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Professional Junk Hauling and Removal Services in Marietta

Junk hauling, junk removal services

Importance Of a Professional Junk Removal Service


A professional junk removal company is able to handle all of your removal needs, from residential junk removal like landscape debris clean up or appliance removal to commercial junk hauling like office or property clean outs. 


Junk removal services are the most efficient and cost-effective ways to get rid of junk, trash, garbage, and anything disposable. Some junk removal services have after-care features like recycling, responsible disposal, or processing down. However, many removal companies do not have these abilities because they require additional equipment and licensing. That means that when you pick a junk removal service, pick the one with the responsible disposal option; that’s the one with the best resources for any removal need. 


Junk removal is one of the biannual services suggested for all property owners. Residential homeowners, business owners, property landlords, and everyone else with a little too much junk can find helpful solutions for their removal needs. 


In the case of Junk King, clients are given top-rated customer support and services. At the same time, Junk King is recognized as North America’s greenest junk removal company. Both of these aspects combined means that Junk King is the first choice for anyone looking to have junk hauling or disposal solutions. 


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What is the Difference Between Trash Hauling and Junk Removal?


The difference between trash hauling vs junk removal is a significant one. Depending on the company’s services, a business may only be able to offer one or the other. Generally, larger removal companies are able to offer more services through their networks of resources. 


Trash hauling can be thought about as moving trash or garbage from one location to another. For example, weekly trash collection services are this type of removal option. Some garbage disposal companies have after-care methods, but a large majority do not. 


In comparison, junk removal companies are those that move junk from one location to another. For example, Junk King is able to move almost anything to our recycling hubs. Junk King will remove or haul anything but hazardous wastes. 


In other words, trash hauling is one type of junk removal service. In the case of Junk King, both types of removal and disposal are offered. This is important because services offered in one location may be different from another. 


Why Should You Use a Professional Junk Removal Service?


appliance removal


There are endless reasons to use a professional service over the other options. Consider the following examples for residential homeowners to hire a junk removal service:


  • Seasonal cleaning: all seasons can be a time for junk hauling. Summer, spring, and fall are popular periods. 
  • Appliance removal: from dishwashers to clothes dryers and everything in between.
  • Lite demolition: not all removal companies can do this, but Junk King can. Stand-alone buildings are easily removed. 
  • Hot tub disposal: some of the hardest materials to recycle, and still no match for Junk King processes.
  • E-waste recycling: toxic to the environment, it requires special attention to recycle properly
  • Furniture removal: TVs, couches, tables, and more can be removed with little effort (with the right service provider). 
  • Mattress disposal: mattresses are considered highly complex items, which means they are very difficult to recycle. 
  • Landscaping or yard debris: debris can come from anywhere, so clean up your yard with the help of some professionals.
  • Remodeling debris: remodeling is stressful as it is. Get help with your remodel by hiring professionals.
  • Moving or selling a home: no matter if you are looking to clear out a mother-in-law suite or move states, professionals can help.
  • Decluttering space: one of the best reasons to get professional help is when we need help decluttering. 
  • Household hazardous waste: not everything can be thrown out in trash bags. Some household wastes require professional help. 
  • After disasters: disasters are some of the best times to hire professionals. This is because disasters can bring hazardous waste. 
  • For general garbage removal: it can be hard to ask for professional help when there is a lot of garbage—but doing so is the best way to get it cleaned, removed, and gone. 


full service junk removal


Then there are the reasons exclusive to business or property owners: 


  • Office relocations: don’t leave the office relocation to employees; you’ll end up paying double the costs. 
  • Foreclosure clean outs: property foreclosures are some of the most difficult clean outs to complete, hiring professionals makes it easy.
  • Estate clean outs: houses of all sizes will eventually need cleaning. Hiring professionals means the job gets done faster and greener.
  • Scrap metal recycling: scrap metal is notorious for being hard to recycle. Professionals have the tools to get it done. 
  • Construction debris clean up: don’t hire a roll-away dumpster for this; hire a crew! Removal crews are uniquely trained for this type of debris and the problems that can arise from it. 

What Services Does our Company Offer in Marietta?


Self-Service with the Junk King MINI Dumpsters


The favorite of any residential junk removal, the Junk King self-service involves a roll-away dumpster called a MINI. Junk King MINIs are built to be compact but heavy-duty. The result is a roll-away dumpster small enough to fit into a residential driveway but strong enough to hold multiple appliances easily. 


The interior of the MINI is 12-cubic yards, making it larger than the Waste Management Bagster without tipping into the territory of the commercial dumpsters. That means no dirty, nasty, soiled dumpsters in front of your house. 


Full-Service with the Junk King Big Red Trucks


In contrast, is the commercial junk removal favorite: full-service. Full-service consists of the client having access to not only a Big Red Truck but also a two-person removal crew. Our Big Red Trucks are more than just a pretty face—they are 20% larger than the competitors at the same price. 


Junk King Big Red Trucks can hold six pickup truck beds worth of junk and trash. That means the trucks can take multiple appliances, equipment, debris, and even hot tubs. The great part about that is you save money by getting more removed in one haul. Full-service is Junk King’s expert service; with it, junk hauling, and removals are as easy as 1, 2, 3—just point, and the junk is gone!


How Does the Process Work from Start to Finish?


Every junk hauling and removal company will approach their work differently. Most of the time, small or family-owned companies will only offer self-service or full-service if they accept junk and trash at all. In the case of Junk King, the entire process has been streamlined to produce the most efficient, greenest, and best customer experience possible. 


Get Marietta Junk Removal, It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3!


After adequately researching companies and collecting quotes, choose one of the contact methods (below) to schedule an appointment or drop-off. 


The process will be slightly different depending on the services that fit your needs.


If you’ve ordered full-service with Junk King: Our expert removers will call within an agreed-upon two-hour window. We aim for 15 minutes before our arrival. Once there, our removal team gets to work. All you need to do is point, and the junk is gone! After our Big Red Truck is loaded up, we take the volume of the truck and determine the cost of removal. If you agree to our price, your junk is gone for good. 


Conversely, if you’ve ordered self-service with Junk King: Our professional removers will call within a two-hour window, 15 minutes before they arrive. Once there, our team drops off our MINI dumpster, usually in a residential driveway. The MINI stays there until the rental period expires, and our professionals return for it. Prices for MINIs depend on the volume of the load. If you agree to our cost, your junk is gone for good. 


Regardless of the service chosen, the result is the same. Junk, trash, debris, and more are all hauled away to our recycling hub. The client doesn’t see it, but every haul is sorted through there. Items are then parsed into piles of different statuses like “donate” or “trash.” More than 60% of every haul that Junk King completes is recycled, reused, donated, or given away. 


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There are four ways to contact a Junk King expert; pick your favorite and contact us today! When you choose to move with Junk King, junk hauling and trash disposal are as easy as 1, 2, 3—just point, and the junk is gone. Contact us today to get a Big Red Truck or MINI dumpster as early as tomorrow. 


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