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How to Sell Your House Quicker with Junk Removal Services


Junk Removal Services


Why You Need Junk Removal Services for Your Home


Property owners in Atlanta sell their homes faster than the typical homeowner. This fact is backed by Realtor.com data, released in June 2022. The data says that the national average to sell a home from start to finish is 77 days, whereas in Georgia especially, the average time it took to sell a home was only 74 days. That’s almost 4% faster than the average sell and closing cycle. 


Numbers don’t lie; the Atlanta homeowner is in a good position to sell regardless of the time of year. However, because Atlanta sits in a good position for selling residential property, this also means that when the process starts, it can move very quickly. Many homeowners are so preoccupied with the paperwork that they may forget necessary steps in the process; sometimes, this can include forgetting to cleanup the back yard or a back room, other times, it can lead to delays in the house selling process. 


No matter if you are looking to sell or looking just clean up a few rooms, Junk King has your back. For us, junk removal service goes beyond hoarder houses and emergencies. It is Junk King’s belief that junk removal is a basic necessity, part of being human—and indeed, it is since the average person creates four and a half pounds of trash a day. 


Junk hauling and removal cover a lot of subjects, including:


  • Home cleaning 
  • Deconstructions
  • Uninstalling
  • Non-hazardous cleanups
  • And More!

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3 Junk Removal Tips for Selling Your House Quicker


Junk Removal


Lucrative tips are sought after by various interested parties; sometimes, these are things like the winning horse or when to be in the right place at the right time. Most industries have some additional insight into how processes can be manipulated. Junk removal is no different. Here are three of our favorite removal tips that will help you sell faster and for more money over the offer:



  • Clear out the clutter: the first thing to consider for anyone looking to sell their house is how they are going to remove the clutter and junk they’ve accumulated. A full-scale house cleanout is possible even without professional help, but it is always worth it to start the process early. By getting rid of the junk and soiled stuff found during the house decluttering, you’ll also better understand what is going with you to the new home and what needs to get gone. 
  • Clean up for first impressions: when people go to sell their homes, they often only plan for a removal team if they can’t handle awkward or heavy furniture. However, home buyers are not only buying the inside of your home; they are also buying the facade. This means that if your home has no or very little curb appeal, you will have a harder time selling as fast as possible. (Don’t worry, Junk King can clean up your yard in a day.)
  • Hire industry professionals: if you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between your home and a hotel, the answer is that professionals clean the hotel. There are many odd jobs that an individual may do instead of hiring out, but getting the best results in anything, means hiring the people who handle niche problems. Additionally, there are many times when choosing a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach is inappropriate and dangerous (i.e., plumbing, electricity, carpentry). 


4 Benefits of a Professional Junk Removal Service for Homes


It goes without saying, of course, that a business would suggest hiring professionals. It is the nature of skilled services for pay. However, in the case of junk removal services, a homeowner can receive an uncommon number of benefits. For example, a plumber might fix a leak or find and prevent damage to a home, saving the homeowner money in the long run. In contrast, a full-service junk removal might consist of cleaning an estate out top to bottom, and in doing this the removal service saves the new owner time, effort, and money. There are many benefits that are byproducts of working with a professional removal service: 


