then you can really assess how to make improvements. To get started you’ll want to bring in the junk hauling pros from Junk King Chicago. They’re going to be a big help when it comes to transforming your home.

What is the heaviest thing you want to get rid of from your house? Whatever it is, you’ll find that it can be quickly removed by the squad from Junk King. These are movers who have a lot of experience hauling away junk from all types of Chicago residences. It doesn’t matter if it is a house, townhouse, condo or walk-up, the crew from Junk King has picked up and carried out all kinds of furniture, musical equipment, appliances and electronics. You won’t surprise them with anything you want to get rid of.

Junk King doesn’t charge by the pound or by the stair. They charge by volume. The less space your stuff will fill on the back of the truck, the less you’ll be paying. You’ll find out how much that cost will be before the crew starts working. They’ll be able to estimate the costs just by looking over all the things you want to get rid of. You’ll find that Junk King offers the fairest and most affordable rates for this type of work. When you’re ready to clear your Deerfield home of all its unwanted rubbish, you’re ready to bring in Junk King Chicago.

More Reasons To Hire Junk King Chicago

The first time you consider hiring a service professional you’re taking a risk. You don’t know how they’ll perform; you just know they have promised to do a particular task. The best way to assess how they’ll handle that task is to see how they treated other customers. Based on these recent reviews of Junk King Chicago customers, it is clear that this is the company you need to hire for junk removal. Here’s what they are saying:


“Clear, specific, honest customer service help with quote! Plus, the 2 young guys that actually did the job were super nice and hardworking. Thank you!” – R.P.

“I am impressed! Junk King was here today, we had lots of demolition items, a large shelving unit and some other items. The two guys were great, polite, and they tidied up everything. I will definitely use them again.” – F.P., Melrose Park

Every junk removal session set up by Junk King will be manned by at least two movers. This is your team that will be doing all the hard work of lifting and loading. That changes what you can get rid of, right? Now, anything goes!

“They moved everything out quickly and were very personable. I highly recommend your company and will pass along to people who are looking for removal of things.” – V.B., Chicago

“This is my second time using your company/services and your staff are always friendly and thorough. Thank you, Jason and Darien, you left the side of my garage spotless!” – Ashley S Alfonso, Chicago

Junk King doesn’t just clear furniture but it also clears debris from your yard regardless of the condition it is in. If you want something gone, then that is all that matters to Junk King.

“Jason and Tae were early to arrive and very professional. They completed the job much faster than I expected and both men were very hard workers. I will recommend Junk King to others and I plan to hire Junk King in the future.” – B.B., Chicago

“The two guys who came knew what they were doing, were very courteous and professional at all times. They looked at what I had to get rid of and gave me a reasonable quote. They didn’t leave a mess. They also didn’t give up on the last piece of furniture which was very difficult to get out of the basement. I would definitely recommend their services to others and use them again if I needed to get rid of more large items.” – Anna Arciola, Chicago

Whatever unwanted item you want taken from your home, Junk King Chicago is up to the challenge of making it gone. Put them to work today.

Tips For Increasing Your Company’s Productivity

How close are you to achieving the sales goals you set out in your business plan? Are you hitting your monthly goals? Every business experiences the occasional slump but when those slumps are consistent, then it is time to reevaluate how productive your company actually is. Here are some tips you can put into action today that can go a long way towards increasing your company’s productivity.


Motivate the Individual Instead of the Team

Yes, teamwork is what gets the job done but a team is made up of individuals. Each one of those workers has their own approach to tasks. And each one needs to be motivated to do their best. By always focusing on a team, you might be setting up a situation where the individual defaults to the team. If everyone started doing that, then nothing would get done.

Get To Know Your Workers

Every employee has a yearly review. This is where you get to tell them how they are doing and where they can improve. You should try to flip that around by asking the worker how you’re doing. They probably know what is working “in the trenches” a lot better than you. These one-on-one check ins will empower them to share their ideas and in doing so, you’ll be empowering them to be more productive.

Reward Based on Feedback

Most staff members have a chance to interact with the public. Those interactions can generate positive feedback in the form of online reviews, tweets or even the rare phone call of praise. Those workers that are singled out for their service should always be rewarded. Even if it is just a Starbucks gift card they’ll appreciate the recognition and will strive to keep that level of excellence going.

Prioritize Work-Life Balance

As hard as you want your employees to work for you, they also have lives. New York State is considering a law that would prevent bosses from emailing their staff when work hours are over. That time should be separate. You should also encourage your workers to take their earned vacation time and not to work on holiday weekends. It helps when you don’t put the pressure on them.

Create a Clean Work Environment

You can’t get anything done if you’re surrounded by clutter. That is true at home and at the workplace. If you want a productive staff, then invest in the task of getting rid of old office furniture and useless equipment. That’s where Junk King Chicago can be of assistance. One session with these junk hauling pros is all it will take to clear out any offices space of unwanted rubbish. You can increase your company’s productivity with some junk clearing help from Junk King Chicago.

