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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Colorado Springs Christmas Tree Disposal

It’s a sad fact that every holiday season the chances for tragedy striking in the form of home fires increases. All good intentions aside, it’s the holiday overuse of candles, burning fireplace logs and additional electric cords that cause a lot of the problem. However, one of the big issues that is a potential hazard are the dried out Christmas trees. If you bring a live Christmas tree into your home then you are well aware of how often you need to water that tree. Although it may look fresh after a couple weeks that tree will still it dry out no matter how often you water it. A lot of that has to do with the heat in your own home that causes the moisture in the air to dry up the tree. Once you celebrated the holidays you don’t want to put off getting rid of that Christmas tree. A good rule of thumb to follow would be to take it down after the 12 days of Christmas.
While you might be familiar with the song the 12 days of Christmas you might not be aware that those 12 days actually refer to the time between December 25 and January 6. That is officially the Christmas holiday season according to church tradition. The time before December 25 is actually referred to as advent whereas those 12 days after Christmas is really the Christmas holiday. Some folks don’t like to wait that long and like to take the tree down right after New Year’s Day. That’s usually when all the lights also come down from the outside and all the ornaments are packed up.
Simply moving your Christmas tree out to the curb doesn’t mean the problem is solved. You need to make special arrangements to have that three properly disposed of. Those arrangements can come in the form of scheduling professional Colorado Springs Christmas Tree Disposal with Junk King’s specialists to show up and haul the tree straight from your home.
If you play your cards right, you could also use this same day of your Christmas tree disposal to get rid of a lot of other junk that you might have collected over the holidays. This could mean getting rid of all those big boxes from the computers, televisions and kitchen appliances you got for Christmas presents. These are other items you don’t want to set outside if for no other reason than you don’t need to share the world just what you got for Christmas!  Junk King’s pro haulers can load up the tree and all those boxes in one trip.
While you are at it you could also get them take away some of the junk you’ve been hanging onto throughout the years. This should be all the clutter in your garage, basement or attic. Chances are you probably re-familiarized yourself with all this junk as you went to gather all the Christmas decorations. While it is true that during the year that junk might be out of sight and out of mind would be better to have it “out” all together? Let Junk King Colorado Springs take care that job.

Colorado Springs Tire Recycling and Disposal

How many miles do you put on your car every year in Colorado? The average driver can travel anywhere between 12,000 to 15,000 miles annually. The first line of defense with all that driving is obviously your tires. This means there’s going to be a lot of wear and tear with all that rubber on the road. On the average there are 290 million tires manufactured every year and 259 million tires that are designated for the junk heap. With all of those tires heading to the trash it makes much smarter sense to find a way to reuse those materials.

The best thing you can do for the local Colorado environment with regard to getting rid of your tires is to make sure they don’t end up in a landfill. First of all, the very shape and design of a tire means that it’s going to take up more space at a landfill then most other items. Unlike paper or food products, a tire can’t just be smashed down to make more room. Tires also pose a greater environmental risk if they should catch fire which is a common occurrence at landfills. Believe it or not, tire fires can actually burn for months if not for years. These types of fires are extremely challenging to put out and they can release harmful toxins directly into the air, water and soil.

Another risk of not properly disposing of a tire is that it can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and rodents. When water pools and a tire then the mosquitoes are sure to follow. And rats like nothing better than to curl up inside a tire and make it their new nest.

Then there is the issue of how much energy is used to actually make a tire. Typically, 22 gallons of oil are needed to make a brand-new truck tire. However, if that tire is made of recycled materials referred to as retread then only 7 gallons of oil are used in the manufacturing process. The cost factor for retreading a tire is also greatly reduced with savings sometimes amounting to 70% less than the cost of manufacturing a brand-new tire. Obviously, this cost would be passed down to the potential tire buyer.

Recycled tires can be put to use in many ways. They could be used to replace the fossil fuels used in some factories and thereby reduce the need for those fuels in the first place. Recycled tires can also be converted into planters or playground equipment. There have also been new forms of asphalt created using materials from tires that result in a quieter drive. All of this adds up to the simple conclusion that when it comes to getting rid of your tires they should be recycled.

If you have one or more tires taking up space in your garage you might want to consider calling in a professional junk haulers like Junk King Colorado Springs to take away those tires and make sure they end up at the proper recycling facility. The same junk haulers don’t have to just take away your tires they can also get rid of all that other junk that’s been taking up space in your garage, basement, attics or closets. Do a good deed by recycling your old tires.

For the best in Colorado Springs Tire Recycling, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online today and save $30.

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