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HOA-Friendly Junk Removal in Marietta


HOA junk removal


HOA-Friendly Junk Removal Service in Marietta


Homeowners’ associations (HOAs) are popping up all over the United States; every day, more and more are being created. The HOA’s job is to protect property value for their given neighborhood. They do this through many methods, including creating community-binding rules for all residents. If you are a community resident, you are a member of the HOA


Note: some HOAs are formed over neighborhoods that previously did not have one. When cases like this occur, residents already living in the territory get the choice of signing up—it is never mandatory. 


Those who live in HOA-friendly neighborhoods know the huge benefits that can come from them: 


  • Community lifestyle buildings: gyms, pools, tennis courts, community centers, or additional protected parking may be built. 
  • Conflict resolution: fighting neighbors sometimes need assistance with their conflicts—HOAs can help resolve spats, arguments, and disputes. 
  • Property values stabilize: the HOA’s job is to protect property value, but they are also looking to increase it whenever possible. HOAs can come up against homeowners—trying to preserve property values is an ongoing conversation. 

What Does Junk King Have to do with HOAs?


What Makes Junk King Different


Junk King is North America’s greenest solution for junk hauling and trash disposal. Junk King is the best solution for everything junk removal, from business solutions requiring many trucks to residential dumpsters.


HOAs take violations of their CC&Rs unkindly. Every member of an HOA signs a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (CC&R). These documents work similarly to the Terms and Conditions of technology; within them are all the rules, regulations, and topics agreed to by the property owner. Since this is a binding document, violations of these rules can result in fines or liens against a homeowner’s property; in some cases, this can result in the foreclosure and selling of a home. 


Junk King works with HOAs by knowing and adhering to its specific needs. Junk removal can be a difficult task for any homeowner who is struggling. With entities like the City of Atlanta giving out fines for garbage and unsightly items, that struggling can become a drowning. Junk King works with HOAs to better position homeowners. 


How HOA Rules Limit How You Can Get Rid of Junk


Every HOA is created with their community in mind; this means that every HOA will approach topics differently. Many factors influence HOA rules, but the biggest is the well fair of the neighborhood (and property values). One of the biggest things that impact these rules—outlined in the CC&R—is the outward condition of a property. Homeowners who violate the community-agreed-upon contract are in for consequences. 


Junk removal, trash disposal, weekly collections, and more are all part of the guidelines laid out in the CC&R. HOAs have removal and disposal rules because trash and unsightly items are some of the biggest offenders of lowering property value. Generally, these rules surround appearance; for example, an HOA may have some of the following rules: 


The community must follow the HOA rules for weekly collection disposal. In some HOAs, this may mean single-stream garbage disposal, but in others, this could mean duel-stream disposal (i.e., one trash bin for garbage and one for recycling). HOAs hire trash services based on the services they provide and how many houses are in the area. Thus, adhering to the trash service’s rules is greatly important for the HOA homeowner. 


HOAs can install community disposal options like particular dumpsters; others can even negotiate disposal options that greatly benefit the homeowner. One such benefit is the homeowner’s free landfill uses. Residents of the City of Atlanta have many landfill uses available yearly. So how does the HOA limit this feature? By allowing a strict number for each haul, everything over that set amount will count as an additional haul—thus cutting each trip’s worth into half or thirds.  


The most common HOA rules in residential neighborhoods surround trash bins. Weekly collection disposal means that every resident must buy or rent trash bins. However, the HOA can also require those same necessary trash bins are hidden from public view. Trash bins can attract rodents and insects and are generally dirty—it makes sense for an HOA to frown upon leaving them out. Most HOAs have rules that protect curb-side appeal for the property by requiring junk and trash bins to be out for a limited window before and after the weekly collection time. 


How to Know if Your HOA Allows Trash Pickup or Not?


If your home or property is a member of an HOA, there’s a large possibility that trash pick up and junk removal were already part of the deal when you signed. The only way to check the status of a property is to either ask the HOA directly or find the CC&R. It’s not possible to search on the internet for the answer, but there are other ways to find out what works in your area. 


