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Tag Archives: Cincinnati Recycling

Great Cincinnati Recycling Efforts this week in September

Junk King Cincinnati has had a great recycling week so far. On Monday we hauled a couple of tons of coal out of an older home that used to have coal burning furnace. We brought it back to our warehouse and worked on finding a place for it. We received a call from a gentleman that volunteers for the Christian Appalachian Project.  He donates time and materials to help people in Eastern Kentucky.  He came and took 3/4 of the coal that we hauled and loaded it into his pickup truck to take it to a poor family in eastern Kentucky that has a coal burning fireplace and stove.  He even told me the name of the family that would probably get the coal.

On Tuesday we hauled out 2.25 trucks of paper, cardboard and electronics out of a business downtown. Although the job took most of the day, we are going to be able to recycle all but 2-3 items. Two trips to the paper recycler, the rest back to our warehouse and we recycled 95% of that job.

COME ON CINCINNATI! Call us up, let us haul your junk and recycle all that we can. You can call the main number at 800-995-JUNK(5865), call Pete directly at 513-800-3941, or book online at Junk King Cincinnati’s website.

Cincinnati Computer Recycling and Disposal

Recently GreenSource Cincinnati held an event downtown to allow folks drop off their e-waste. What they accepted where any kind of cables, CD-ROM drives, cell phones, circuit boards, computer speakers, monitors, DVD players, fact sheet, hard drives, keyboards, laptops, LCD monitors, mainframes, microwaves, modems, personal copiers, printers, scanners, speakers, telephones, televisions, terminals and VCR. Pretty much anything that has to do with electricity they collected except for batteries or light bulbs.

GreenSource is a local based organization dedicated to making Cincinnati as environmentally friendly as possible. While this event is certainly a benefit, it was only held on one day and only from 8 AM until noon. That’s a pretty small window of opportunity when it comes to being eco-friendly. If you couldn’t make that deadline chances are you might shrug off the idea of recycling your computer or other e-waste and instead tuck them back into closets and under beds. There is a better way and that’s by using Junk King Cincinnati, who is dedicated to this kind of junk recycling.

Computer recycling involves taking apart a hard drive or monitor and breaking it down to its basic components. While each one of those components aren’t necessarily a hazard if they were to be broken open or smashed up like your regular garbage it could release some toxic chemicals that might be a problem. That’s why when it comes to computer recycling it should only be handled by trained workers. While it is true that the professional junk haulers might not know the proper way dismantle the computer they will certainly know where to drop it off to get that job done.

That’s a big plus with hiring professionals like Junk King for this kind of job: they know where all the Cincinnati recycling centers are. You could make the most out of this opportunity by getting these same junk haulers to take away all the other clutter that’s crowding you out of your own home. After they drop off your computer at one recycling center they can then drop off your sofa at another and your old stove at yet another. While this might seem like a lot of work it’s no big deal to these junk haulers because it’s part of the regular circuit they drive every day. Even if they have to make multiple stops where all your junk is properly recycled it’s not going to add to the cost of hiring the skilled workers.

Freeing up space in your home is essential to create a more positive flow of energy. While that might sound like a “New Age” way of thinking there is some truth to that. Don’t you feel better walking into your home after it’s been thoroughly cleaned? Of course you do! Once you get rid of all your junk and electronic waste you can multiply those feelings!

Cincinnati Junk Recycling

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Cincinnati residents, the city is proud to announce that there has been a 49% increase in the tonnage of recyclables that have been collected in the past six months compared to the same time frame from 2010. This has a lot to do with the implementation of the Recyclebank program. As you can imagine, city officials are proud to share the details.
“We had a great first year,” Larry Falkin, director of the Cincinnati Office of Environmental Quality, recently told Recycling Today. “We were able to grow participation in the recycling program by nearly 75 percent, increase the amount of recyclables collected curbside by nearly 50 percent and save the city nearly $1 million through decreased landfill disposal costs and increased revenues from the sale of recyclables.”
One of the benefits of the Cincinnati recycling program is that residents were given larger recycling bins. The typical residential recycle bin is 18 gallons but with the enhanced program, each resident can get up to a 64 or 96 gallon bin that is picked up twice a week. Even the mayor thinks this is a great idea.
“Cincinnati’s enhanced recycling program is even more successful than we expected,” Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory told Recycling Today. “It is clear that our community wants to recycle more to help the environment and save the City money. The more we recycle, the less the city has to pay to dump our garbage at the landfill. As we head into year two, we look forward to even higher levels of recycling and more savings.”
While that is all good news for residents, that doesn’t exactly cover all the recycling issues you might face. What about all those things you want to get rid of but can’t fit in a recycling bin even a 96 gallon one? For those large items you’ll have to call upon some professional junk haulers who are well versed in handling major recycling projects – Junk King Cincinnati
So, what are we talking about here? Things like old furniture, mattresses and kitchen appliances like stoves or refrigerators can all be broken down and recycled, just not at the same center as you paper or plastic recyclables. You could certainly do your part by hauling those big items off to those specialized recycling facilities on your own but do you really have the means to do that?
First you’ll need a big truck. That stove or sofa just isn’t going to fit in the back of the family SUV. Even if it could, would you want to run the risk of getting your car all scuffed up? Next, you’ll need to muscle to move those items. Defiantly a two man operation at least. Finally, you’ll need the time to accomplish this task. You might find yourself driving for an hour or two to reach the right recycling center.
Add it all up and hiring an experienced team like Junk King Cincinnati is really the best way to go. Keep up with your household recycling but let the pros handle the big stuff.
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