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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Amazing Backyard Grilling Tips

Do you agree that food cooking a backyard grill just tastes better? The same amount of prep work that you would use in the kitchen can be applied to grilling outdoors. It’s just a lot more fun on a cool summer evening to sit outside and enjoy your dinner that you’ve just cooked by the table. Even though you’ve been grilling for a long time there is always room for improvement. These are some of their great backyard grilling tips you could put into use this summer:


Gas Or Charcoal

Serious grill masters will debate the merits of gas versus charcoal for hours on end. Propane gas is obviously much cleaner and more efficient in terms of turning on and off the flame. However, cooking with charcoal or certain flavors of wood chips can have a big impact on the taste of your food. If you have a propane grill, then maybe you want to get a small woodchip barbecue to experiment with this summer. Just be extra cautious because you won’t have the same amount of control over the fire as you would with a propane gas burner.

Preheat the Grill

Preheating your grill is going to make all the difference. You should allow at least 15 to 25 minutes of preheat time before you start cooking. Not only will this help you reach the right temperature but it will also kill off any lingering bacteria. At the high end, your grill should get as hot as 450°. For low heat, it should be 300°. You’ll know your grill is properly heated when it sears food on contact. This helps keep the food you’re cooking moist in the inside and prevents it from sticking.

Additive Free Charcoal

If you are going with charcoal for your grilling, then you should look for additive free charcoal. This is actually just charred wood that reignites when lit. Those common briquettes that you have been using might contain a few harmful additives that aren’t going to do the environment or your food any good. Although it is tempting to use lighter fluid to get your fire going, this can also release volatile compounds that can leave an unpleasant residue on your food. Start your fire using kindling instead.

Brush Off the Debris

It is much easier to clean your barbecue grate once the grill is hot. After you’ve preheated and before you put down your food, you should use your wire grill brush to scrape off any charred remains. It also helps to scrape again after you remove the food while the grill is still hot.

If you go out to your barbecue to start the summer and find that it is rusty or too grimy to work with, then you might want to toss it out altogether. You obviously won’t be able to put it into a trashcan. Instead, you can call on Junk King Cincinnati to remove the grill safely and efficiently. Junk King has a lot of experience hauling away all kinds of unwanted yard debris including grills, patio furniture and broken lawnmowers.

Are you ready to elevate your grilling game this summer? You can with these tips.

Important Backyard Trampoline Safety Tips To Follow

A backyard trampoline is a lot like a backyard swimming pool. It’s the kind of “magnet” for kids and a great way to have fun throughout the summer. But just like that swimming pool, you need to make sure everyone who uses the trampoline understands the safety rules. Here are some of the important backyard trampoline safety tips to follow:


For Jumping

As tempting as it is, children under five should not go on a trampoline. For those over the age of five, there should only be one person jumping at a time. Anyone who is waiting for their turn can act as a spotter around the edge of the trampoline. Although there is a temptation to get into stunts like somersaults and flips, these should be discouraged. Too much can go wrong when someone doesn’t have the proper training or experience.

When getting off the trampoline you should never “bounce” onto the ground. Everyone needs to stop jumping and carefully walked to the edge and then slide off. Before any jumping session, you want to make sure the trampoline is totally dry. Be on the lookout for wet spots from morning dew.

For Positioning

The best position for a backyard trampoline is in a flat area with no potential hazards surrounding it. Those hazards would be fences, hedges, trees, clothing lines or sheds. Just look at the space and consider the worst-case scenario for someone bouncing off the trampoline.

That trampoline should also be placed on a soft and springy surface like sand, mulch or any other material that would have a cushioning effect. It’s never advised to have a trampoline on concrete driveway.

You should establish a safe fall zone of at least 8 feet around the outside of the trampoline. That means keeping this area clear of toys, patio furniture or gardening tools.

For Added Safety

For added precaution, you can install a safety net around the perimeter of the trampoline. That will keep the jumpers contained within. Safety pads that completely cover the springs are vital. These will help prevent feet and hands from falling in between those springs.

As you get ready to start the summer with your trampoline, you need to give it a thorough inspection. If it appears that some of the springs have rusted or the surface has become to worn, then you should consider replacing the entire unit. Getting rid of an old trampoline is not complicated when you hire a company like Junk King Cincinnati. These are the junk removal experts that will dispatch a team of movers who can quickly dismantle that old trampoline and load it onto their truck for responsible disposal.

Make sure everyone jumping on a trampoline in your backyard plays by the rules.

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