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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Cincinnati Basement Junk Removal

What is your home missing? More specifically, what is your basement missing? Is it just a place where you do your laundry and keep all your “stuff?” If so, that’s a shame because a finished basement can add a lot of value to a home. It might be that the basement you have is the basement you inherited when you bought the house. Depending on the year when the original basement was finished you might have some 70’s faux wood paneled walls and shag carpet. It’s amazing what a little imagination and elbow grease can do to convert your “wasted” basement space into one of the best rooms in the house.

Today it’s easy to bring the movie theatre experience right into your own home. For those who really want to create a unique TV watching experience the basement is the perfect pick for a screening room. While that might sound like a fancy room that only found in Beverly Hills, the truth is that many developers are now including a screening room in the homes they’re building. It’s the kind of bonus feature that really improves the look and value of a home. To turn you own basement into a screening room could have you considering hiring a contractor to do the job right. Of course, if you’ve got a bit of the DIY spirit then you could tackle the project without a lot of fuss. One area where you might be in over your head would be running cables for your TV, Blu Ray player and surround sound system. Luckily, these set ups are so popular that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding an affordable installer working in the Cincinnati area.

Because you’ll be refinishing your basement from scratch with the goal of a screening room you can really do it up right with speakers sunk into the wall and hidden wires. While you’re at it also think about dimmer lights to set the proper mood. You can even get an old fashioned popcorn machine for your own fresh popped corn.

Before you begin your basement make-over project you might have to get rid of the junk. Or if you want to wait until you start the project, you could end up with piles of that old wood paneling that have to be tossed out. Either way, your best bet would be to hire a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Cincinnati to get the job done. These professional junk haulers will show up at your home for a scheduled appointment with a truck big enough to cart off whatever you need taken away. They also won’t have a probably climbing up and down those basement stairs. Better them then you! While they are clearing out the basement, you could also target some other bulky pieces of junk you’d like them to take away. Why not fill up the truck? That’s what it’s there for! Start the project this weekend and in a few weeks you could be watching blockbusters from your own basement!

Cincinnati Dirt Removal and Hauling

As a homeowner, you are responsible for not only for your home but the property that it sits on as well. Just as much upkeep as you need to be on top of inside your home there is an equal amount of work to be done outside. Depending on how long you’ve been living there you might have to deal with a roof replacement, cleaning rain gutters, repaving driveways and repainting your entire exterior. Then there is the long list of “for appearance’s sake” items you have to take care of like maintaining a lawn and garden. It’s certainly a lot to contend with but fortunately you don’t have to get it all done at once. You also don’t have to do it alone. For the big jobs where you might need some extra muscle, you should consider hiring a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Cincinnati. This would be the perfect crew when you’ve got some dirt to haul away.

Digging up dirt is also a part of being a homeowner. You might want to install or replace a sprinkler system. You might want to plant a new garden patch. You might need to put in a new fence. Any one of those projects is going to require digging up dirt. You won’t be able to put that dirt back where it was dug up from so it has to be hauled away. Enter the professional junk haulers at Junk King. Just because their main line of work is clearing out the clutter of people’s lives doesn’t meant they can’t also clear out the dirt.

You might be wondering how can a junk hauling team handle dirt when all they have is a big truck? Let them worry about that. All you need to care about it what you want taken out of your home and yard. Beyond all the dirt, you can also have anything in your backyard taken away. An old hot tub? Gone. An above ground swimming pool? Gone. Rusty patio furniture? Gone. You’re hiring these professional junk haulers to get rid of everything you don’t want so put them to work. What are you holding onto in your garage? Old auto parts? An unused fridge? Scraps of wood? They can all be tossed onto the back of that truck and hauled away.

Inside your home you can finally get rid of that eyesore of a sofa or the lumpy mattress. If the kids have grown up and out of their old bedroom furniture that can all be taken away to make room for new furniture or even a new purpose for the room. Your basement and garage can be emptied down to the rafters if you want. In other words, start with hauling away a pile of dirt but don’t stop until your entire property is clear of junk!

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