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Let Junk King Handle the Clean Up After a Winter Storm

Let Junk King Handle the Clean Up After a Winter Storm

Winter storms can do a lot of damage. Whether it’s snow, high winds, or ice, the end result can be thousands of dollars in property damage. You may even find that you have to leave your house for several days or even weeks due to the damage. Once you can get back in, you then have another issue to deal with: all the debris the storm left behind. 

Depending on the storm’s severity, you may have more debris than your city dumpster or even the bulk trash pickup can deal with. Trash pickup after these storms is often delayed because of how much debris has to be picked up. This means you could have this trash sitting around in your yard for weeks. 

Fortunately, there’s another solution: Junk King Cincinnati. Our crews can haul off just about any debris from winter storms, allowing you to focus on cleaning up and making repairs. The next time Cincinnati is hit with a winter storm, give us a call. Here are some of the ways we can help.

What Damage Can Winter Storms Cause?

Depending on their intensity and what precipitation comes with them, winter storms can do anywhere from a little bit of damage to destroying your home. In some cases, you may find some limbs have come down. This often happens with storms involving heavy snow or high winds. The snow may add too much weight to the branches. It can also weigh down your gutters, weakening the anchors holding them to your home or even causing them to fall off. Even if they don’t become detached, the weight can cause them to become unbalanced.

Another issue is with ice. Ice can freeze around trees and cause even large, healthy branches to come crashing down. In extreme cases, the entire tree trunk can split right down the middle. If the tree is out in the yard, the biggest problem is getting those branches and trunk cut up and hauled off. If limbs are growing out over your home, driveway, fence, or utility lines, they can cause much more damage. A large limb can total a car, put a hole in the roof, or rip the electrical boxes off the side of your home. 

While Junk King cannot do anything with live electrical wires, we can help with other debris. We can get rid of those fallen limbs and broken gutters. We can haul away old fencing or what’s left of a shed after a tree falls on it. We can even help you clean your home if a branch crashes down through the roof. Unlike city trash pickup, we can often get to your home within a few days to pick up debris.

Don’t Get Trapped in Your Driveway

Don’t Get Trapped in Your Driveway

One issue people don’t often think of is having their car trapped in the driveway. This can happen if anything large and heavy comes down behind your car. This is often a large tree, though it can be a power pole or fencing. Heavy winds can blow debris around, too, so what ends up blocking your car may not even have come from your yard.

Junk King will come to assist you with cutting up these downed trees and other debris. For utility poles, you’ll need to contact the electric company since there may be live wires present. For most other debris, though, Junk King is here to help.

You Have to Clean Up Before You Can Make Repairs

One of the biggest reasons you need to get rid of the debris as soon as possible after a winter storm is that it can be almost impossible to make repairs until the area is cleaned up. You need those fallen limbs gone before electricians can get into your backyard to make repairs or before you can replace the broken fence panels. You also need to remove the obvious debris so you can tell if other things are broken. When limbs crash down on a shed, you may not actually be able to tell if anything inside the shed is salvageable until you can get into it. If the limbs have broken through the roof or are blocking the door, that may not be possible. 

Junk King Can Haul Off More than Just Broken Branches and Damaged Fencing

Junk King takes just about all types of storm debris, including branches, fencing, plasterboard, singles, busted windows, and just about anything else. We can’t handle hazardous waste, but there’s typically very little of that when it comes to storm debris. If your shed has blown over and you want to get rid of it, we can haul it away. We’ll get rid of old patio furniture, swing sets, playhouses, tree houses, pergolas, gazebos, and any other backyard structure that the storm has damaged.

We can also handle patios, balconies, lean-to sheds, and other structures that are attached to your home. You may not want to permanently get rid of these features, but if a storm has damaged them, you’ll want to get rid of the broken sections before making repairs. If the damage was quite extensive, we can haul away the entire deck so you can begin drawing up replacement plans once the winter storms have passed.

Steps to Take After a Severe Winter Storm 

Steps to Take After a Severe Winter Storm

What should you do after a severe winter storm leaves debris all over your yard or, worse, does damage to your property? The first step is to make certain you and your family are safe. If you’ve lost power or have had limbs come through windows or your roof, you may need to go to a hotel or stay with a friend or relative for several days or more. Living in a home with a roof hole can be dangerous, especially if you don’t know the full extent of the damage. Without power, you’ll be in the dark and the cold, which can’t be comfortable. For young babies or the elderly, this can be dangerous to their health. 

If you do need to relocate, make certain the streets are safe. Don’t try to leave your home in the dark while the storm is still going on unless you absolutely have to. For example, if you suspect the storm has caused damage to your gas line, you need to leave. If you’re just dealing with a broken window, you should try to get the window covered and then wait for the storm to pass.

You also need to check your power lines. They are often hit hard by winter storms, especially those that bring down limbs. Never try to deal with a live line. Even if your power was out before the line fell, you can’t tell if the line is live or not. Call your electric company and keep all of your kids and pets away from the line.

Once you’ve surveyed the damage, you may need to take pictures before moving anything if you need to make an insurance claim. This includes damage to your house, fence, any outbuildings, and vehicles. Your insurance company will want to see exactly what happened. File your claim as soon as possible—adjusters are typically very busy after a storm.

Now It’s Time to Call Junk King Cincinnati!

Now it’s time to call Junk King. You need to eliminate as much debris as possible, and we’re here for you. When you call, we may be able to give you a free estimate over the phone or after seeing photos sent via text. However, since debris can greatly vary in size and shape, we’re probably going to have to do an in-person quote. This allows us to be much more accurate.

All of our quotes are fully transparent. This means they include every fee and other charge you’ll be asked to pay. We believe there should never be any hidden charges or extras tacked on at the end. We know you will have repair costs associated with storm damage, so we want the cleanup to be as simple and as affordable as possible. 

As with insurance adjusters, we’re likely to get booked quickly after a storm. If you need to have some debris removed, you need to give us a call as soon as possible so we can get you scheduled. Don’t forget that we can take much more than debris and pick up other items while dealing with fallen tree limbs and damaged fencing. Go ahead and point us towards that old refrigerator you need to have hauled away or the busted sofa that’s taking up space in your garage. Your mind is on dealing with the debris, but take a quick minute to think about what else we could haul off for you while we’re there. 

Call Junk King Cincinnati today at 1-888-888-JUNK or send us a text to 1-737-888-585 to learn more or to schedule a junk pickup. 

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