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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Cincinnati Exercise Equipment Removal

The most popular time to join a gym is the first of the year. That is when everyone is making resolutions to get into shape. However, as we head into the holiday season, there will be plenty of parties and reunions you’ll want to look your best for. You might even find a great deal on a gym membership. Why all this talk of joining a gym? Because that piece of exercise equipment you’ve got tucked away in the garage or down in the basement isn’t getting the workout you thought it would, right? That is totally understandable.


No matter how well intention you might have been, doing the same exercise is going to grow boring. That is the quickest way to lose your motivation to stay in shape. At the gym, you’ll have a wide variety of equipment to sample and rotate through. There are even classes that can help get you moving. All that you should do now is removed the exercise equipment and reclaim that valuable space in your home. That sounds like a job for Junk King.

Although getting rid of that old piece of exercise equipment will be top of your list, you’ll have plenty of time to add to that your removal pile. Before the Junk King crew shows up, take a tour of your home. Be sure to include the closets, basement, attic and under the bed. Any place where you might have things in storage is where you should spend some time. All you’ll need to do is decide what you want gone. You don’t have to move anything from the spot or bring it out to the driveway. The two man moving crew assigned to your job will be doing all the work for you!

Keep in mind that the removal can extend beyond the inside of your home and cover all the yard space, too. This is a perfect change to remove and landscaping debris or other piles of junk you’ve got collected out back. It all goes on the same truck.

Before the loading begins, the Junk King crew will have a quick look at all your items. They’ll then present you with an estimate that will be based on how much space your junk will fill up on the truck. You’ll be amazed at how affordable this junk removal will be. You can depend on Junk King for fast exercise equipment hauling and home decluttering any time of the year.

How To Give Your Basement A Makeover In Cincinnati, OH

There are many areas in the country where building basements isn’t practical. Most homes in California don’t have them. Can you imagine getting by without your basement? This is probably where you’ve got the laundry and water heater set up. Depending on the situation a finished basement can also be the family room or spare bedroom for a sibling. The basement is also a popular destination for all the unwanted stuff in your home. If something is too big to throw out or not being used, then it goes down the basement. Of course, with all that stuff down there you could be missing out on putting that space to better use. Even if it means clearing a path to the washing machine, you would benefit from some junk removal. That’s where a company like Junk King comes into play.


Every junk removal appointment with Junk King comes with all you need to get rid of any junk item. That would be a hard working pair of movers and a big truck. The Junk King crew has been licensed bonded and insured. That sets that apart from any day laborer. It also makes them dependable and professional. With Junk King on the job, you know your junk will be safely removed. That includes climbing up and down those basement stairs as many times as need to get that job done!

In addition to clearing out all the clutter from your basement, you can send the Junk King team through the rest of your house to take away anything else you want gone. This is a great opportunity to clear out the unwanted stuff left behind by your college bound student or to make a nice homework nook for your younger students.

Junk King wants to make sure everything you want gone will disappear. That includes those items around the yard such as pavers, concrete and bricks. Sounds heavy, right? Remember, the Junk King crew is going to do all the lifting and loading. Plus, you won’t be paying by the pound. Junk King charges a flat rate based on volume. It’s all about how much space your junk will fill on the back of the truck. Your basement and the rest of your home is going to look amazing once Junk King is done!


Economical & friendly junk hauling solutions in Cincinnati

Junk King’s expert junk hauling team can help you get rid of your trash in an economical and environment friendly manner. All of our staff are well trained and professional, and provide committed customer service no matter how big or small the job. We are committed to being the junk collection and junk hauler team in Cincinnati that you can count on.

We service a large range of clients both domestic and commercial. Our customers include home owners, tenants, shops, corporates, warehouses and real estate agencies. Whatever the job, we are able to help you with all facets of junk collection and disposal.
We often land upon a lot of items that are actually quite usable (you would be surprised what some people throw out). In such situations, we donate many items to local charities. Other things we try to recycle so that our land is not filled with dump.

Four reasons to choose our services:
• On time pickup.
• We’ll take almost anything- furniture, computers, garbage and other rubbish.
• No need to bring your items- We load them from any location you point us to and clean up afterwards.
• Sustainable recycling and disposal.
Call Junk King Cincinnati today.

The Road Traveled for junk removal services

Junk King was established in Cincinnati on the conviction that there was a business opportunity for mindful, effective, ecologically sound junk removal services. Our top need is to interface fabulous client service with reusing and re-utilization of your junk. Whether you are a home owner, real estate agent, property dealer or entrepreneur, we know how difficult it can be to tell someone to take my junk. Our central goal is to give you convenience, your time and space back. Our group of experts will haul away your junk regardless of where it’s stored.

We support the environment believing that technology can be executed appropriately to prevent adverse effects on the natural environment. Up to 70 percent of all things we evacuate, including furniture, clothes and scrap metal stays out of landfills. Your space is recovered while we keep your mess out of landfills in the most productive way we know.

Junk KingJunk Hauling Cincinnati is always on time. Indeed, we touch base inside of the assigned 2 hour window 99% of the time. How would we do this? We don’t overbook arrangements and engage with each customer big or small with same enthusiasm and professionalism.

Give the Gift of Junk Removal In Cincinnati

Have you ever regifted a present? There is nothing wrong with passing along a gift you received especially if you have no use for that gift. The only trouble you can get into is if your regift the gift to the person who gave it to you in the first place. Talk about awkward! You can avoid that situation by giving a gift that will probably be 100% original. That would be the gift of junk removal with Junk King.


The Junk King junk removal package comes with two capable movers and a big truck. That is pretty much all you need to get any type of junk removal job handled. This is the crew who will climb the stairs and do all the heavy lifting. That means there won’t be any limit to what you can get rid of. All the unwanted furniture, appliances and clothes can finally be gone! Won’t that be a nice treat?

To facilitate the junk removal, Junk King asks that you set aside a two-hour window for the appointment. This will give the crew plenty of time in between appointments to make sure they get to your property. You’ll always get a call when Junk King is at least twenty-minutes out from your home. The actual job will last as long as it takes to load all your stuff. That could literally be ten minutes!

Before the Junk King crew gets to work, they’re going to size up all the stuff you want removed. This is so they can offer an estimate that will be based on volume. It all comes down to how much space your junk will fill on the back of the truck. That could be one-half, one third or the whole truck. Once you receive that estimate it will be locked down. Junk King won’t even charge you extra if your junk takes up more space.

Included in that low price will be all the recycling work that Junk King handles. That could mean extra drops offs to charities or recycling centers but it’s all in a day’s work for Junk King. If you want to give a gift that will be appreciated for a long time, then a junk removal session from Junk King is the perfect pick.

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