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Junk Removal vs. Rental Dumpsters in Cincinnati

In the not so distant past, renting dumpsters in Cincinnati was a prerequisite when renovating a home, clearing out a junk-filled garage or basement, or landscaping the garden. However, nowadays, hiring a junk removal company is another easy way to dispose of waste efficiently. Instead of having a dumpster placed on your driveway for up to a week, you can let the professionals retrieve your trash in the space of a day and do all the heavy lifting on your behalf. Furthermore, provided you choose a reputable junk removal company, you can feel confident they will recycle a significant portion of your waste.

Dumpsters CincinnatiFrom the information above, it would appear that calling a junk removal company is far more convenient than renting a dumpster, but that’s not always the case. For example, a waste retrieval company will usually only visit your premises once to take all your junk in one go, which isn’t ideal if you’re gradually generating trash as you renovate your property. Below, this article compares the two methods of waste disposal so that you can decide which is the most appropriate for your needs.

Junk Removal – Pros and Cons

While calling a waste retrieval company can be more convenient than renting dumpsters in Cincinnati in many situations, it’s not always the wisest choice, especially if you need to get rid of waste gradually. Here are the main benefits and drawbacks of the service in question.

  • Let Somebody Else Do the Heavy Lifting

A junk removal company will load their van with your waste without you having to lift a finger, which could come in useful if you’re busy focusing on renovating. All you need to do is pick up the phone, arrange a time for the professionals to visit and then sit back and wait for them to arrive. Some companies are more than happy to visit your property on an evening or a weekend if required.

  • No Need for Dumpster Permits

When you rent a dumpster, it’s important to include the permit fees into the total cost of rental so that you can make an informed decision on whether it’s more affordable than hiring a junk removal company. However, at least with a waste retrieval service, you won’t have to worry about obtaining permits or complying with the law because you don’t need to park a dumpster on the road. In some situations, hiring junk removal professionals is more cost-effective than Cincinnati dumpster rental.

  • Do Your Part for the Environment

Provided you hire a junk removal company that prioritizes green initiatives, you can feel confident that you’ll be doing your part for the environment without having to do any hard work. The professionals will take your waste to their dedicated sorting facility where they will separate the trash from the salvageable items, and a company such as Junk King aims to recycle at least 60 percent of what it collects, a target it beats most of the time.

  • Limited Flexibility

While hiring a waste retrieval company eliminates the need for you to do any heavy lifting, it does mean that you need to have all your junk in one place for the professionals to retrieve in the space of a day. If you want to get rid of everything that’s taking up room in your basement needlessly, hiring a junk removal company is the way to go. On the other hand, if you’re revamping your home and producing waste as you go, you might be better off renting a dumpster that you can fill gradually.

  • It’s Not Always the Most Cost-Effective Option

Even though you don’t need to pay for a permit to hire a junk removal company, you do have to bear the costs of labor in mind. If you have too much waste for one truck, you’ll likely have to pay double for the professionals to retrieve an additional load. Plus, a junk removal company may charge more for certain types of trash. If you rent a dumpster, you can choose the required size and keep it as long as required, and the price usually depends on the capacity of the dumpster rather than what you put in it.

Rental Dumpsters in Cincinnati – Benefits and Drawbacks

Even though a junk removal company will do all the hard work for you regarding waste disposal, dumpster rental will always have its place in the market. Remember the following pros and cons, and you will be able to choose the most appropriate waste disposal method for your requirements.

  • Keep the Dumpster for as Long as Required

When you hire a junk removal company, you need to have all your waste collected on the same day. However, by renting a dumpster, you can fill it gradually with the garbage you produce while renovating your home. Sometimes, dumpster rentals offer much more convenience than a junk removal company ever could.

  • Choose the Right Sized Receptacle for Your Needs

If you have too much waste for a junk removal company to retrieve in one go, you will likely need to rent a dumpster. Fortunately, dumpsters come in a range of sizes to ensure you can pick one that can accommodate all your trash comfortably. If you have up to 12 cubic yards’ worth of garbage, you’ll likely need a Mini dumpster.

  • Fill the Dumpster with Anything You Like

As mentioned above, you may be subject to higher fees for oddly shaped items or construction debris if you hire a junk removal service. However, with dumpster rental, you pay for the size of container you need and the duration of time you need it. Some companies, such as Junk King, only charge for the amount of dumpster space you use.

  • You May Need to Purchase Permits

If you need a dumpster that’s too large to sit in your driveway, you will almost certainly need to pay for a permit which allows you to take up space usually reserved for pedestrians and cars. Of course, if you just need a mini dumpster to sit anywhere on your private property, you won’t need to obtain any permits (unless they’re required for construction purposes).

