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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Colorado Springs Trash Pickup – Where’s Your Trash Ending Up?

Every city handles their garbage in different ways. Often this will mean that residents are charged a type of municipal tax on their power bill that covers the cost of a weekly trash pickup. A city that has adopted a recycling program actually uses the proceeds from that program to pay for the pickup services. It’s the perfect example of recycle, repurpose and reuse. In Colorado Springs there is no such thing as municipal garbage removal. The responsibility of this falls to the homeowners or landlords to arrange for a private company to pick up the trash and make sure it is properly disposed of. This might be one of the reasons what Colorado has one of the lowest recycling rate in the country. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement.
If you already have a trash pickup company who is taking away your garbage the question then becomes are you happy with their services? Is the company dependable? Do you feel like you’re getting a decent service in return for the fees you’re paying? As with any other kind of service that you’re paying for there is nothing wrong with shopping around to get the best deal. One of the things you should ask your trash pickup company is just where are they taking your trash?
The “dirty little secret”  of any community is that it’s going to generate tons of garbage everyday and that garbage needs to go somewhere. Most often this will mean a landfill somewhere on the outskirts of town. For anyone who is unfortunate enough to live downwind of a landfill, you know what a potentially vile experience that can be. The purpose of a landfill is to merely dump garbage in a hole and wait for it to decompose and melt. Actually that process takes hundreds of years. Until then all kinds of chemical compounds from that melting garbage is released into the air and leeched into the ground. Not a pretty picture is it? This is why recycling and safe dumping is so important, especially in Colorado.
Safe dumping means using a landfill that has been constructed using modern technology. The pit for the garbage should be lined with a protective covering that can prevent seepage. When the landfill has met maximum capacity, it can be covered over and effectively sealed off. This approach has the least impact on our environment. Are you sure your trash is being handle this way?
As for recycling, there are also many facilities around Colorado who can break down recyclable materials and reuse them. Junk King Colorado Springs is one trash pickup company who specializes in making sure your waste ends up in the right place. Sure, it might take a little effort on your part to do the research, but once you’ve set this up you can feel proud that you’re doing your part to keep Colorado Springs clean and environmentally safe. And that’s a great lesson to teach the kids!

Colorado Recycling – An Award Winning Endeavor

Did you know that if you live in Colorado you could actually win an award for recycling? The Colorado Association of Recycling offers up an annual award that “recognizes governmental entities, individuals, companies, media and organizations for their excellence in recycling or promotion of recycling.” They have encouraged citizens to make nominations on behalf of exceptional recyclers in several categories including Outstanding Media Coverage, Outstanding Elected Official, Outstanding Outreach – Educational Institution, Outstanding Outreach –Municipality (City, County, or State), Outstanding Business Recycling/Diversion Program, Outstanding Government Recycling/Diversion Program, Outstanding Volunteer Of the Year and Recycler of the Year. There is even a Lifetime Achievement award presented by the organization to that individual or business which has dedicated themselves to the recycling way of life.
One recycling program that has already received praise is the University of Colorado’s program which was started back in 1976. Thanks to this program the entire CU campus has become eco-friendly. The National Recycling Coalition awarded their prestigious Outstanding School Program award to the university for their continuing efforts to recycle and educate students about environmental friendly policies.
So, how would you rate your own recycling abilities? Are you “award worthy?” Thanks to increased awareness and easier access, Colorado has moved up the ranks of states who have improved their recycling. There are three basic options when it comes to individual recycling. You can either sort for curbside pickup, drop off on your own or donate to a charity center. The easiest of those options would be the curbside pickup. Once you’ve committed to the recycling program it becomes a matter of routine to separate out your plastics, papers, glass and metals.
What some folks don’t realize is that whenever possible, it’s always best to rinse items like milk jugs, juice cartons or bottles. Remember that these materials will still be passed through machines and grinders both of which are manned by workers. Having clean materials to work with makes the recycling facility environment that much nicer.
For drop off recycling, you can take the same types of refuse that you recycle at home. However, these centers are really meant for those kinds of items which couldn’t be picked up. Basically this means e-waste or hazardous materials. Both of those kinds of junk need to be disposed of properly. The e-waste can be broken down for components such as glass monitor tubes, metal casings for hard drives and plastics from computer keyboards. As for hazardous waste, these would be all those solvents, cleaners and cans of unused paint you might have sitting around your home or garage. The reason you probably are hanging onto these items is because you know you can’t merely pour them down the drain or toss them out with the trash.
As for charity recycling, there are many organizations in Colorado that will offer pickup services for items to be recycled that could benefit their own programs. Of course, you also have the option of going independent by hiring a professional and ec0-friendly hauling company like Junk King who can come by and in one easy trip gather up all your recyclable junk from old furniture and mattresses to yard waste. Just remember, the more you can recycle the better chance you have of winning!  For Junk King’s eco-friendly hauling services simply call 1-888-888-JUNK.
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