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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Cincinnati Air Conditioner Disposal

Do you know where your Freon is? You’re refrigerator is a good source and if you have an air condition unit chances are that will be loaded with Freon as well. For those keeping score, Freon is a cooling agent that is also classified as hazardous chemical. As long as it is kept inside the machine that it’s supposed to be in everything will be alright. It’s when it leaks is there a problem. That’s why you have to dispose of ACs and fridges in a responsible manner. Here in Butler County, locals have an opportunity to do just that… at least for a while.

The Butler County Recycling and Solid Waste District has extended its Freon collection program for another couple of weeks. This started in April and it’s simple to use. You have to call into to the department, make your way through the switchboard and set up an appointment for a curbside pickup. That means you have to get that AC or fridge down to the curb. Additionally, there have been drop-off centers set up throughout the greater Cincinnati area but once again you’ll be in charge of getting that bulky item to that drop off center. Clearly that’s going to require a truck, van or really big SUV plus some extra hands. Maybe this program isn’t so simple after all.

A much smarter alternative would be to hire Junk King Cincinnati. They are the junk removal specialists based right here in Cincinnati who work on your schedule. You won’t have to wait in line to make an appointment for a Junk King crew. You also won’t need to bring anything down to the street. The Junk King team will do all the work whether that means removing an AC from an upstairs bedroom window or getting that fridge down a flight of stairs. They also have a big enough truck to accommodate whatever amount of junk you want tossed out. Your primary reason for calling Junk King Cincinnati could be getting rid of that AC unit but that doesn’t mean you have to stop there.

This could be the perfect chance for you to finally get rid of all of those other bulky items that have been taking up valuable space in your basement, attic, closet or garage. Are you ready to trash that old sofa, sporting equipment, lawn mower or abandoned car parts? Let Junk King handle the job.

With Junk King you’ll only be charged a price based on the amount of space you’ll take up in their truck. No labor costs, no travel time and no hidden fees. Best of all, Junk King Cincinnati will make sure your bulky material is properly disposed off. That’s really the only way to go!

Junk Removal for Cincinnati Realtors

Around the Cincinnati area there was a 12.5% increase in home sales in August compared to the same time last year. Here’s how the numbers break down: “County real estate agents closed on sales of 388 houses last month, the highest number of sales for the month of August in four years, according to figures provided by the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors. Approximately 345 homes sold in August 2011, 275 in August 2010 and 374 in August 2009.”
“We only missed passing 2008 by four transactions,” said Tom Hasselbeck, vice president and sales manager of Sibcy Cline Realtors’ Fairfield office, and president of Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors. Clearly that’s a good sign that the housing market is on the mend. This means that local realtors have to step up their game in order to stay competitive and that might require a little out of the box thinking to land those prospective and qualified new home buyers.

Although home sales are bouncing back, there are still many foreclosed properties waiting to get in on the action. The banks and lending companies would like nothing better than to clear those toxic assets off the books. As a realtor you could jump in and take over the listing for those homes. First you have to remove the “stigma” of a foreclosed property. That can be accomplished when you partner up with Junk King Cincinnati.

Junk King is a local Cincinnati business that is all about junk removal. Typically, Junk King is hired by homeowners and business owners to help them clear out the clutter in their lives. But you can put Junk King to work as a foreclosure cleanup crew. Too often folks who have left a home under the dark cloud of foreclosure did so without much regard for that property. They probably left a lot of things behind that they simply couldn’t bother with. You can instruct the Junk King Cincinnati crew to clean out a home from top to bottom. This is an easier job for Junk King than the typical residential cleanup. That’s because with the homeowner, stuff is being left behind and the crew has to work around those items. That includes any left behind furniture, drapes, carpet, mattresses, kitchen appliances and garbage. It can all be carted away!

The Junk King crew also has their own truck and will handle the proper disposal of those items. You won’t be paying for any dumping fees or labor costs. The only charge you’ll incur is based on the amount of space the junk will take up in the truck. This cost is provided in advance by a Junk King supervisor who provides a written estimate for the work. With a Junk King Cincinnati crew, you’ll be able to get that foreclosed home cleaned up and back on the market in a snap.

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