  • Comply with the Law to Avoid Penalties

It’s not just permits you need to worry about when renting a dumpster – you also need to familiarize yourself with the local council rules regarding its placement. In most areas of Cincinnati, you need to have ample space between the dumpster and the next turn in the road for safety reasons, and you can’t position it in front of anybody else’s property. Failure to comply with the law will result in penalties, so it’s worth contacting your local council if you have any questions.

The Verdict

As you can probably tell after digesting the information detailed above, there is no clear-cut winner in the battle between dumpster rental and junk removal companies. It all depends on why you need to dispose of waste, how much work you want to put into the disposal, and whether you need the flexibility to gradually fill a dumpster as you produce waste while revamping your home. However, regardless of which method works best for you, you should be diligent when searching for a company.

Junk King offers both a waste retrieval service and dumpsters in Cincinnati, and it’s the nation’s number one trash disposal company because it’s transparent with its prices, only charges you for the waste it collects, and recycles up to 60 percent of your trash. Check us out 1-888-888-JUNK


Cincinnati Air Conditioner Disposal

Do you know where your Freon is? You’re refrigerator is a good source and if you have an air condition unit chances are that will be loaded with Freon as well. For those keeping score, Freon is a cooling agent that is also classified as hazardous chemical. As long as it is kept inside the machine that it’s supposed to be in everything will be alright. It’s when it leaks is there a problem. That’s why you have to dispose of ACs and fridges in a responsible manner. Here in Butler County, locals have an opportunity to do just that… at least for a while.

The Butler County Recycling and Solid Waste District has extended its Freon collection program for another couple of weeks. This started in April and it’s simple to use. You have to call into to the department, make your way through the switchboard and set up an appointment for a curbside pickup. That means you have to get that AC or fridge down to the curb. Additionally, there have been drop-off centers set up throughout the greater Cincinnati area but once again you’ll be in charge of getting that bulky item to that drop off center. Clearly that’s going to require a truck, van or really big SUV plus some extra hands. Maybe this program isn’t so simple after all.

A much smarter alternative would be to hire Junk King Cincinnati. They are the junk removal specialists based right here in Cincinnati who work on your schedule. You won’t have to wait in line to make an appointment for a Junk King crew. You also won’t need to bring anything down to the street. The Junk King team will do all the work whether that means removing an AC from an upstairs bedroom window or getting that fridge down a flight of stairs. They also have a big enough truck to accommodate whatever amount of junk you want tossed out. Your primary reason for calling Junk King Cincinnati could be getting rid of that AC unit but that doesn’t mean you have to stop there.

This could be the perfect chance for you to finally get rid of all of those other bulky items that have been taking up valuable space in your basement, attic, closet or garage. Are you ready to trash that old sofa, sporting equipment, lawn mower or abandoned car parts? Let Junk King handle the job.

With Junk King you’ll only be charged a price based on the amount of space you’ll take up in their truck. No labor costs, no travel time and no hidden fees. Best of all, Junk King Cincinnati will make sure your bulky material is properly disposed off. That’s really the only way to go!

Cincinnati Apartment Junk Hauling

According to a recent survey rents for apartments in the Cincinnati area are expected to rise in the coming months. Already for 2012 apartment renters are seeing an increase of 2.8% in their monthly rent fees over the same time from last year. The good news is that there are more multifamily homes being constructed in the area which should add about 1,000 new apartments the city. However, there is still a premium for decent apartments. This is due in no small part to the fact that many folks are putting off buying a home in this volatile real estate market and instead are staying put in their own apartments. If you’re a current apartment owner who feels a bit frustrated with the confines of your space it might be time to clear out some of the clutter and make the most of your living environment.

We all have a tendency to become “pack rats” when it comes to saving stuff. Whether you live in a big mansion or two bedroom apartment it’s not hard to imagine that those spaces will become overrun with clutter just through the normal routines of life. Usually this doesn’t become an issue until somebody comes by for a visit. In a whirlwind to get the apartment clean most folks will gather up any sort of clutter and shove it into a closet. This is the “out of sight out of mind” method of cleaning. Unfortunately once something lands in a closet it often remains there becoming buried under layers of other junk. Every time you reach for a coat there’s a moment of frustration with how hard it is to find anything in the closet. Clearly, cleaning out that storage space should be the number one priority for any apartment dweller.

Too often the reason why renters don’t clean out the clutter is because they have nowhere to dispose of it. Their allotted garbage bin probably won’t hold all the stuff they want to get rid of. If you find yourself in this type of situation then you should definitely be reaching for the phone to call Junk King Cincinnati at 1-888-888-JUNK. Although it is true that much of Junk King’s business comes from homeowners who are getting rid of the stuff they have crammed into their basements and garages, many apartment renters have discovered the benefits of scheduling a Junk King pickup day.