Here’s Your Spring Cleaning Plan

It’s that time of year to head outdoors and take in all that springtime in Chicago has to offer. Whether that is biking, rollerblading, walking the dog or sitting under a tree with a good book, the warm outdoors is calling you. However, before you can head out, there might be one small task you need to take care of: Clean every nook and cranny of your home from floor to ceiling. So, that might not be a small task but spring cleaning is one of those goals that will make you feel great once it has been accomplished. Here’s a good spring cleaning plan to follow:


Divide and Conquer

How many rooms are in your home? Whatever the number, you want to figure out what is the priority and what will take the longest. The thing about spring cleaning is that you have all spring to get it done. Do half one weekend and half the next. That way you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Go One Room at a Time

Stand at the entry of any room in your home. Decide exactly what needs to be done and enter. Don’t come out until it is finished. You’ll find it is more efficient to do one room at a time and then move on. Plus, this approach helps if you’re breaking up the whole job.

Carry Your Supplies

Your best spring cleaning tool will be a bucket. Not for a mop and soapy water (you’ll need a different one for that) but for all your cleaning supplies. Try to imagine you’re a hotel maid going from room to room. They bring everything they need on a cart so there is no going back and forth to the supply closet.

Have Fun

Just because you’re cleaning doesn’t mean you can crank up the tunes and get a little dance in. If you feel moved, then go ahead and sing along.

Get Rid of Rubbish

As you make your way through each room, designate those objects you’d like to get rid of. Yes, the ones that can fit in the trash should be toss out but for everything else, there is Junk King Chicago. These are the leading professional junk haulers in the windy city and they’re standing by to make all your old furniture, appliances, electronics and any other unwanted household item disappear. Partner up with Junk King Chicago for your spring cleaning and watch what a difference that can make.

Get Help Clearing Out Cardboard Boxes And Other Rubbish

Cardboard boxes have been around for over 200 years. We can credit Sir Malcolm Thornhill with creating the first cardboard box in 1817 and putting stuff away has never been the same since. Today, cardboard boxes are becoming even more prolific as increased sales from plays like Amazon and eBay make them vital for shipping all kinds of stuff. Getting rid of a single box isn’t a challenge. But when those boxes take over your garage or business storeroom, then it might be time to bring in outside help. That’s when you call Junk King Chicago.


Cardboard boxes are one of those commodities that are easy to recycle provided you can get them to the right facility. Do you know where recycling is done in Chicago? Trick question because you don’t have to with Junk King on the job. Since they began collecting junk, Junk King has partnered up with all the various recycling centers around the area. They know exactly who handles the cardboard and they will strive to make sure all your old boxes get to that right drop off.

Junk King is going to send over a pair of workers to make the removal of those boxes effortless on your part. You don’t even have to break them up. Leave it all to Junk King. Since you’ll have the team and the truck, you might want to consider what else can go beyond the boxes. Do you have files you know you can do without? Are their pieces of furniture you’re not longer using? What about other office equipment that has been replaced? All of that can be loaded onto the truck.

If you’re hiring Junk King to clear out the boxes from your garage, then they can take them empty or full of rubbish. Just think of how much storage space you’ll make for yourself when all that clutter is cleared away. It can be like moving into the empty garage all over again.

Before you call in Junk King, take the time to sort through all the storage areas in your home including closets. This is your chance to get rid of it all. Junk King Chicago makes fast work of removing cardboard boxes and other rubbish. Put them to the task today.

Ideas For New Hobbies

Hobbies enrich our lives. They allow us to be creative, which helps keep our minds sharp. Even if you don’t share any of your creations there is still a great sense of pride that comes with completing a task. Simply put, people who devote time to hobbies are a lot happier. Ready to get some of that happiness for yourself? Here are some ideas for new hobbies:


Experiment in the Kitchen

Have you tried one of those “meals in a box” services? They provide everything you need down to the precise measured out ingredients to whip up a gourmet meal. Easy to follow instructions, too. These are a terrific way to expand your culinary skills. But you don’t have to get everything in a box to experiment in the kitchen. What is a dish or baked good that you’ve never made before? You new hobby could be trying out some of those recipes.


Yoga is a hobby meant to get your mind and body into shape. It is a series of specific poses that keep you limber. Yoga takes practice. You might start in yoga classes but can soon develop the skills to practice in your own home. Yoga is one of those things you can do every day and you’ll see the results with each session.

Take Up Knitting

Knitting is one of those hobbies that is all about repetition but that’s a good thing. Once you have the basics down, you can knit while doing other things like watching TV or listening to an audio book. That takes multitasking to a whole other level because as you enjoy your favorite pastimes, you’re also making scarves, sweaters and hats. Lots of gifts covered that way!

Model Building

Did you build models as a kid? Why not pick up a kit and have another go? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many great memories those models can bring back. Once completed, they also make fun decorations to put on a shelf or mantel.

The best approach to starting new hobbies in your home is to clear some space. You don’t need a lot of room to set up a crafting stable or to do yoga but clearing out unwanted clutter can help. Junk King Chicago can lend a hand with that task. The movers assigned to your session will be able to swiftly carry out all the bulky and heavy objects you want cleared. It will only take one junk removal appointment with Junk King Chicago to free up space for all your new hobbies.