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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Cincinnati Office Junk Removal

When you sign up for work in an office in Cincinnati you are essentially becoming a member of a team. You’ll have your role to play as you collectively work together to accomplish the goals of your company. As with any kind of team there might be people that get along and others who just don’t fit in. Every office has their “types.” Can you recognize these qualities in your coworkers?

The Borrower

This is a coworker who will stop by your office or cubicle to say hi and ask how you doing. Then they will borrow something. It could be your stapler, a pen or even your printer. Chances are you’ll never see these items again unless you go looking for them.

The Surfer

There’s always someone in your office who’s the first to break news of the world. That’s because they are spending most of their office hours surfing the net. Even though they might be able to explain away some of this surfing as work related chances are they’ve got their Facebook and Twitter account running around the clock.

The Gossiper

Every office has an office gossip. This is the person who knows everything that’s going on with everybody else’s business and they are happy to share that information with whoever asks. The gossip can be a very disruptive element in an office especially if the rumors they are spreading are unfounded.

The Sergeant-at-Arms

This is the coworker who makes sure everyone is following the rules of the office. Whether that’s properly recycling your soda cans or parking in the right space the sergeant-at-arms will remind you where there is an infraction.

The Delegator

One of the most important qualities in a leader is to delegate tasks to their team. However, there are some times when a coworker is delegated the task which they turn around and delegate to you. The question then becomes what are they doing?!

There are many other office types that you spend a lot of your day with in that work environment. Productive work can only happen in a productive space. Even if you can manage all those distinct personalities still might not be able to get your job done right when you’ve got to navigate around all the office clutter. That’s why you should step up and consider hiring professional junk haulers like Junk King Cincinnati to do a sweep through your office to get rid of all the clutter.

We’re not talking about the kind of trash that’s picked up by the custodial crew every night but instead the big stuff that is filling up the storage or creating traffic jams in the hallways. All of this clutter can be removed in one session with a team of professional junk haulers. Once your offices are free of clutter there is no promise those personality types won’t continue to cause disruptions but at least you know you’re working in a clean space.

Hoarding in Cincinnati – Clear Away the Junk

The difference between an avid collector and a clinically diagnosed hoarder is often in the eyes of the beholder. While a hoarder might think there is nothing wrong with holding onto everything that comes into their possession over the course of a lifetime there are others who say that this kind of collecting creates a health hazard. Compulsive hoarding is not a new phenomenon; it’s just something that has recently been recognized as a serious mental disorder. Many neighborhood associations have banded together to form cleanup crews to help their neighbors tackle these problems. However, a Cincinnati judge hopes to get at the root cause of this condition by requiring those who are charged severe hoarding seek out professional mental health counseling as part of their prohibition.

“The last thing I want to do in these cases is send someone to jail, but I have found that the threat of jail is what makes them get help,” said Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge Russell Mock, who oversees the city’s housing cases.

The judge teamed up with Centerpoint Health, a nonprofit behavioral healthcare agency, to provide the court ordered treatment. Hoarding is also a major concern especially for the Cincinnati fire Department that have found that buildings packed with junk not only put the residents in harm’s way but firefighters as well.

The classic hoarder often doesn’t even recognize that they have a problem. They simply just can’t throw anything away. Would you define yourself as a hoarder? If you’re ready to throw away your junk then you might want to sign up a great partner to help you get the job done – Junk King Cincinnati. Junk King is a local based Cincinnati business that specializes in complete junk removal. The mere fact that you would consider hiring Junk King establishes that you probably don’t have an excessive compulsive need to hang onto all of your junk. It could be that until now you simply didn’t have the opportunity to get rid of it. That’s where Junk King can come into play.

Junk King Cincinnati’s crew is made up of professional junk haulers who are experienced in all kinds of junk removal. Even if you’ve come close to the critical mass of a hoarder you won’t faze the Junk King team one bit. They’ve seen it all and they’ve cleared it all! We’re talking about a professional team they will treat your job with great care and responsibility. First of all, they’ll show up on time at the scheduled appointment. This is an appointment that is based on your schedule and they won’t keep you waiting for hours like the phone company.  A Junk King Cincinnati crew will also respect your home and know the proper way of removing bulky items so as not to scuff up floors or walls.

For the best in Cincinnati Junk Removal, whether you really need help with hoarding or you simply have a bit too much clutter at home, call Junk King Cincinnati at 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

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