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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Get Rid of Basement Junk in Colorado Springs

A finished basement is just that: it’s finished. This means that whatever plans the original home builder had in mind for this space it’s now complete. Many homes have unfinished basements represented by sparse flooring or skeletons of wall frames. This is where the washer and dryer has been set up but very little else. That’s a shame because an unfinished basement is just a waste of valuable space. With a little imagination and investment you could turn your unfinished basement into a cozy room for the whole family to enjoy. You’ll also be increasing the value of your home at the same time.

Basements don’t have to become dank storage spots for all our collected junk. Instead, with a little insulation and dry wall, you can turn a basement into the quintessential home theatre. What this does is move the family TV viewing and video game playing downstairs allowing the rest of the home to have the occasional moments of peace and quiet. By building your home theatre from scratch, you’ll be able to add custom touches like sunken speakers with invisible wires, adjustable track lighting and special home theatre seating.

While this might all seem like an extravagance, when you consider the exorbitant amount of money spent on taking the family out to the movies, it’s easy to see where a home theatre could pay for itself in no time. You’ve probably already have a great HDTV and Blu Ray player. All you’re going to do is transfer that down into the basement for a better viewing experience. First, you need to clean out that basement. This is where some folks get tripped up.

It’s hard getting through life without collecting a certain amount of junk. The more family members you have the more junk you accumulate. Most of that junk ends up down in the basement. Want to know the official definition of junk? If you don’t use something at least once every six months then it’s junk. (Holiday decorations excluded!). If you go by that barometer you’ll certainly have a lot to throw out. Don’t take this on by yourself. Instead, schedule an appointment with a team of experienced junk haulers like Junk King Colorado Springs who will have the right amount of man power and truck space needed to clear out your basement. Junk King will be doing all the heavy lifting. You don’t have to be embarrassed by asking them to take out that bulk sofa or old fridge. These guys are happy to do so.

As soon as you get all of that junk out of your basement, you’ll really be able to see the possibilities for a remodel. And if your basement is already “finished” but has still become the family storage bin, then isn’t it time to reclaim that space? After all, did you buy the house to live or to store junk?

Colorado Springs – Spring Junk Removal

Once again we are experiencing wacky weather conditions. This time out it means warmer weather has arrived earlier than usual. A clear indication of this phenomenon can be found in the many flowers and trees that are blooming way ahead of schedule. If spring is not going to wait then perhaps you should take the clue from Mother Nature and begin your spring cleaning project. Spring cleaning is a very serious business for many folks. In some religions it essential to have the home cleaned down to the very last crumb during this time of year. To approach your spring cleaning project it might be helpful to get a little organized first.

If you are tackling a spring cleaning project by yourself then it really comes down to a matter of allocating a certain amount of time to accomplish the task without interference. Whether this is a couple of hours over the course of several days or in one fell swoop you want to make sure that your friends and family know this is what’s going on. You could even change your outgoing voicemail message to let everyone know you won’t be returning calls until your home is clean!

On the other hand, if you’ve got a family on your side then it would be a great help to divide the chores evenly among your brood. While there might be a lot of griping the goal would be to make sure that everyone is pitching in. You could even set up a reward for everyone like a night out at a favorite restaurant once the task is completed.

When working with your family you want to make sure there are no excuses not to get the job done. These excuses typically range from “I already made plans” to “I don’t have any trash bags.” That first excuse can be wiped out when you schedule the spring cleaning accordingly. Let everyone know the date you intend to start and that there will be no scheduling interferences. As for the cleaning supplies you should make sure that each member of your “team” has their own individual set of rags, garbage bags, brooms and mops. Don’t let them get away with the old standard of “I couldn’t sweep because somebody else was using the broom.”

Another way of organizing is to have a plan for your junk removal. The very nature of spring cleaning dictates that you will be discovering a lot of junk that can be thrown out. Designate an area in your home or in the backyard that will become the junk pile. And don’t worry if this pile grows to mammoth portions. You will have Junk King Colorado Springs standing by to remove that garbage. Junk King is a Colorado Springs-based franchise that is experienced in all kinds of junk removal. Spring cleaning is a very busy time for Junk King but if you book them in advance you’ll know exactly when they’ll be showing up for the removal. All you’ll need to do is time your spring cleaning to coordinate with the arrival of the Junk King crew. Once the house is clean all you’ll have to do is sit back and enjoy the rest of spring!

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