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Category Archives: Colorado Appliance Disposal

Appliance Recyclers in Colorado Springs

appliance recyclers ColoradoWhen it comes to tossing out plastic bottles or newspaper, many of us don’t think twice about recycling. For one Colorado Springs couple, recycling inspired them to start a business that is taking the home remodeling world by storm. Debbie and Jerry Johnson saw a feature on the DIY network about recycled granite and thought they would give it a try for their own remodeling project. Often slabs of granite used for countertops are cut up into smaller pieces with plenty of leftovers. Those granite pieces can’t be a countertop but they can be cut up into tiles for backsplashes or even entire walls. That’s how the Johnson’s used recycled granite.

The Johnsons were so impressed that they set up a Colorado Springs franchise of the Recycled Granite Network. Since opening in March, Colorado Recycled Granite has expanded business in the area, hiring several employees. Since the Recycled Granite Network was started in 2009 they have managed to divert over 30 million pounds of granite away from landfills and generated over five million dollars in revenue. That’s taking recycling to a whole new level.

Sadly, not every recycling project you take on is going to lead to a lucrative business. But you should be satisfied that anytime you can recycle you’re reducing your carbon footprint and keeping our environment clean. You could accomplish both of those goals when you hire a company like Junk King Colorado Springs to pick up your old kitchen appliances. Yes, even your broken stove can be recycled.

When Junk King picks up an item they are always going to try and get that piece recycled whether it’s an old stove or sofa. Upwards of 60% of everything that Junk King collects gets recycled. There are two options. An item can go to a facility which will melt it down or grind it up. That works great for scrap metal, concrete, cement and even dirt. Another recycling choice would be to drop of the item at a refurbishing center. Typically these are charities which take in items that need a little TLC. The objects are then donated to those in need or sold to benefit the charity. It’s like getting a second lease on life for your junk.

You won’t have to think about what can be recycled and what can’t. The Junk King Colorado Springs crew will do all the sorting for you. You don’t even have to ask; they’re going to recycle automatically. That’s just the Junk King way! Call Junk King today to set up an appointment to get rid of your appliances and all the rest of your junk!

Colarado Springs Stove Removal

In the market for a new kitchen range? Luckily, you’ll have a range of choices! Actually, when you talk about power there are only two choices: gas or electric. Put those two types of stoves side by side and you’ll see right away that the gas oven is going to cost you more. But, it’s going to cost less to operate. The average cost of running a gas stove is around 7 cents an hour while an electric over actually costs around 16 cents an hour. That might not seem like a lot for an hour of baking but add that up over several years and you can see where paying a little bit more for a gas oven will turn out to be more cost effective. How much more? If the average kitchen stove lasts around 15 years then it will cost you approximately $382 in gas versus $867 in electric power. Translation: What could you do with $500 extra dollars in your pocket?

After you’ve settled on the type of range you’ll also get to pick the type of controls. Touchpads will provide you with more precise settings but they can be a big hassle to repair if they should ever break down. With a knob, all you have to do is swap out the knob. On a range top gas oven you’ll be dealing with open flames. If you go electric you can have either coils or a close top. Guess which one is going to be easier to clean?

Some oven designs allow for warming zones. On electric ranges these are areas on the stovetop that you can keep a pot warm without cooking in. In a gas range, there could be a drawer at the bottom of the oven which lets you do the same thing. The problem with the oven drawer is that it is sometimes hard to manage and can easily overheat with the oven going.

You can see you’ll have a lot of options for your new stove. One area where you don’t need a lot of options is getting rid of the old stove. That’s because Junk King Colorado Springs is really the only call you should make.

Junk King will provide you with a two-man crew and dolly capable of pulling out your stove and loading it on the back of their truck. That’s right; you also get a truck to fill up with whatever kind of junk you want to toss out. Start with the stove and end with cleaning out your entire garage. Tap into the power of Junk King Colorado Springs today!

Make a Resolution to Clear Your Junk Out

Did you make a New Year’s resolution for 2013? Have you kept it so far? It’s never too late to kick up a resolution especially if it’s going to make the quality of your life that much better. Beyond the affirming resolutions of eating better and exercising more you could also think about a resolution or two that improves your actual home.

The recent fires that swept through the area are an important reminder that our lives can be upended in a flash. Are you ready for the next fire season? You might want to put together an emergency kit for you and your family. This could be a bag with a change of clothes and toiletries kept at the ready. You could also stock your car with a first aid kit. Don’t get caught in a scramble for valuable papers and photos. Try to gather them all up into one easy to access spot or container. You should also have an evacuation plan put into place with your family. This should include the number of family or friend you can all check in with.

