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Colorado Springs Dumpster Rentals & Other Ways to Take out the Trash

Recently Colorado Springs played host to the US Pro Cycling Challenge. This was a big economic boost for the state with estimates of close to $100 million being poured into local businesses as a result of this event. Tens of thousands of cycling fans showed up to cheer on their favorites even though the event was held on a Monday afternoon during the work and school week.
This is just the kind of event that makes living in Colorado Springs so much fun. Naturally, with the influx of so many people there is going to be tons of garbage left behind. Yes, you read that right: tons. Fortunately, the event planners prepared for this and had several scheduled trash pickups and dumpster rentals at the ready. The cleanup effort went off seamlessly. So much so that you would hardly notice there was so much cycling traffic!
Dumpster rentals aren’t just for big events like the Pro Cycling Challenge. You can rent a dumpster anytime you’d like to toss out your garbage. You might think that’s a bit excessive, after all, we couldn’t fill up a dumpster with our garbage? The truth of the matter is that every person generates up to pounds of garbage a day just in the normal course of eating meals and working. Even all those Styrofoam coffee cups and soda cans at up. That’s why we have weekly garbage pickups. Imagine if those pickups weren’t weekly but instead monthly. Then all of a sudden the idea of renting a dumpster seems like a smart choice!
Practically speaking, the best time to rent a dumpster would be when you know you can fill it up. This might mean having a dumpster standing by as you begin a major remodeling project throughout your home. That is certainly going to generate a lot of demolition related garbage that simply won’t be able to fit into your weekly garbage can. The same can be said if you’re planning a major overhaul of your back yard garden. If you are planning to dig up a lot of shrubs or tear up an old patio then you need some place to toss out all that waste. The dumpster is a great spot. A dumpster rental can also come in handy at your worksite or office if you going to do a major cleaning out. You might already have a dumpster in place as part of your facility but if you load that up to overflowing you might just kick off fellow renters.
If you’re far too busy to handle hauling all that junk outside into the dumpster yourself, than consider hiring some professional junk haulers like Junk King Colorado Springs to handle all the dirty work for you.  With Junk King, you’ll only need to lift one finger, the one that’s pointing at which items you want to be hauled off!  Simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

Colorado Furniture Recycling

Recycle Fish and Furniture
Did you know that you can actually recycle fish? That idea is at the heart of the catch and release program popular among many Colorado Springs anglers. To draw awareness to a possible depletion of the fishing species two local fishing guides are setting out for a fly fishing marathon. Not only do they intend to bring attention to the concept of catch and release fishing but also for cleaner Colorado Rivers. This 24-hour fish-a-thon is going to benefit an organization called Recycled Fish. As any decent angler will tell you it’s not so much in catching the of the fish and bringing it home for dinner but in the skill with which it takes to tie a fly and make a proper cast. On some level the fish is almost secondary to this well practiced sport. That’s why many fly fishermen adopt the catch and release philosophy. This will give the fish a chance to go back to their lives and live to fight another day!
Although it might seem odd to recycle fish, there are many items that can be recycled that aren’t necessarily associated with the typical municipal recycling program. We all know that around Colorado Springs folks can separate their plastics, papers and metal objects into the recycling bins for weekly pickup. That’s the easy stuff that has become routine to recycle. But what about the bigger items such as electronic gear or furniture?
What Else Needs Recycling?
With regard to electronic gear this is called e-waste and needs to be handled properly when disposed of. You might not like to think of this but if you were to break down your computer monitor, television or other types of electronic gear you might find yourself releasing some hazardous materials into the atmosphere. Not to mention all those sharp edges you would come across. Most municipal trash collectors have been instructed not to pick up electronic waste when they see it.
The same can be said for furniture that you plan on tossing out. A sofa is not something you could sit by the curb and hope that the weekly garbage man will shove into the back of their truck. That’s just not going to happen. Technically, you could also be fined for leaving large objects out the curb.
The proper way to get rid of furniture is to hire a local based Colorado Springs junk hauling team, Junk King, to come by your place and pick up you don’t want anymore. The major difference is you can now flag your furniture for recycling.
You might have worn out your sofa but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any life left in that piece of furniture. Breaking down a sofa means you have wood, cloth, foam, vinyl and metal that can all be recycled, repurposed and reused. Junk King Colorado should know right where the major recycling centers are located around Colorado Springs. In fact they are probably part of their daily routes. It’s a safe bet think that you’ll enjoy your new sofa a lot more knowing you’ve reduced your carbon footprint by recycling your old furniture.
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