The approach you can take working with Junk King to clear out the clutter of your apartment is to simply make note of which items around your apartment you want to be hauled off. That’s what Junk King will be removing. What’s great about how Junk King works is that they will charge by the amount of space you take up in their truck not by how long it takes to remove that junk. This is a huge benefit for apartment renters especially those who live several flights up. Even if it takes several hours for the Junk King crew to climb up and down those stairs it’s only going to cost you the price of  how much space you’re junk takes up. That’s a bargain in anyone’s book!

Cincinnati Old TV Disposal – Get Ready for the Superbowl

Are you ready for some football as in Super Bowl football? While it is sad fact that the awesome Cincinnati Bengals will be sitting out this year’s Super Bowl that doesn’t mean the matchup still won’t be exciting to watch. If you’re throwing a Super Bowl party you might be thinking this is a perfect excuse to finally buy that new big screen television and you would be right! Before you go shopping you should have some considerations in mind not only for the big game day but also for how you plan on using this television for the rest of the year and beyond. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you start the fun of television shopping:
Consider the Viewing Angle: No matter what kind of TV you buy there will always be a proverbial “best seat in the house.” Typically, that would be the chair directly in front of the television. But if you plan on having that Super Bowl party that is going to fill your living room with guests then you need to think about the viewing angle. Most LCD TVs have what they referred to as poor “off-axis” performance. That means anyone sitting off to the side is not going to get a good view of what’s happening on the TV. However, plasma HDTV’s don’t have any off-axis issues.
Consider the Motion Blur: This is an issue that occurs when watching something like a football game or an action movie. Most LCD TVs blur with any kind a quick motion. Some people don’t even notice this while others find it a little wonky. Basically you want to look for TV that has a high refresh rate such as 120Hz or 240Hz. A high refresh rate number results in a lower motion blur.
Consider Where to Buy: While you might be inundated with advertising circulars in your Sunday newspaper for big-screen TVs at local distributors you might also find that the best bargain is really to be had online. Yes, it is very conceivable that you could order a television online and have it delivered in time for the big game. You just want to make sure that there is a guarantee for that. There are several online retailers that are selling big ticket items like television without the local state sales tax and they might even throw in free shipping. If you still would like to get that TV from a local retailer take the price you find online into that store and see if they’ll match it.
Consider How to Get Rid of the Old TV: In order to make room for your new big screen you’ve got to get rid of that old television. The moment you decide to throw anything away that has to be plugged into an electric socket makes it a piece of official e-waste. Basically that means it can’t be disposed of by merely tossing it out the trash. Your best course of action is to hire Junk King Cincinnati’s professional junk haulers who know how to properly dispose of e-waste. While they’re at it they can also take away any other junk you want to get rid of in order to make room for the big party.

Cincinnati Yard Waste Removal

No one likes to think of their home as being surrounded by waste. However, certain conditions create an avoidable piles of waste. Some of these conditions can be attributed to Mother Nature while others can be attributed to a procrastinator. No matter what the cause is, the solution to removing yard waste is actually quite simple especially when you can tap into the services of the top Cincinnati Junk Removal team:  Junk King Cincinnati.
In the category of yard waste that is a byproduct of Mother Nature would be all the debris that is dumped in your backyard following any kind of storm. This could be fallen branches, piles of leaves and all manner of other types of debris. You certainly didn’t ask for this to be “delivered” into your backyard but now it’s your problem to deal with. A professional yard waste removal company like Junk King will have the means to not only haul away this kind of debris but also break it down so that it will fit on their truck.
With regard to yard waste that is the result of a “procrastinator” this could mean all the leftovers from many projects. For instance, it’s not uncommon to find scraps of wood or drywall stacked up in the backyard that are leftovers from a remodeling project. Naturally this trash should have been tossed out long ago but they procrastinator has delayed the disposal. There could be many factors why it takes so long to get rid of yard waste. Most common is the amount of time it takes to load up the waste into a truck and drive it to a proper dumpsite. If you don’t have room in your SUV then you need to rent a truck which adds to the time and cost of this removal project.
Then there is an issue where to take all this yard waste. This is not something that can just be dumped by the side of the road. In fact if you are ever caught dumping by the side of the road you could be severely fined. Yard waste, like any other trash, has to make its way to either a recycling center or a landfill. You could certainly conduct a complete Internet search to find the closest landfill to your home but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a short drive. There’s a reason why landfills are on the outskirts of towns: nobody wants them in their backyard! As a result you might find yourself driving for several hours to and from a landfill. Is it any wonder the procrastinator in your life has put off this project?
With Junk King Cincinnati’s professional disposal crew working on your behalf the only time you need to dedicate to this project is to supervise the removal.  You’ll be relieved once you can reclaim your yard at least until the next storm or remodel project!