Try searching “trash pick up near me; trash pick up Marietta; best trash removal Cobb County; or greenest junk removal” to find junk removal options. Including specialized words for your area is important to get the best results. Zip codes, surrounding areas, and counties are all excellent terms to add to the search. 


So how do you know that your area allows trash pick up? The results will guide you. Searching with specific terms means that the results are going to be curated for that area. If there is an HOA that doesn’t work with the monster company Waste Management, the results for that area shouldn’t include WM as a valid option. 


What to Expect When Calling a Junk Removal Company


Junk King Junk Removal and Disposal Services


Not all Junk Kings are successful enough to offer the services that Junk King Cobb County does. Often, junk removal companies only offer two options: dumpster rental or professional removal. Junk King Cobb County is able to provide both services as an option to business and residential owners alike. 


Junk King’s self-service is the preferred dumpster rental option for residential homeowners. This service consists of a property owner taking one of our Junk King MINI dumpsters over a multi-day rental period. At the end of the period our drivers return and pick up the MINI. If you agree to our costs, your junk is gone for good. 


The Junk King MINI is unlike any other rental dumpster on the market. Traditional dumpsters are enormous, dirty things—covered in bird poop and stinking from the landfill. They’re huge size also makes them an inappropriate solution for residential removals; they are either parked in a long driveway—and damage it on the way out—or they are put in the street, interrupting the neighborhood’s views and traffic. 


MINIs are the anti-thesis of these traditional dumpsters. Junk King cleans our MINIs in between every removal, that’s how to keep that red paint so crisp and iconic. Another reason residential homeowners choose MINIs is because of their compact size; MINIs are small enough to fit into any regular driveway, and are so light that damage doesn’t occur readily. Don’t let size fool you—the Junk King MINI is every property owner’s best resource for DIY projects like remodeling, clean outs, or removing appliances


Junk King’s full-service, on the other hand, is the preferred solution for small businesses, property owners, and elder needs. Full-service consists of using a Junk King Big Red Truck and a professional Junk King removal crew. With this service, we believe that “the heaviest you should have to lift is the telephone.” Full-service is also known as Junk King’s specialty, involving a combination of constant customer service skills and junk removal experience. 


Junk King’s Big Red Trucks are very different from other removal vehicles. Not only are they especially tall and wide (to handle all the big and little junk) but they also hold an uncommon amount of junk and trash. Our trucks have an internal capacity of six pickup truck beds worth of junk—that’s thousands of pounds, picked up, and driven away in as quickly as an hour. And what makes it even better, is Junk King’s trucks are 20% larger than the competitor’s option at the same price. 


What Features Come with a Junk King Service? 


Junk King Dumpster


Pay for the space you use. Many junk removal companies base their final costs on the end weight of the dumpster or truck. This means if you do not fill the dumpster, you’re out of luck, and still stuck paying for the entire “air space” of the dumpster too. With Junk King, clients only pay for the space they use in our MINIs and Big Red Trucks. That saves you money, and gives you more room to remove everything you need. 


Green aftercare after every haul. Junk King’s ideals involve the most responsible solutions for the recycling and reusing of the junk we haul. This means that everything that can be reused or donated, is—but it also means that those complex items that are heard to break down, are broken down. Appliances are particularly well-known for their difficulty in recycling, but e-waste is another type of junk that requires special type of recycling methods to protect the local environment. 


Top-rated customer service with every removal. Junk King’s ideals also involve customer service—that’s why there are so many ways a home or business owner can contact us. Contact Junk King today to get a MINI or Big Red Truck as soon as tomorrow; when you choose to move with Junk King, junk removal is as simple as 1, 2, 3—just point, and the junk is gone!


  • Stay online and explore your options with the Junk King Pricing Calculator
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  • Call us at (706)247-7513; our customer service representatives are always here. 
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