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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Colorado Springs Hot Tub Disposal – A History of Relaxation

If you’ve got an old hot tub in the backyard (like many Colorado homeowners),  maybe it’s time to appreciate the history of the hot tub. We’re not talking about where your hot tub came from originally, but where hot tubs originated from. As with all the cool things we have in our society, once again we can point to the ancient Greeks as one of the first civilized cultures to discover therapeutic benefits of sinking into a hot bath chock full of mineral waters. Once they discovered that bathing in the ocean was good for what ailed them, it was only a matter of time before they brought the ocean indoors, so to speak.
Actually it was the original doctor, Hippocrates who developed the idea of bathing in warm water to help cure the body. When he wasn’t busy writing oaths for future doctors, Hippocrates was working on this theory that all diseases could be caused by an imbalance of the bodily fluids. To get back that balance, the doc prescribed a change of habits including more walking, massages and time in the tub. This was all going down around 470 B.C.
This idea of Greek hydrotherapy continued over at the Ancient Spa of Therma in Ikaria. Turns out that the island of Ikaria is bursting with hot springs (much like Colorado).  These are still around today and considered to be among the best in the world. Those hot springs have been attributed with curing all kinds of ailments like rheumatism, arthritis and even infertility. Flash ahead to modern times and you’ll find this concept of soaking in a hot tub is still a popular way to relax.  Especially in Colorado where people live extremely active lifestyles; after a day of skiing or hiking in the mountains the best way to have the muscles relax is to soak in a hot tub.
But what happens when your hot tub is out of date, busted or leaking? It might be time to get rid of that old model and bring in a new fully charged version.  This can make a huge difference in your relaxation factor.  If you’re looking to make the swap to a new model, then you should also be looking at a Colorado Springs hot tub disposal crew like Junk King.
Taking down a hot tub is not a one man job. It’s going to take a crew of strong workers to disassemble the unit and break down all its parts. Even if you do your own demolition, then what? There are some pieces of that hot tub that simply won’t fit in the family SUV. That’s when you’ll need to rent a truck or van to cart it all away. Is that something you really want to be dealing with? You don’t have to if you turn over the disposal job to an experienced crew who has the muscle and the means to get rid of the tub.
Once that old hot tub is taken away you’ll have the option of having it replace with an above ground or built in spa. Suppose you moved into a home with a busted hot tub you couldn’t ever use? Does that mean you shouldn’t get a new tub? Absolutely not! You only have to spend an hour in a warm hot tub to know that’s the best place to be after a hard day at work!
For the best in Colorado hot tub removal, or any other type of junk hauling, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

Making the Best of Your Basement Type

What kind of basement do you have? Sure, you’re probably thinking, “It is just a basement.” Well, you know how folks like to classify things. There are actually many specific variations on the basement theme. When an architect sits down at their drawing board to plan a new Colorado home, they will have plenty of options to pick from when it comes to building basements. Which one is yours?
Daylight Basement: This is a basement that is built on a house that sits on a hill or slope. While the front door of the home is on ground level, the basement is tucked up against the slope. You’ll still have to travel down stairs to get to it, but if all goes according to plan your basement door will open directly onto your backyard without any steps going up.
Look-out Basement: Typically you’ll find these kinds of basements in townhomes or inner city buildings. It’s a basement with just enough room to have window that lets you look out onto the street. From inside the basement, all you’ll be seeing is feet, but at least it’s a room with a view.
Walk-up Basement: With this kind of basement you can enter from the outside by going down steps. You’ll see these types of basement with doors that are more like hatches. These are also referred to as storm doors.
Cellar: Although a cellar is really just another word for basement, the proper use is to refer to an underground storage space. That’s why we have wine cellars and not wine basements.
Once you’ve decided on which kind of basement you actually have, the next issue to deal with is how much junk you have down in that basement. Often folks take the concept of the “storage space” to the limit by dumping anything they aren’t using down into their basement. The result is a veritable clog of floor to ceiling stuff you may never use again. Isn’t it time to clear out that clutter? Your local Colorado basement clean out crew is Junk King – who is standing by to help.
Here’s how you can make this all happen. Dedicate a couple of hours this coming weekend to going through all the junk in your basement. Remember: you’re not actually cleaning out, but just sorting through. That’s a big difference and a big time saver. Anything that can be tossed – slap a sticker or Post-it note onto the item. Next, call up Junk King Colorado Springs and set up an appointment. Tell them that anything with a sticker has to go. They’ll do all the rest. That means you won’t have to carry a single item up those basement stairs. Sure, it’s easy to take stuff down, but carrying it out? That’s why all that junk has stayed in your basement for so long.
After a couple of trips up and down those stairs, your basement will be free of junk. Then you can figure out what you can do with all that new open space!
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