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Monthly Archives: August 2012

E Waste Recycling In Cincinnati

You wouldn’t think that old computers and lions would go together but the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden sure does! Recently they sponsored an e-waste recycling drop-off drive as part of the Zoo’s “Party for the Planet.”

When putting this event together, organizers spelled out what would be an acceptable item. These included cables, CD-ROM drives, cellular phones, circuit boards, computer speakers, CPUs, CRT monitors, docking stations, DVD players, fax machines, hard drives, keyboards, laptops, LCD monitors, mainframes, mice, microwaves, modems, PDAs, personal copiers, printers, processor chips, scanners, servers, speakers, tape and disc drives, telephones, televisions, terminals, and VCR players. They would even take in any cell phone and donate it to the Zoo’s ongoing “Project Saving Species phone recycling program. You could also get rid of your TV for a $10 per set charge.

While it is true you don’t need much of an excuse to visit this wonderful zoo an incentive event like this is a great way to educate the kids and their parents. Many folks might not even realize that all of that e-waste shouldn’t be thrown out in the garbage but instead properly disposed of. By all accounts this was a very successful event. “Was” is the operative word here. That’s because this event was part of Cincinnati’s Earth Day celebrations and was held back in April. The drop off was also on a Thursday from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. What happens if this is the first you’re hearing about this? Should you wait until next year to see if they’re going to have another 2 hour drop off? You don’t have to because Junk King Cincinnati is standing by to handle your entire e-waste disposal need.

Do you know where to take your e-waste in Cincinnati? Junk King knows. In fact, they make daily drop-offs at most of the recycling centers located around Cincinnati. That’s because they’ve made a commitment to divert as much junk away from landfills as they possibly can. When it comes to e-waste it’s close to 100% diverted away.

You might think that hiring Junk King to pick up one old computer is a bit “over the top.”  Perhaps but why not take full advantage of Junk King Cincinnati then and let them cart off anything else you want to get rid of. You won’t be charged for extra trips to different recycling centers. Instead you’ll be charged by the amount of space you take up on their truck. That means you can load it up to your heart’s content of all you unwanted junk. This is a golden opportunity to get rid of bulky items like furniture, mattresses, kitchen appliances and that e-waste. There’s no escaping the simple fact that your junk free home is going to put a smile on your face.

Cincinnati Junk Removal Prices

“I’m bored.” If you had a nickel every time you heard a kid lament that phrase you could buy them a trip to Disneyland! Ironically, there’s a lot to do in Cincinnati. Even with the summer winding down, a quick internet search reveals there are approximately 6,338 events scheduled between now and September. You read that right: over 6,000 events. Here’s a brief sampling:

The Heritage Village Museum is holding another “Summer Paint Out” which allows artists of all stripes to gather in a serene setting and paint fantastic vistas. Speaking of art, the Cincinnati Public Libraries are also holding ongoing art exhibits. Not only can you gain a new appreciation for art but you can also catch up on your reading afterwards. Bonus: the libraries are all kept at a chilly temperature. What a great way to beat the heat.

As for festivals, you’ll have a lot to choose from including the Cincinnati Belly Dance Convention, Pet Appreciation Week, the Mason Heritage and Bicycle Festival and Free Glassblowing Demos.

There are also ongoing summer camps for the kids being held at the YMCA branches all around town. These aren’t sleep-over camps but all day camps packed full of great fun for kids of all ages. They’re safe, supervised and a wonderful way to keep the kids busy while you relax. And don’t forget all the fireworks, parades and other activities that will go down around Labor Day Weekend. Bottom line: if the kids are really bored you’ve got options but will you have the time? That depends on what’s left on your “to-do” list.

Was this the summer you were finally going to clean out the garage or basement? Were you supposed to straighten out your closets? You can still accomplish all of that and a lot more especially when you call up Junk King Cincinnati to lend a helping hand. Junk King is a local Cincinnati business whose main mission is to remove the junk from all of our lives. They don’t care what the junk is; as long as you want it gone Junk King will take it away.

Along with all the benefits of reclaiming your living space, Junk King also offers extremely affordable Cincinnati Junk Removal Prices. That’s because Junk King  doesn’t charge by the hour. They charge by volume as in how much volume will your junk take up on their truck. This is really the best way to approach this type of hauling. You’ll be given a single estimate based on the amount of junk you want taken away. It won’t matter if that junk has to be collected from your basement, garage, attic, back room or backyard. If it goes on the truck it will be counted. And that’s a fee that won’t have extras tossed in like landfill fees or travel time. One number… that’s it. Call Junk King today at 1-888-888-JUNK to take care of that to-do list and get back to all the fun around Cincinnati.

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