Another resolution that might not be tied to a potential disaster is taking advantage of all your appliance rebate programs. If you’re buying a new appliance you might be pleased to discover that purchasing an item with an Energy Star rating could qualify you for a rebate from the government. On the other end of the spectrum you could also think about extending the warranty on some appliances to get a little more life out of them. However, if it’s time to toss them out then you’ll want to make sure you dispose of them in a responsible manner. That would be with hiring Junk King Colorado Springs to do all the work.

Junk King takes great pride in the valuable work they do. By effortlessly removing junk from people’s homes they are reducing potential safety hazards and allowing those residents to put all that storage space to much practical uses. In some cases, there have been homeowners who were able to take back an entire room from all the junk they collected over the years. What’s better: setting up a home office or screening room or keeping a room stuffed with unused furniture? If you’re going to replace your appliances for the rebate program then Junk King Colorado Springs is the perfect partner to help you get rid of those items in a responsible manner. Junk King will make sure if something can be recycled or donate that it will be. You make the resolution to throw out stuff and Junk King will handle the rest!

Thanksgiving Junk & Clutter Cleanup in Colorado Springs

First impressions matter whether you’re applying for a job or when a guest is coming over for the holidays. What’s the first thing they’re going to see? Your front door obviously which is the perfect spot for a fresh wreath. Once inside, the entryway could be a snow boot, overcoat overflow zone. If you know you’ve got guests coming over then get the family to move their winter outfits out of the entryway and into the nearest closet to make room for your guests’ arrival. You could also spruce up the entry way with a new doormat, a nicely placed mirror or some holiday lights or candles.

In most homes, the kitchen becomes the magnet for all the guests. You can improve things by cutting back on the counter clutter. If you’re not going to be using all those appliances then tuck them in a cabinet. You can spruce up things a bit more by swapping out your cabinet fixtures. Bringing in some holiday themed canisters will also help promote the festive vibe. For the bathroom, make sure you’ve got extra soap and toilet paper. There are also little holiday touches like special towels and soap dispensers that you can place in here. And a scented candle will work wonders!

If your guests are spending the night then you’ll want to make sure they’ve got a cozy place to put their head at the end of the night. Here in Colorado Springs we can count on snow and chilly nights. Make sure there is a spare comforter or even an electric blanket to keep your guests nice and toasty. A guestroom is also the perfect spot for a fresh poinsettia plant.

Often guests who will spend the holiday with you will be coming for some of the fun outdoor activities such as skiing or sledding. What kind of shape is your garage in? Do you have the space for extra skis or snow equipment? The approaching holidays might just be the perfect time to get rid of all the clutter in your home. That can happen very quickly and affordably with a single call to Junk King Colorado Springs.

Junk King takes the stress out of junk removal, especially during the holidays. The Junk King crew will show up at your home at the designated appointment with a two man team able to lift, carry and remove any item you want taken out from an old sofa to a bulky TV set to a piano! They’ll load your junk up on their big truck and make sure it is properly disposed of either at a certified landfill or at one of the many recycling centers located around Colorado Springs. As soon as you wave good-bye to that junk you can start your decorating in earnest. Enjoy the holidays knowing that you’re home is junk free.

Colorado Springs Bulk Pickup

This past summer saw the most destructive fire in Colorado history sweep through the area. In this inferno’s wake 350 homes were left destroyed in Colorado Springs alone. Recently, Mayor Steve Bach reported on the cleanup efforts and was happy to state that significant progress has been made in the Mountain Shadows neighborhood since the Waldo Canyon Fire. There are still 21 homes of 347 that still require a demolition permit to finally clear out what is left on their lots. However, considering the level of damage that this area incurred, the pace for this clean up has been incredibly fast.

“There was a similar fire in Boulder,” Mayor Bach told a local newspaper. “That happened two years ago and we are considerably ahead in our clean-up stages.” Not everyone has decided whether or not to rebuild their homes. With that void in development, it’s not clear what Mountain Shadows might look like as a community in the years to come. The hope is that all of the residents will be able to return and rebuild.

It is certainly a devastating experience to have a home and possessions reduced to rubble. After picking through the remains all that is left, there is a massive cleanup that can only be handled with a professional crew. This puts our own cleanup needs in perspective but that doesn’t mean we also can’t benefit from a professional crew. Such a crew would be on hand from Junk King Colorado Springs. This is the Colorado Springs based business who has already been lending their support for the wild fire cleanup efforts. You can put their experience to work on your own property to help you remove all sorts of bulk items you’re eager to get rid of.

With Junk King Colorado Springs you’ll have a minimum of a two-man team and huge truck at your disposal. The crew can make a complete circuit through your home and around your property to pick up whatever you want tossed out. If you’ve got a sofa down in the basement or exercise bike in the garage you want gotten rid of then the Junk King crew will snatch it and load it. You won’t have to lift a finger. They’ll also make short work of any debris you have in your yard such as old patio furniture, play sets or even piles of dirt. Nothing will be out of reach for the Junk King Colorado Springs crew.

