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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Tree Branch Disposal in Cincinnati

When we think of pests that we want nothing to do with, we usually think of cockroaches or ants. However, there is a nasty little pest that has shown up in certain trees around the Cincinnati area which is causing a major headache to city officials, businesses and homeowners alike. We’re talking about the Emerald Ash Borer who loves nothing better than to feast on ash trees. Over at the Woodland Mound Park and Vineyard Golf Course over 800 ash trees are going to be chopped down. That’s because if the Ash Borer gets in there is no turning back.

You can always count on Junk King Cincinnati to clear out your junk and debris from your house or yard, but you might not know that they also offer tree branch removal services. That’s right; if you have trees on your property and their branches are falling off or have already fallen off, give them a call! You won’t need to do any of the heavy lifting or dangerous climbing in order to take care of that problem! Their friendly staff will be able to remove the branches in no time, leaving you with more room in your yard and fewer worries about putting yourself at risk while handling a chainsaw!

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What Happens When Junk King Cincinnati Arrives?

Junk King is a professional junk removal service that has been successfully providing dependable and affordable help to homeowners across Cincinnati for years. We are capable of helping with just about any type of junk removal job, no matter how big or small. One thing people often wonder when hiring Junk King to remove debris from their home is what exactly happens when we arrive. Here’s an inside look at what it’s like when Junk King arrives to remove your items.

Once you call Junk King Cincinnati, you’ll be able to relax knowing that professionals are on their way—but what will actually happen once those professionals get there? It all depends on how much stuff you have; larger jobs might require more workers so that everything can be moved as quickly as possible without causing damage or injury. When Junk King first gets there, one of our employees will go through your belongings and make sure we’re keeping track of which ones need removed first. Next, we start working!

Tree branch disposal? You need some muscle and truck space. With Junk King you’ll get both in abundance. Each Junk King crew consists of at least two men with strong backs and knowledge of the proper lifting techniques. Yes, lifting with the legs instead of the back really does matter! As for the truck, you’re guaranteed that it will be able to handle whatever you’re tossing out. If those limbs need to be broken to fit into the truck, the JK Cincinnati crew will handle the job.

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Calling Junk King Cincinnati Is Simple and Stress-Free

If you need to remove a downed tree, Junk King Cincinnati will be able to do it fast and with little-to-no hassle. We’ll show up on time and be prepared to work. Once our crew arrives at your home or business, we’ll ask for permission before starting any work. From there, we’ll go about removing branches or entire fallen trees from your property without even damaging what’s left of them. This saves us both time and money since we don’t have to worry about disposing of anything in particular. Finally, as soon as everything is cleared out, we’ll haul away whatever needs hauling off!

After this latest winter storm, there is no telling what shape your trees will be in. Don’t take any chances with fallen limbs. Aside from providing tree branch removal services to customers throughout Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, Junk King can provide same-day junk hauling services on many of their residential junk removal jobs. Let Junk King clear your branches and junk away ASAP!

Cincinnati Attic Junk Removal

Do you know what’s up in your attic? Recently, residents were surprised to return home and find their apartment building surrounded by police. It turns out that a 23 year-old-man took refuge up in their attic after trying to escape from police during a routine traffic stop. After jumping out of his car, the suspect found his way into an apartment building where he hid in the attic. There wasn’t much effort to get him down from there.

The same can’t be said for some potential unwanted four-legged visitors in your attic. If you have the type of space with rafter access to the outside, you might discover some critters taking up residence in the warm insulation. These would be those things that literally go bump in the night. The best approach to avoid this type of unwanted visitor is to give your attic a thorough cleaning and then plug up any access points. The perfect partner for this assignment would be Junk King Cincinnati.

Junk King is the professional junk removal service based in Cincinnati. They’ve been helping folks clear out attics along with basements, garages, closets, sheds and any other storage area in your home. What’s great about working with Junk King is that they don’t mind making the climb up and down the stairs. Whether that is just a couple of trips or a dozen trips the Junk King crew will be doing all the heavy lifting. Technically, you only have to climb up the stairs once to point out what you want taken away. The rest will be up to Junk King.

After taking all the stuff down from your attic the JK crew will be loading it up on the back of their truck. When they’ve collected everything you want taken away, they’ll head off to the nearest recycling center or landfill. Once again, that is nothing you have to worry about or even look up for directions. Junk King knows all the proper drop-off sites. They’re all part of their daily driving routine.

As soon as your attic is clear of clutter you’ll be able to replace any insulation or even convert that space into a useable room. With a little imagination, drywall and paint you could end up with a terrific children’s play room or quiet zone for reading.

Of course, Junk King Cincinnati doesn’t have to limit their removal to your attic. As mentioned above, they’ll go where your junk is. Don’t worry about how bulky an item might be. The Junk King crew are experts at taking away everything from pianos to hot tubs to stuff moose heads. What can they take away for you? Give them a call today and let them know.

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