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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Junk King Colorado Springs featured in Gazette

The Colorado Springs Gazette recently published a great article about our Junk King franchise:

Clint Hailey is taking a green approach in clearing out clutter.

Hailey is owner of the Colorado Springs Junk King, part of a junk-removal franchise operation that prides itself on recycling up to 60 percent of what it collects from customers.

That environmentally friendly approach is one way Junk King seeks to stand out from the competition, which ranges from individual handymen with trucks to larger rival franchise operations such as 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

Hailey opened the local Junk King, which serves El Paso, Teller and Pueblo counties, in August. He and his wife, Renee, turned to Junk King after Hailey lost his job with a Pueblo steel company and they began looking for business opportunities.

His wife was instantly taken by the Junk King concept, but he had doubts at first, Hailey said.

“I looked at it from a personal perspective, which is, would I use this service? I’m a healthy, young adult male. I  don’t have any problems getting a couple of friends and hauling a couch out to my pickup.”

But in looking deeper, and considering factors such as our mobile society and an aging population, he saw the need for such a service, he said.

Junk King was founded in 2005 in San Carlos, Calif. Franchising began last year. There are now 16 locations nationwide, with plans for at least 17 more in the next year.

“Our focus now is these large metro areas — the Denvers of the world, the Minneapolises — to get a foothold in those markets,” said Peter Gilfillan, who as a “master area developer” is responsible for developing the Junk King brand throughout Colorado, Minnesota and Ohio. “We could be sold out in major markets in two or three years.”

Hailey said he had no concerns about joining such a new franchise operation, focusing instead on the years the owners spent building the business in San Carlos.

“They waited to the point where they felt they had honed the process,” he said.

An investment of about $100,000 is typically required to get started with Junk King. Hailey acknowledged he could have started a junk-removal business on his own, but being able to rely on Junk King’s experience and systems “really shortens the learning curve,” he said.

Hailey has one full-time employee helping him on junk runs; his wife handles the books.

Junk King customers schedule appointments through a central Junk King call center or online, Gilfillan pointed out. That saves the franchisees from needing someone to manage the phones and set up appointments.

Franchisees use 18-cubic-yard trucks from Junk King. A full truckload will cost a customer about $470; that’s about the same as some rival companies, Gilfillan said, but since Junk King’s trucks are bigger, the customer gets a better deal.

Gilfillan believes there’s also a competitive advantage in being green. Instead of hauling everything to the landfill, Junk King operators look for materials that can be recycled and items that could find a new life. The only thing Junk King won’t accept is hazardous materials such as paint and chemicals.

“We have donated 10 couches and futons to Goodwill, along with monitors and computers,” Renee Hailey said. They’ve also donated building materials to the Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity ReStore, which sells recycled, gently used building and home improvement supplies.

It’s a mission Clint Hailey agrees with — and a job that he’s enjoying.

“Every day is a different day, every job is a different job. I’m not sitting in an office.”

Colorado Foreclosure Cleanup – A Real Estate Solution

Even iconic homes aren’t spared from foreclosure woes. Recently, the famous clam-shaped home featured in Woody Allen’s comedy “Sleeper” was sold in a foreclosure auction. This was just one of the many Colorado homes that were swept up in the tsunami of foreclosures that has hit the state over the last few years. One of the unintended consequences of foreclosures is the mess that is left behind both figuratively and literally. Figuratively, that mess is going to be a black mark on the former owner’s credit report and a loss leader for the bank that holds the mortgage. The literal mess is all the junk that has been abandoned in a foreclosed home. At least with that mess there is an easy solution: hire a professional Colorado foreclosure cleanup crew like Junk King.

Taking over a foreclosed property means rolling up your sleeves and getting that Colorado home ready to go back on the market. Many potential buyers are savvy enough to know they can score a pretty good deal with a foreclosed home. The option is to sell it “as is” or to fix it up and perhaps garner a higher price. It’s amazing how much a cleaned up home can make a difference. Using an experienced team from a foreclosure cleanup company like Junk King means you’ll be getting a crew who knows how to handle the mess.

Most often foreclosed homes need to be stripped to the bare bones. Not only could this mean hauling away all the abandoned furniture, but also pulling up carpet and taking down drapes. Those are the easy items to deal with. What about the potential for garbage that might be left behind? Do you really want to deal with kitchen cabinets of stale food or a fridge full of moldy leftovers? Let a foreclosure cleanup crew handle that mess!

Keep in mind that the Junk King Colorado cleanup crew doesn’t have to just work on the inside of the house. They can also perform miracles outside the home by clearing away whatever yard refuse was left behind by the previous occupants. This could mean taking away auto parts, boats, dead shrubs or rusty patio furniture. The goal is to get the home as close to the original state as possible. You might need to bring in a paint crew and replace carpets. Before you can even plan for that you need to have clear picture of what you’re dealing with. To accomplish that, all the mess in house has to be taken away first.

Hiring an Junk King’s Colorado cleanup crew means you basically just have to unlock the doors of the house and let them loose. A thorough cleanup will probably take most of a day, but you can have an on site estimate presented to you before the job starts. That way there will be no surprises; other then the surprises the cleanup crew might find! Once you start working with Junk King Colorado Springs to handle all your foreclosure cleanup needs, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them!  Simply call 1-800 995 JUNK or book an on site estimate online to get going.

Colorado Springs Furniture Pickup – Go Big at Home

Every holiday you’ll find a debate raging in homes all across Colorado Springs: “this year, do we get the big HD plasma screen or not?” There will no doubt be some amazing sales to lure customers into purchasing these great high-end television sets. If you agree to go big screen you also may decide to get a new sofa or at the very least a new recliner or two. To make room for this updated family media center, you’re going to have to get rid of the old furniture – and it’s about time! To accomplish that task, you should consider hiring a Colorado Springs furniture pickup company like Junk King to take away the old stuff and make room for the new.

Of course, you might have already gone “big screen” so now it really is time for a new seating arrangement. Having a big HD television is going to draw the family together for Blu-ray movie night. Does everyone have a comfortable place to sit? The best surround system and plasma screen in the world won’t amount to much if you can’t get cozy while you’re watching it.

You could surprise your better half by merely having the furniture hauled away. Then when they come home from work you’ll have no option but to go out to buy a new sofa set. Sneaky? Perhaps, but it’s also a great motivator to buy new seats when the old seats are gone. If you want to pull this stunt then you really should have a professional Colorado furniture pickup crew handle the job. They can slip into your home in the morning and clear out the living room in a matter of minutes.

Just because you’re hiring a furniture pickup crew doesn’t mean the living room furniture is the only stuff that can go. This could be a golden opportunity to take away any broken chairs, wobbly tables or kid desks that they’ve outgrown. As long as the Junk King crew is coming over you might as well load them up! Don’t be shy. You can also get rid of old filing cabinets, mattresses or even broken kitchen appliances. Think of this as a major spring cleaning, just earlier.

Working with a qualified furniture disposal company like Junk King means that the crews they have hired are going to be professionals. They’ll also be licensed and insured. Those are exactly the kind of workers you want coming into your home. You don’t have to make friends with them, but they shouldn’t be strangers to the company you are hiring. There have been too many horror stories of hiring cheap day laborers only to end up in worse shape. When it comes to your home, don’t take any chances. Hire a locally owned and operated furniture pickup company like Junk King Colorado Springs.

To book your free on -site furniture pickup estimate simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book online.

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