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Five Ways to Recycle Electronics in Cobb County


Recycling electronics is difficult work. It requires specialized facilities that can break down the objects in a safe manner before disposing of the broken aspects. The pieces that aren’t broken, are often put into a pile to be recycled into new material and products. E-wastes are some of the trickiest to recycle because of their inner contents being particularly hazardous. These hazardous materials, like batteries, account for a significant amount of environmental waste since the hazardous elements can seep into the local ground and water supply. Recently, with the advancement of the Green Movement, many waste companies are taking an extra step to halt the holistic disposal approach, instead opting to declare that they no longer take any forms of e-waste. While this is great for the environment, this also leaves the average person at loss for what they should do with their e-waste. Luckily, there are still multiple options available for e-waste removals and recycling—including the best option of all, Junk King Cobb County. 


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E-Wastes, Recycling, and the Environment—Junk King Cobb County


In 2012, the United States generated more e-waste per resident than any other country; 5 million tons of that were electronic equipment that ended up being recycled, and since then that number has increased with the shift towards online and remote work from home. It’s estimated that only 15 to 20% of all able-to-be-recycled e-wastes are actually recycled. The other 85 to 80% of electronics are destroyed by people sneaking them into landfills, trash bags, or incinerators. 


The problem with this is that there are more electronics being thrown out than there are being recycled. This becomes problematic when those electronics are left to rot in close-to-nature locations. The local landfills around the United States have considerable amounts of e-wastes, despite having protections in place to reduce the amount of e-waste that makes it into the fill. When e-wastes do make it into the landfill, there is an increased risk of environmental poisoning as those wastes are left alone to seep into the ground and water. There is, for example, heavy metal poisoning which can culminate in a series of symptoms and death if there is continued, long-term exposure. 


All of this goes to show that taking the proper precautions with e-waste, and recycling whenever possible, will result in a better, safer environment; but, it will also help to produce more electronics at lower costs in the local area too. So, how does one recycle electronics in Cobb County? Here’s a shortlist of the best options (the last one is our favorite). 


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Five Ways to Recycle Electronics in Cobb County & Junk King Removal Services


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1) Search for options in your area, with Earth 911. 


Countless places across the United States will take your e-waste, so the problem then becomes ‘how do I find one that will take mine?’ With over 100,000+ listings across the U.S., Earth 911 maintains one of the largest recycling databases in North America. When using it, you can enter in particular e-waste and your zip code, the result will be a list of possible places where your e-waste can be taken and recycled. This is a great option for those of us who live in remote areas or who have one or two items but don’t want to call a service team for them. 


2) Utilize an electronic recycling program, like E-Recycle USA.


There are many recycling programs around the United States; some are better equipped than others. One such program is run by a federally compliant service called E-Recycle USA, based out of Tucker, GA. The great thing about pairing with these guys is that they have a secure data destruction certificate—so you know there’s no snooping around on the electronics before they are broken down and their data is erased permanently. Further, they are big fans of returning those old or retired electronics back to the marketplace—it makes them cheaper for consumers, and guarantees consistent reliability for the locals in the area.


3) Use one of the ‘big guys’ for your recycling services, like Staples.


There are thousands of big-name electronic dealers in the world; some of them will be happy to take your retired, broken, old, or used electronics. For example, big stores like Staples handle so much e-waste material that they have begun openly marketing their e-waste recycling program as a public benefit to shopping with them. Staples not only handles e-waste like batteries or laptops, but they also handle the liquid hazardous wastes that come as a byproduct of those electronics: ink cartridges or toner cartridges are easily disposed of in their spaces, and that’s much better than those cartridges making it into the local streams or the belly of a hungry fish. 


4) If you’re not sure if it can be recycled, like Recycle Nation. 


Recycle Nation has another massive database of recycling services across the United States. Unlike Earth 911, which only directs you to the services in your area, with Recycle Nation, you are able to search by zip code, but also by a long list of materials that can be recycled. Even hazardous wastes and automotive parts are able to be disposed of in your area if you search for places that will take them. Recycle Nation has a huge selection of possible materials to choose from, and they work in every corner of the United States. 


5) Or, take the simplest, cheapest, and cleanest option, call Junk King Cobb County.


Junk King is known as America’s greenest junk removal service, and part of that distinction is the commitment that we’ve made to recycle, reuse, or donate up to 60% of everything we haul. From furniture to appliances to e-waste and more, everything that goes into our trucks is considered for continued use. Only the things that are too damaged to have a life-after-use go into the landfill. There are many ways we go about assessing items for such possibilities, and e-waste is some of the most commonly chosen wastes picked to be recycled or donated. 


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Recycling Everything from E-Waste to Appliances, with Junk King Cobb County

Five Ways to Recycle Electronics in Cobb County

Junk King offers two main services for the resident, the first is our self-service option, and the second is our full-service option. Additionally, commercial accounts have access to both of these options too (as well as some special aspects and pricing variations; this makes a huge difference when you’re considering cleaning out an old office building). 

The Junk King self-service option means that a person essentially ‘rents’ one of our MINI dumpsters for (at minimum) three days, in that time, they are able to fill it to the top and on the fourth day, one of our team members will come and collect it. This is very similar to the traditional roll-away dumpster option, with the biggest difference being cost, size, and ease of experience. Our MINI dumpsters are created to give you the most amount of space possible, for the smallest cost. The MINI is a 12 cubic foot dumpster, making it small enough to fit in your driveway, but big enough to take care of your biggest appliances. 


In contrast, there is also the full-service option. This is the best ‘bang for your buck’ option since it involves a Junk King truck (big enough to hold 6 pickup trucks worth of junk and trash), and it also comes with two or more crew members to do the junk hauling for you. Choosing this option means that your time with the truck is limited, but having the extra hands, means you won’t need that extra time anyway. This is the best option for big items, large hauls, or anything in between. 


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There are four ways that you can contact us today for your removal services. Pick your preferred method and you could have a dumpster to you the same day (depending on availability). When it comes to junk hauling and trash removal, remember, that with Junk King Removal Services it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3—just point at the junk, and it’s gone. 

  • Give us a call at (706) 705-5320 to be put in contact with the top-rated customer service team in North America. From here, set up an appointment for an in-person estimation—this will be your best estimate since we’ll be able to accurately assess the space and weight of your items to be removed. 
  • Text us pictures of your trash and items to (737) 888-5865; you’ll be immediately put in contact with one of our expert estimators and they can provide a ball-park estimate for you via text messages. 
  • Utilize our online forms; you can ask us questions, cancel appointments, schedule pick-ups, and do much more with this handy online form. 
  • Or, stay online and use our custom-made pricing estimator. Using this will give you a good visualization of what your job is likely to cost since you can adjust the estimator to be calculated by items or by volume. 


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