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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Get Rid of Bricks, Roofing & Concrete in Cincinnati

broken bricks removalBack in the 20s, 30s and 40s, streetcars were a popular mode of transportation in many cities. Today, only a handful of towns have those lines running. Places like San Francisco and New Orleans are two great examples. Pretty soon Cincinnati will be joining the streetcar club as the first rails of track were put down on Elm Street. This is for a line that will run from Over-the-Rhine to the banks with 17 stops along the way. While under construction there will no doubt be plenty of disruption and upheaval. You’re going to get that with any type of construction project whether it’s a new streetcar or a new kitchen. If you’ve got a construction project you’re starting around you home then you can minimize the upheaval by hiring a company like Junk King.

Many Cincinnati residents have already hired Junk King to help with cleaning projects like removing clutter from their basements, attics and garages. However, when it comes to removing debris, Junk King can practically take away anything. This includes construction waste like chunks of concrete torn up from your driveway or roofing shingles from an upgrade or bricks from an old patio. All of those discarded items can be extremely heavy and cumbersome to get rid of. Not with Junk King! That’s because Junk King will be providing you with a crew of hard workers who will be doing the lifting and loading. Everything that the Junk King crew will pick up from your property will go right onto the back of their truck to be dropped off at a recycling center or landfill. There is no illegal dumping with Junk King!

Hiring a Junk King Cincinnati crew is also perfect for someone who wants to get a piece of property ready for the market. A foreclosed home could have a lot of trash left over from the former tenant. Do you want to work cleaning that up? Let Junk King handle the job. They can to the same for a vacant lot that has been turned into a garbage zone. It won’t take long for Junk King to handle either one of those jobs.

Along with all those bricks, shingles & concrete removal Junk King can do their regular routine of loading up all your clutter. This can include old furniture, mattresses, stoves, washing machines and e-waste. With a single Junk King removal appointment you can have your entire home transformed into a total junk free zone. Call them today to set up your Junk King cleanup!

Cincinnati Couch Pickup

Cincinnati Couch PickupThe city of Cincinnati recently overhauled its trash collection operation which meant new trashcans for everyone! Along with the 88,000 carts that were dropped off throughout the city, there were some new rules enacted. First of all, whatever trash you’re throwing out has to fit into that can. This means the lid has to close. The municipal workers will no longer pick up any overflow. No matter how insignificant you might think that extra bag of trash or box of papers might be if it’s not in the trashcan it’s going to stay on the curb. The goal is to make the permanent switch over to automatic trash pickups. The trucks will be doing all the work.

So, what happens if you have overflow or want to get rid of something bulky like an old couch? You might think that if you can manage to drag that sofa down to the curb that somebody will come by and pick it up. Maybe if you’re lucky and it’s within the first few minutes of your “drop off.” Beyond that you run the risk of that sofa being assaulted by the neighborhood dogs who a looking to mark their territory. If the sofa spends the night on the curb, then the next morning it could be drenched in dew. From that moment on it is truly a piece of junk that nobody is going to want. Then what happens? You could be fined. On the other hand you could avoid all of those complications by making a call to Junk King Cincinnati.

When Junk King takes on the task you’re guaranteed that all of your unwanted stuff will be collected and disposed of in a single trip. What you need to focus on is what you’ll be tossing out. You can start with the old sofa but there is really no limit to how much junk you can finally get rid of. This is because you’ll be working with a professional team of junk haulers who have the muscle and the truck space to clear out all your clutter.

As soon as the Junk King Cincinnati crew arrives to your home you can point them in the direction of your junk. They’ll climb the stairs, do the lifting and then carry that item right out and onto the back of the truck. Within a few moments you could have an entire room emptied out. Your garage could be clear and your closets will be sparse. This is your chance to reclaim all that wonder open space you had when you first moved into your home. Junk King can help you get there!

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