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Make Your Home Junk Free For The Holidays

Everyone makes a wish at the holidays, even if that wish is to get through the holidays without any stress! One of the ways to make that wish come true is to get as much done in advance so that you will have time to relax. But, of course, that always begins with getting the house ready. This year, you can start your holidays by clearing out all the junk in your home. It would only take one session with Junk King Cincinnati to make that happen.

Make a list, Check It Twice

Before the Junk King crew shows up for your appointment, you can list all the things you want to clear out. Keep in mind that the Junk King will send over two movers to help with this task. That means there is no limit to removing any bulky item from your home, regardless of where that item might be located. The Junk King crew never met a flight of stairs they could navigate!

The cost of the Junk King service will be determined by how everything fits onto the back of the truck. One flat rate covers all the labor, travel time, and drop-offs. Those drop-offs could include stops at a charity with some of your unwanted items like clothing or household goods. Nothing has to go to waste when Junk King is hauling it away.

You can book your session with Junk King online or over the phone. If you book online, you also get another discount. Junk King wants to make every one of their removal sessions fast and affordable.

Are you ready to get your home junk free for the holidays? Then you are ready to bring in the Junk King Cincinnati crew to make it happen.

How To Prep For The Holidays

As the holiday decorations start to go up in your neighborhood you might be asking yourself, “what happened to 2017?” Yes, the year flew by as it always does. Now the focus is on enjoying the remaining few weeks left in the year by making the most of the holiday season. Here are some good reminders on how to prep for the holidays:


Make a Plan

It all starts with a plan. The center of your holiday plan will revolve around whether or not you are doing any entertaining. If your home is a holiday hub for the family, then you need to set the times for the gang to show up. If you’re hosting any other kind of open house, then the rest of your calendar will fall into place around that event. Even without hosting a party, you could still find yourself very busy between various social engagements. Some of these might fall by the wayside given the amount of other tasks you need to accomplish. There’s nothing wrong with skipping a holiday party in order to get some well earned rest.

Ask For Help

Once you worked out your plan for the holidays you want to start asking for help. Taking on everything as your own personal mission is what causes stress to go up. This is when you need to divide and conquer among your family and friends. You’ll be surprised at how willing everyone is to help especially this time of the year. Even if you can take off six tasks from your to do list you’ll be ahead of the game.

Shop Online

Shopping online will not only save you time but also money but you don’t have to stop with presents. You’ll find that there are many outlets like Amazon prime and Wal-Mart who are offering grocery shopping online. And because they’re in fierce competition with each other you’re going to find great prices all around. Won’t it be great to do all your grocery shopping without fighting the crowds?

Remove Rubbish

Before the decorations go up in your own home you want to make sure you are clear of clutter and rubbish. It’s not just the little things you should get rid of but also the big stuff that are taking up space in your basement, closets and garage. One session with Junk King Cincinnati will have all your unwanted rubbish removed in the blink of an eye. That’s a great way to start your holiday.

Have A Clutter Free Holiday

Are you one of those people that thrive during the holidays? There are some people who enjoy the hustle and bustle of shopping for presents, organizing parties and making sure everyone is taking care of. Usually this is someone who is very well organized and can handle multitasking. If there’s one thing about the holidays, it’s all about the multitasking! Of course, there’s always the risk that someone who takes on too much could end up burning themselves out. They usually wake up feeling exhausted on Christmas morning and that certainly no way to spend that day. Just because you have control over the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t get a little help. When it comes to removing clutter from your home that help can come from Junk King Cincinnati.



Junk King Cincinnati will be sending over a pair of “elves” to help you with your junk removal chore. This is a wonderful opportunity to finally get rid of all kinds of unwanted rubbish throughout your home. You can start with your closets. Just think about how many outfits you have in there that you probably never wear again. What about all the old tennis rackets, shoes and hats that will never see the light of day? All of that can be taken out in a single session with Junk King Cincinnati. When that happens, it’s almost as if you’re getting a brand-new closet.

You could take that same approach throughout the rest of your home wherever you’ve got clutter stored. The two-man crew from Junk King Cincinnati will help you transform your basement and garage into an open area once again. You can then put those spaces to more practical use such as a family room or arts and craft area. Isn’t it time that you get the most out of the living space in your home?

You’ll be able to get rid of all your clutter and still have plenty of money left over for the holidays. That’s because Junk King Cincinnati pricing policy is very affordable. It’s always based upon volume and not weight. You’ll know exactly what you’ll be expected to pay before the work begins. Make sure your holidays aren’t cluttered with junk by hiring Junk King Cincinnati today.

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