Cincinnati Junk Hauling – Get Those Big Trash Items Out of the House

We truly live in a great country with an amazing standard of living for a majority of our citizens. That’s a fact that is not in dispute. Unfortunately, that high standard of living does not extend around the world. According to reports generated by the United Nations there are over five million people who die every year because of a disease they picked up from garbage and waste. Imagine that: getting sick from your own garbage. The issue is that in those 3rd world countries, they don’t have a proper municipal waste disposal program. Here in America the average citizen can create around ¾ of a ton of garbage every year. Think what it would look like if that garbage wasn’t picked up on a weekly basis.
You might think that having that weekly garbage pickup is all you need to worry about but there could be a lot more junk in your home that could cause you a hassle. That’s why you might want to think about getting all that unused stuff together and hiring a professional crew of junk haulers like Junk King Cincinnati to show up at take it away.
The first step you have to make is to classify your junk as junk. For some folks this is extremely difficult but it’s time to get real. If you don’t use something in your home then why are you keeping it? Furniture shoved in a basement or garage that isn’t being used could become a home to vermin that would like nothing more than to use the stuffing for a nest. Also depending on where this furniture is situated, it could also become a fire hazard. Yes, out of sight, out of mind but that’s not always the best philosophy to follow especially in your own home.
Then there is the issue of yard waste. Unless you are specifically growing a compost pile, yard debris is another invitation to unwanted critters. Some folks have piled up the waste from a remodeling project by the side of the garage or in the backyard. This can be a problem if there are curious kids anywhere around. You want to make sure all that is cleaned up.
What about old kitchen appliances that you have replaced but not gotten rid of? These can also provide a tempting play zone for kids that can lead to some harmful incidents. None of this is meant to scare you into action but just to point out that there is probably a lot of waste in your home that is just too big to toss out. Even if you have one large piece of unused furniture it’s worth the call to Junk King Cincinnati to show up and take that away.
The most common factor as to why folks hang onto that junk has less to do with sentimental reasons and more to do with practical ones. They just don’t have the means or the time to dispose of that junk properly. Now you do when you call an experienced Cincinnati junk hauling team like Junk King.
Simpy call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate today!

Cincinnati Junk Removal – Make Your Life Easier

There is an army of dedicated service professionals standing by in Cincinnati whose mission is to make our lives more livable. If something breaks, leaks, cracks or crumbles we should already know who to call. An honest plumber or mechanic is an extremely valued member of your own service team. If you’ve just moved into a new home one of the first things you might do is check in with your neighbors to find out who the good service technicians are. These folks are the problem solvers. In reality you hope you never have to call upon them but when you do, you expect them to show up on time and get the job done right without any “surprises.”
Another professional team you should consider adding to your list of household helpers is the crew from Junk King Cincinnati.  Junk King Cincinnati is part of a national franchise of experienced junk haulers who want to help you clean up all the clutter in your life. Much like your plumber or auto mechanic, you probably won’t need to call Junk King every week for a pick up (unless you are a serious hoarder!). But when the time comes for the removal of a large piece of junk, furniture or massive amount of debris, you definitely want to put Junk King Cincinnati on your speed dial.
Most of the junk we’ve gathered over the years is the result of an inability to get rid of it ourselves. Consider the old sofa. You might have a sofa that has seen better days and you decided to replace it with a brand new model. Well, it’s not that easy to toss out a sofa in the garbage. Perhaps you could manage to drag that sofa down to a basement or into another room. It might even make it all the way out into your garage but that is where its journey ends, until you call Junk King. With that call you’ll be able to finally get rid of that eyesore once and for all.
In practical terms, you don’t have to get rid of your junk one piece at a time. Instead, you can gather it all up for one major haul by the Junk King Cincinnati crew. Keep in mind that gathering up your junk doesn’t literally mean piling it together. When the Junk King crew shows up all you have to do is point them in the right direction and they’ll handle the rest.
The other thing you can count on with the Junk King Cincinnati team is that they are professionals. This means they are licensed and insured. That should matter for any type of worker you bring into your home. It’s that level of professional service that lets you know you’re in good hands. Use Junk King’s Cincinnati hauling team once and you’re sure to use them again!
To book an appointment today, call 1-888-888-JUNK or schedule a free on-site estimate online.