 full service junk removal


  • Professionals can handle the stuff you don’t want to handle yourself: consider, for example, hoarder estates—the friends and family don’t really want to assist in doing a residential property cleanup, they are more concerned about their friend/family members. Professionals like Junk King can help. Let our highly trained teams of removers take care of the uphill parts of the job—while you focus on more important things. 
  • Professionals have the equipment for uninstalling any appliance or system: when you choose to move with a professional service, you will have the ability to have almost anything disassembled, uninstalled, removed, and recycled. Professionals like Junk King have even more ability for removals than the average removal company since we have access to better tools (and more of them!). Electronics, gardening equipment, and machinery covered in cobwebs from the basement that no one goes into, none of it matches Junk King’s tools or experience. 
  • Some professionals will accept everything, including old hot tubs: choosing to work with professionals is not enough to ensure that you are receiving all of the possible benefits that go with professional services. For example, only large and experienced removal teams are really able to provide every client with solutions for their needs. Old hot tubs, sheds, pools, gardening equipment, and more are nothing in the wake of our Junk King removal crews—so when you look for a professional removal team, consider picking a big company. We come equipped with tools, experience, training, and passion. 
  • Professional assistance will help your home assessments: when it comes time for your home inspection, take the time to think about all of the junk still in your home (if there is anything). Home inspectors will base your home’s value on the state of the house. But giving them access to everything (i.e., water heater, any amenities like swamp coolers, windows, exits, sub-floors, attic, etc.) will go a long way in how they complete their assessment. Another way to put this is that if there are things in front of the water heater, they cannot include that in the assessment because they cannot reach it to inspect it. The potentially good thing about this is that professionals like Junk King can come in and take away the obstacles, giving you a better assessment and more money in the long run. 


3 Major Disadvantages of Doing it Yourself


When faced with home improvement, many people take the problems personally. These are the same people who eventually become DIYers (as if it wasn’t born into them). While there are many DIY projects that have fantastic results, there are many instances where DIY is not the answer. Some of these instances may include electrics, baking, and even junk removal. There are many disadvantages of choosing to do your own removal; these are the top three major disadvantages of do-it-yourself:  



  • You spend money, time, and effort: the clearest disadvantages of home garbage pickup is that you end up spending more money, for more time, and more effort. Consider all of the steps of doing a removal yourself; things like gas and paying whoever helps you back, can end up making the entire experience cost more than what it would actually be worth. In comparison, no matter what professional service you choose from Junk King, you will be sure to save money, time, and effort. 
  • You cannot properly dispose of certain junk, trash, or rubbish: disposing of household items and junk may seem easy, but things can become harder when you factor in whether or not it is safe to dispose of specific junk. Things like batteries are always thrown out in the trash by the busy homeowner, but in reality, throwing away simply things like that can have a lasting impact on their final resting place, be that the local landfill, stream, or a recycling center
  • You may not have the knowledge, training, or ability to uninstall appliances or large/complex items from your home: the pros and cons to home garbage pickup are always going to be different for every individual. A common con that gets attached to professional removal services is that a person could’ve “just done it” themselves. While this is true, to an extent, there are many items and removal tricks that turn the pro side of that argument into the stronger side. Professionals come with the knowledge, training, and physical abilities to be able to remove anything from your home—and they can protect your home’s assets (i.e., floors, windows, walls, etc.) while they do it. 


How to Get the Best Deal on Junk Removal Services


Junk King Cobb County


There are a few tricks that every homeowner (or commercial owner) can utilize to ensure the best rates for home garbage pickup. Some of these tips include: 


  • Researching options from the local area; try “near me” searches.
  • Take the time to read online reviews of those options; try Yelp or Google Review.
  • Before contacting home garbage pickup services, find the average cost for junk removal in your area; try Angi or Home Advisor to compare costs.
  • Take advantage of any free estimates that companies are willing to offer; Junk King has a pricing calculator you can use right in browser.
  • Don’t ever accept a deal with a company until you know their process; for example, Junk King offers a huge amount of aftercare for all our hauls. Recycling is one of the biggest draws to our removals, since individuals can rest easy knowing their junk isn’t further polluting the local environment. 


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


Sell your house quicker with professional removal companies like Junk King. When you choose to move with Junk King, junk hauling is as simple as 1, 2, 3—just point and the junk is gone! Contact us today to get a Big Red Truck or MINI dumpster as early as tomorrow! There are three ways to contact us and four ways to get a quote, get started today!


  • Call us at (706) 247-7513 to speak with a real person about your options. You can receive an estimate in minutes over the phone, or schedule an in-person concrete assessment of your property. 
  • Text us at (737) 888-5865, attach a picture of your junk and we’ll text you back with your no-obligation free estimate. Multiple estimates can be made. 
  • Or stay online and discover your options with Junk King using our pricing calculator. At the end of the wizard, you’ll also have the option to schedule a service immediately. 
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