Once the truck is loaded up, they’ll be driving it to a proper disposal zone. That could be a recycling center or a certified landfill. In either case, you can rest assure that your junk will be taken care of in a responsible manner. This is the best way to keep Colorado Springs environmentally sound and your homes free of clutter.

Colorado Treadmill and Exercise Machine Disposal

Are you happy with your body? Most of us would answer, “no.” Whether it’s wanting to be taller or shorter one thing everyone has in common is that we can all lose “a few pounds.”  Most of us have been fighting the good fight against those last “few pounds” for quite some time. That’s why we invest in home gym equipment. The idea is that if all we have to do is walk down the hall to exercise we’ll shed those pounds in no time. So, how did that work out for you? Do you have clothes hanging on the treadmill? Is a dumbbell being used to prop open a door? How many gadget have you ordered from late night TV infomercials only to use them twice? If you’re serious about your health and serious about losing those pounds then you need to get serious with your exercise regime. The best place for that is a professionally run gym.

If you’ve ever gotten into the routine of working out then you know how great it makes you feel. Yes, you might be sore the next day but those aches soon fade away. What they are replaced with is greater energy. Keep at it and before long it will be time to buy a new wardrobe. One of the big pluses with a gym membership is that you never have to get board. If you feel like your workout routine is growing stale switch it up. You’ve got all the equipment right there to pull that off. That’s a big difference from that home treadmill that you’re stuck on.

A gym is also an opportunity to socialize. You’ll meet all types of folks at different stages of their weight loss program but at least you’re all sharing in the common goal of getting into better shape. Depending on the gym, you could have the chance to sign up for several classes. Here is where you’ll really form some bonds with your fellow gym members. Nothing says friendship more than sweating it out in a spin class.

Convinced about joining a gym? Good. Now turn your attention to ridding yourself of that reminded of a failed workout program. You need to get rid of the old treadmill and other home gym equipment. You don’t need and nobody wants it. Time for it to go. That’s when Junk King Colorado Springs can come to the rescue.

Junk King is the Colorado Springs based business who focuses all of their attention on taking the clutter out of your life. If you’ve got a treadmill in a spare room or garage it’s going to be taking up a lot of space. It’s also going to take at least two guys to move it out. Junk King won’t have a problem with that. And thanks to their big truck, saying good-bye to the treadmill will be a snap.

Colorado Springs Air Conditioner Disposal

Welcome to the dog days of summer in Colorado. If you’re lucky you’re living in a place with central air conditioning. That means you can keep your whole home as chilly as you like. Even a single air conditioning unit might just do the trick. That unit could also be a big help with cutting down on your energy bills. Instead of running the house wide central air, you could keep that small unit humming in your bedroom over night. If you’re considering getting a new AC unit to replace an older model you’re in luck. Prices have come down recently and energy efficiency has gone up. That means you’ll be saving money right out of the gate when you buy your new unit and with every monthly electric bill.

First you’ll want to consider the size. The smaller the room, the smaller the unit you’ll need. Most average rooms can be cooled off with an AC that generates between 5,000 to 6,000 BTUs. Don’t think that bigger is going to cool down faster. In fact, you might find that a huge unit pumping out 14,000 BTUs will cool off a room so fast that the air becomes cold and clammy. That’s not comfortable. Just as with heating a pot to boil, you want a gradual cooling off time.

You’ll also want to check the noise level of the unit. This is especially true if you’re going to be plugging the AC into your bedroom at night. If you can’t turn the AC on in the store to hear how it sounds, you should rely on internet reviews. It’s the best way to get a sense of how a new model AC might work.

Consider also the placement of your new AC. The goal would be to have it blow air as close to the center of a room as possible. That allows for an even disbursement. If the only window you have in the room is tucked into a corner you might find the AC is working harder to cool down the space. You’ll also want to make sure you’ll be able to secure your window around the AC. Measure your window twice before heading out to the store.

Finally, you want an AC that comes with a decent warranty and is convenient to maintain. To keep an air conditioner working properly you’ll probably have to swap out the filter every season. Make sure your new AC comes with easy to follow instructions. You might also want to stock up on a couple of extra filters while you’re at it.

Then there is the issue of getting rid of the old AC. This is not something you can toss out into the garbage or recycling bin with this week’s newspapers. An air conditioner has to be properly disposed of. That’s where Junk King Colorado Springs can come into play. The Colorado Springs based Junk King specializes in bulky junk removal. Not only can they get rid of your AC but you can also use them to get rid of any other oversized item you want gone. Remember, less junk in your home means more cool air circulating!

