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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Dayton Furniture Removal

Dayton Couch RemovalJust in time for back to school, returning students to the University of Dayton are going to see the beginnings of a $70 million renovation project that is going to be spread out all across the campus. Slated for make-overs are the GE Aviation Dayton Electrical Power Research Lab, Founders Hall and the Roesch Library. This is going to mean new roofs, boilers, workspaces, equipment and furniture.

Imagine if you had $70 million to spend on your home makeover? You’d probably sell the house and buy a tropical island! At the very least you might splurge for some new furniture. Truth be told, it is not that expensive to replace a piece or two of furniture. In fact, just swapping out an old sofa could be enough to totally freshen up your living room. The issue then becomes what to do with the old sofa. If you have space in your garage or basement you could try and keep it there but if you’re really done with that sofa why hang onto it? Perhaps the better way to go is hiring Junk King to come by and haul it away.

Junk King is the local Dayton based junk removal company that is part of a national franchise. This means they are following very strict guidelines with regard to conducting business. Without that they wouldn’t be able to carry the Junk King brand. That is indeed a very valuable brand in this type of service industry. All you need to do is read the amazing reviews on the Junk King Facebook page to see how many satisfied customers have already turned to Junk King for all kinds of removal.

When it comes to getting rid of your old furniture, Junk King is a perfect partner but why stop there? If you have a child going off to college it might be time to rethink their room. You don’t have to kick them out of the house but there could be some items in there that are no longer needed. The same can be said for any of your children who are outgrowing their furniture. Let Junk King load it all up on a single trip and make room in your house for more practical things. You might even find a way to repurpose an entire room. What’s your wish? A reading nook? Home theater? That can happen but first you have to clear out the clutter and Junk King is the only way to go. Give them a call today to set up your personal junk removal appointment.

Cincinnati Home Cleanouts

If you were asked, “What did you do over the summer?” hopefully you have an answer full of vacations and family fun. If you’re one of the many health inspectors working in the Greater Cincinnati region then you’ve had a very busy summer indeed. A recent review of 5,000 eateries found upwards of 33,000 violations. These violations have included everything from minor issues with grease traps to major vermin infestations. In extreme cases, the restaurants were shut down for a thorough cleaning. Not sure how clean your favorite restaurant might be? The records of those violations are on line but because of the various districts reporting in the standards aren’t always the same.

“Our goal is to have uniformity across the state in how the inspections are conducted and in how the reports are written,” Jamie Higley, the department’s food program administrator, told a local news outlet. “The public is going to be viewing these records and for the public to be able to read those records and be able to understand them is important.”

What about your kitchen? Could your home pass inspection? Sure, most of us aren’t serving up dinners for the masses but that doesn’t mean we have to neglect cleaning up our homes. Scrubbing, wiping, dusting and moping are easy. You just have to schedule the time to dedicate to the chores and then buckle down. A cleanup issue that isn’t so easy to accomplish is getting rid of big pieces of junk. At least, it wasn’t easy until Junk King Cincinnati opened for businesses. Now with one call to these professional junk haulers you can have all your unwanted stuff carted away in a single trip.

When it comes to hauling junk, the only limit that Junk King has is with certain hazardous materials. Even then they’ll be able to help you find the proper way to dispose of them. As for everything else, if it can fit on the back of the Junk King truck it can be taken away. That means just about anything you’re itching to get rid of can be gone. That includes furniture, kitchen appliances, yard waste, concrete, wood, construction debris and even a piano. Those are all the exact kinds of things that Junk King picks up every day.

After Junk King has helped you with your cleanup their work isn’t quite done. They still have to make sure your junk is dropped off at the right place. Usually this will mean a certified recycling center. Depending on what they collect, this could mean stops at several facilities. It doesn’t matter how many stops they have to make, you’re only going to be paying a single fee based on the amount of space your junk takes up on the truck. When it comes to cleaning up, it doesn’t get any easier than with Junk King.


West Chester Ohio Junk Removal

So far this year, West Chester and the surrounding counties have been on the receiving end of 30 inches of rain. That’s about 9 inches more than last year. All of that rain is causing quite the headache. Over at the Fort Lawn United Methodist Church they just finish tearing up the carpet from the last storm when a new deluge brought floodwaters back into the basement of the church. The good news is that there were plenty of church members who pitched in for the cleanup effort. The bad news is it is still going to take a lot more work before the church is considered back to normal.

How have you fared in all these storms? If you’ve suffered damage and need to remove debris then your best choice would be to hire Junk King Cincinnati. These are the folks who have made a science out of junk removal. That means they don’t leave anything to chance. With Junk King on the job, you’re guaranteed to be completely satisfied. That’s crucial when it comes to removing soggy carpets or furniture that has been ruined by flooding in the basement. Junk King moves very fast. That means you can get that wet furniture out of your home before it causes further problems with mold.

If you’re lucky enough to avoid water damage on the inside of your home, you could still face problems with debris in the yard. Whether it fell from one of your trees or was blown in from the neighbor, that trash has to be cleaned up. Junk King can help with that as well. Since you’ll have a big truck at your disposal and a hard working crew you won’t have any problem getting right of all that trash.

Beyond the immediate need for Junk King Cincinnati after a storm, you can also depend on them throughout the rest of the year for all kinds of junk removal. If you’ve decided it’s time to clear out the clutter from your basement or garage then Junk King can be a huge help. The JK crew won’t have a problem with climbing up and down stairs to get at the junk. Just tell them what you want taken out and they’ll lift and load it without a complaint. As you wave good-bye to your junk, know that the Junk King crew will be making sure it is properly disposed of. If it can be recycled it will. That’s good for West Chester. Call Junk King today to see how they can free your home of clutter.

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