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Your Go-To Junk Hauling Service In Cobb County

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No one likes taking out the trash. And the only thing worse is when it’s the trash and debris that is a result of your work 

For example,

  • – New construction creates large amounts of waste and debris.
  • – Residential remodeling, especially on a large project, produces debris and trash.
  • – Real estate professionals often find themselves cleaning a recently vacated home or a foreclosed property.
  • – Businesses relocate or simply need to do some major cleaning of their facilities.
  • – Old office furniture needs to be hauled off.
  • Storage facilities need cleanouts.
  • – And the list goes on…

And sometimes it’s not even because of your job, but out-of-the-ordinary circumstances at home such as needing to get rid of old furniture or used mattresses, hot tubs that need to be replaced, or old refrigerators that no longer work.

So, what do all these activities have in common? They all require junk hauling.

And whether it’s at home or on the job, the challenge of junk hauling is finding the best way to make it easy, efficient, and cost-effective.


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Junk Hauling: Enter Junk King Cobb County

So, what is junk hauling exactly?

Junk hauling is an on-demand service for having just about any type of junk, trash, and debris removed from your home or business. As your “go-to” junk hauling service here in Cobb County, Junk King Cobb County can haul large items like old furniture and used appliances, and even carry out complete house cleanouts. 

In addition, we can pick up all kinds of trash and construction debris from building sites or residential remodels, as well as a variety of real estate cleanouts. In fact, pretty much everything and anything except hazardous waste can be hauled away by Junk King Cobb County.

We understand that you can probably do your own junk hauling. If you have a proper vehicle and know where to take your junk. And have some help loading, securing, unloading, etc. And like hard work and going to waste transfer stations or landfills. And have nothing better to do with your day off…

And we also realize that you can likely hire some guy with a truck to come and haul your junk away. Sort of a “Sanford and Son” kind of operation. Except that you may end up spending more than you might think you’re saving by going that route.

Lack of insurance and license can potentially leave you with some liability issues if things don’t go the way they’re supposed to. And you can pretty much guarantee that if your junk doesn’t get dumped someplace illegally, that it will simply end up in a landfill. 

Which is one of the hallmark differences in junk hauling with Junk King.


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Junk Hauling as a Green Endeavor

Our planet is becoming more and more populated, which means more and more people, and more and more trash. The human race has this in common: every society on earth wants to improve its lot in life and that often means acquiring more and more things. This means that recycling becomes tremendously important.

And that includes junk.

As technology constantly evolves, for example, we end up getting rid of more and more “old” technology and we must somehow dispose of the old stuff in an eco-friendly manner. For most people, however, we simply toss these things into the trash or we call someone to come pick it up and haul it away.

And we rarely think about where it goes. But ensuring it goes to the right places is critical.

For Junk King, it means taking the time and making the effort to recycle as much as we possibly can. In fact, we are successful in recycling 60 percent of all the junk, trash, and debris that we take in, on average. We do this because being green is an essential and core part of our mission. As a result, we’ve been recognized as the premier green company in our industry in North America.


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Junk Hauling in Cobb County Made Easy

Cobb County is home to over 760,000 residents living in towns and cities such as Mableton, Acworth, Marietta, Smyrna, and Kennesaw. We are a mix of urban and rural landscapes with people of all types living and working throughout the county. 

And, on any given day, many of them need junk hauling services.

At Junk King Cobb County, our mission is to meet that need and to make it as easy as possible for our friends and neighbors to take advantage of the best junk hauling service in the county. 

Of course, it is possible to take care of your own junk hauling and disposal tasks, but this isn’t a job for everyone and it’s not particularly easy for anyone living in and around Cobb County. For starters, there are only a handful of waste transfer stations and very few proper landfills available for the general public.

This means your disposal options are somewhat limited and you could be looking at having to make a bit of a drive out and back for each load of junk you haul. And that’s assuming you have a truck to haul it in!

Keep in mind, too, that not everything is allowed in the landfills and some items are not even allowed at the transfer stations. So, you would need to do your homework first before loading everything. This brings us to, perhaps, the most important point here: loading everything.

When you take on junk hauling as a DIY task you have to do all the heavy lifting. 

If you only have a dozen or so garbage bags with relatively light trash and debris in them, then this may not be so difficult. But what about that old couch? Or the concrete rubble from your patio remodel? Maybe it’s lumber and hardware from an old fence or broken-down shed? 

All of these and more can be both difficult and a bit hazardous to load yourself. And, once you get them loaded, you have to make sure your loads are secured, possibly tarped and tied down, and then you have to unload it all when you get there. Again, doing it all yourself.

And all of this is premised on the assumption that you have a truck or suitable vehicle to load your junk in. If not – and not everyone in Cobb County has a pickup! – then you have to borrow one or rent one. 

On the other hand, a call to Junk King Cobb County solves a number of problems for you right away and, best of all, we do all the heavy lifting!

When it comes to junk hauling you can’t do better than Junk King. Junk King’s call center system allows customers to schedule a junk pick-up in real-time. And, with our online booking system, all it takes is a few clicks and within a matter of minutes Junk King can be scheduled and quickly have the job can be completed.

Our professional junk hauling team is to serve you with furniture removal, yard debris pickups, house cleanouts, and appliance disposal. And, best of all, Junk King Cobb County is committed to being eco-friendly and helping keep our neighborhoods clean and green.


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Junk King Cobb County: Your Local Go-To Junk Hauling Service 

Maybe you hadn’t thought about calling a junk hauling service for your unwanted belongings because you weren’t really thinking of them as junk.

At Junk King Cobb County, we understand.

Fortunately, a junk hauling service like ours will let you clear out your house of all those unwanted items while still being environmentally friendly and socially conscious with junk hauling from Junk King Cobb County.

Our world-class customer service, our great pricing, and our commitment to recycling and reuse are vital elements of Junk King’s mission. And it all means that we can make it easy for you to say goodbye to unwanted junk, and we make it easy on the planet, too.

And our commitment to our customers extends to our pricing. Not only is our staff happy to answer your questions, they’ll also provide you with simple, upfront pricing.

At Junk King Cobb County, our junk hauling services are performed by friendly, trained, and insured professionals who quickly haul away your junk so it can then be disposed of in the most eco-friendly disposal methods available.

In addition, Junk King’s removal service is now 100% touchless to ensure your safety and the safety of our crew. So, schedule today by calling 1-888-888-JUNK (5865) or book online.


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