Is It Time To Get Rid of Those Old Appliances in Your Colorado Springs Home?

Here’s a question you might not hear every day but how is your stove working? When you set the oven temperature does it take forever to preheat? Are the pilots on your burners a bit wonky? Is it chipped? In other words is it time for a new stove? Let’s talk about your refrigerator. How is that holding up? Is your ice machine functioning the way it should? Do you even have an ice machine? Does your ice cream stay frozen? What about the dishwasher? Are your glasses and dishes coming out clean? Silverware still sparkling? Are you sensing a pattern to these questions? We’re talking about appliances and whether or not it is time to get rid of them. If the short answer is “yes” then you need to arrange for the removal, but first you need to think about the practical aspects of replacing those appliances.
One major concern for many Colorado homeowners is the rising cost of energy and it’s all those kitchen appliances that are the biggest energy drainers. If those appliances aren’t Energy Star rated then not only are they much older but they are a bigger drain on power. Most new appliances manufactured today have the Energy Star rating. If not, you should probably avoid buying them.
The other consideration with buying new appliances is the added level of convenience you’ll be receiving. Smart technology has been integrated into dishwashers, washers, dryers and refrigerators. This means better performance and functionality. For instance, appliances like dishwashers and washing machines should have various settings that can be adjusted depending on the cycles. Smaller loads of dishes or laundry shouldn’t use the same amount of water and energy as a large load. This is where you can same on those energy bills by specifying the type of cycles based on the work load. With modern appliances that can be accomplished with simple touch screen activated commands.
These new appliances will also let you know when it’s time to replace filters or other parts thanks to ongoing monitoring. Simply put, these are smart devices; so how smart are your appliances?
As soon as you’re ready to replace those old kitchen appliances, as mentioned, you’re going to need to find a way to get rid of them. Most of the appliance stores you’ll be getting your new items from don’t have a “haul away”  service. This is because of the amount of effort it takes to dispose of something that big. While it is true that old stoves and fridges could be recycled, they will first have to be broken down to their core components. That is a specialized form of recycling that only happens at a few centers. Hiring a professional team of Colorado junk haulers like Junk King means you’ll be putting your junk into capable hands. They’ll know right away where to take those pieces to insure they are handled properly. You’ll also be able to schedule the pick up to coincide with the delivery. This will bring a whole new meaning to “out with the old and in with the new.”

Colorado Appliance Disposal

The popular chain Best Buy just instituted a new buy back program for a lot of their gizmos and gadgets. The idea is simple: buy a computer, laptop or phone from Best Buy and when it becomes obsolete, you can trade it in for an upgrade. Of course with today’s fast paced world of electronics that item you buy today could be ready for an upgrade in a couple of weeks! Unfortunately, this program isn’t extended to major kitchen appliances like refrigerators or washing machines. There’s a good reason for that: most of these appliances are built to run for years without the need for upgrades. When you’re ready for a new fridge, you’ll quickly discover how far technology has taken that simple concept of keeping your food cold.
Like anything else, bringing a new appliance into the  home means you’ve got to make room for it. Hiring a locally based Colorado appliance disposal company like Junk King is a great way to go. One call can put a team of professional movers on the schedule to swing by your place and take away that old appliance. If you play your cards right, the removal can occur on the same day as the arrival. It can be a smooth operation.
Of course there are those among us who have a hard time getting rid of even the little stuff – especially in Colorado. Junk can quickly pile up in a closet or cabinet. For those who embrace the love of arts and crafts, they have discovered many uses for kitchen appliances. That busted blender can be turned into a kitschy kind of flower vase. All you need to do is paint it with some flower patterns and it’s good to go.  A crock pot that no longer slow cooks like it should becomes the new family treat pot loaded with all kinds of goodies. Some industrious students have turned the old kitchen microwave into the perfect setting for this next diorama project. If the microwave happens to have a clear window then you can preserve your setting for a lifetime. Just don’t turn it on!
Of course it is easy to adapt those smaller appliances, but can you really turn your refrigerator into something practical? Should it become your new armoire? Wouldn’t that leave your clothes smelling a bit funky? What if you turn your stove into a file cabinet? Nope that’s no good. The only thing you should do with those big kitchen appliances is to haul them away. When you decide to bring in a professional junk hauling crew, you can also get rid of the rest of the junk that’s sitting around your home serving no practical purpose other than taking up space. Once you do get rid of all that junk not only will your home be more open, but you’ll be surprised to find your mind can become free of clutter as well. Bottom line: a little junk removal goes a long way.

For the best in Colorado appliance disposal, simply get in touch with Junk Junk Colorado Springs.  Call 1-800-995-5865 or book a free on site estimate online.

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