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Category Archives: Colorado Furniture Recycling

Colorado Springs Rubbish Removal

If you have some small rubbish items you want removed you might want to track down Dave Alvarez. He’s a Colorado Springs local who has been turning trash into art for years. His home and creative space is chock full of all kinds of things that most people would throw away. Call it organized chaos but you could find bins of items like broken guitars, cardboard packaging, bits of wood, lumber and debris. Even a bag of buttons.

“What are you going to do with a bag of buttons? Who knows? But when I need a bag of buttons, I’ve got a bag of buttons,” Alvarez recently told The Gazette. “I call it the Zen of recycling. People don’t often know what they have. That’s fine. They get rid of it; I’ll take it.”

It stands to reason that after this article first appeared, Dave was probably overrun with rubbish. Not everyone knows an artist like Dave who would gladly take away their trash. For the rest of us who are stuck with piles of junk the best course of action would be to turn to the junk removal experts. That would be Junk King of Colorado Springs. One call to them will set a junk removal project into action and you’re home will be clutter free in no time.

Junk King doesn’t really care what you want to get rid of. No doubt every piece of junk you’re throwing out could tell a story but that doesn’t mean you have to hold onto those things. Do you really need to keep the broken skis or the sled that everyone in the family has outgrown? What about that saggy mattress you replaced long ago? Are the shelves in your garage overflowing with debris? All of those are perfect excuse for a Junk King removal appointment but you don’t have to stop there.

When you hire Junk King you’re actually hiring two very capable movers. That means any junk you have down in your basement or up in your attic can finally be hauled away in a single trip. If you put off your big “spring cleaning” project you can turn it into a “fall cleaning” project. This is the perfect way to get ready for the holidays. Making sure your home is clear of clutter will change the energy and make your home warm and inviting once again. Don’t let another week go by surrounded by junk. Call Junk King and ask them how they can help. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fast it can all happen!

Colorado Carpet Disposal and Recycling

Ready for some new carpeting in your home? Then you should get ready to shop around. As soon as you decide on taking the plunge for new carpets you’ll be amazed at how many flyers and circulars that you once ignored now make perfect sense. Despite the great deals you might stumble upon, you might be shocked to discover that the same carpeting being offered at once company will be extremely discounted at another. It pays to go the extra mile or two to find a good bargain. Just keep an eye out for hidden fees on all of those carpet quotes.

Before you get to the money, you’ll actually have to decide on which type of carpet you want installed. Basically you can go plush or Berber but within each of those categories are all kinds of subsets of fabric and quality. A carpet that is $1.50 per square foot might seem like a good deal but when you bump up to $2.90 per square foot you might find a longer lasting fiber. This is important if you’re carpeting high traffic areas in your home. Good carpeting is one thing but it won’t amount to much unless you have an equally good padding underneath. You can just put carpet down on hardwood floors and think you’re done. To cut back on noise and to give your feet a cushion, make sure your padding is absorbent and long lasting as well.

Your carpet installers might seem like a nice bunch of workers but that doesn’t mean they’re going to be providing you with free services. There will most likely be a charge to move your furniture and remove your old carpet. You can avoid those hefty costs by doing some of this work with a company like Junk King Colorado Springs.

Junk King is a junk removal specialist who handles a wide variety of hauling assignments. Rolling up an old carpet and tossing it on the back of their truck will be a snap for them to accomplish. They’ll also make sure your carpet is properly disposed of. That means dropping it off at a certified landfill or recycling center. Ever since they opened for business, Junk King Colorado has gone green and getting rid of carpets is no different. The same can be said of all the junk they remove. The JK crew will sort and dispose of your junk the right way whether that means recycling or refurbishing. You won’t have to worry about where you junk is going to end up with Junk King on the job.

Colorado Springs Cabinet Removal

One of the most popular home remodel jobs is a kitchen makeover. Not only will this type of project increase the value in your home but it will also give you an opportunity to finally get the kitchen you’ve always wanted. Before diving into the remodel project you’ll want to take into consideration a couple of factors.

First of all, gather up a lot of opinions about what you could do. It’s not just about replacing counter tops and cabinet doors. Start with a trip to your nearest Home Depot type of store. They’ll have plenty of options to get you going. As you settle on the type of work you want done you’ll have two ways to go: Do it yourself or hire a contract. If you go for a contractor make sure you shop around and get some competitive bids. You also want a contractor who “gets” your vision of the new kitchen. Having someone who is creative and has a decent portfolio of previous work is going to make the project go a lot smoother.

Take your time planning out what you want done. The more time you spend looking through magazines and picking the right features the more you’ll end up saving. It might also be a good idea to do some of the prep work yourself. For instance you could do some of the demolition yourself. This doesn’t mean taking dynamite to your kitchen. The demolition phase of a remodeling job essentially means removing the old stuff. In this case it might be all the cabinets and countertops. Here’s where you’ll find Junk King Colorado Springs a terrific ally.

Junk King specializes in all kinds of junk removal. One big help is with taking away all kinds of construction waste. After pulling down the cabinets you can make a pile of the scraps right in your kitchen or on your porch. The Junk King crew will then show up for the removal and take it from there. Hiring Junk King for this phase of the remodeling could end up saving you money as well. That’s because Junk King will only be charging you for the amount of space your trash takes up on their truck. There are no labor costs or dumping fees like you would be charged with a contractor.

While Junk King Colorado Springs is working on removal your old cabinets they can also take away any other bulky item you want to finally toss out. This includes furniture, mattresses, bedroom sets and for the kitchen remodel you’ll be able to get rid of all those appliances you’re replacing like the stove, dishwasher or refrigerator. Get your kitchen remodel off on the right start with a call to Junk King.

Furniture Donations Pickup in Colorado Springs

What started out as a practical joke has ended up being a special holiday tradition for the last 30 years. This is the Annual Bob Telmosse Christmas Giveaway started by local businessman Bob Telmosse over 30 years ago. Back then, the late Mr. Telmosse owned a very successful furniture store in the Denver area. As a joke, one of his friends placed an ad in the local paper proclaiming that Bob would be giving away food at his store. When folks showed up for the charity, Bob felt so embarrassed he told them to come back the next day. By then he lined up some donations and handed out packages of food. That idea stuck and Bob continued with the holiday giveaway. Today, that tradition is carried on by dozens of faithful volunteers. This year thousands of local folks turned up at the Freedom Financial Expo Center to get free toys, food and clothing with no questions asked. That’s just how Bob would have wanted.

The volunteers are always amazed that no matter how grim things might look in terms of donations, a Christmas miracle always seems to happen and there is plenty on hand to give away. This year they only had about a dozen bikes to give away until the last minute when over 500 bikes were donated. It’s a perfect reminder of the spirit of giving.

Fortunately, that spirit of giving doesn’t have to end with the holiday season. You can make donations to many charitable organizations and clean up your home at the same time all thanks to the effort of Junk King Colorado Springs.

When Junk King collects something that could possibly be repurposed they will drop it off at one of those charities for a donation. This includes any type of furniture, appliance or any type of item that could be of benefit to someone in need. Best of all you don’t have to figure out if your give-away stuff is worthy of a donation; Junk King will make that determination. All you need to focus on is picking out the items you want taken away and the Junk King crew will handle the rest.

As far as pricing is concerned, Junk King will only charge you by the amount of space your item takes up on the back of their truck. There will be no hidden charges or dumping fees. Whether your junk is recycled, donated or placed in a certified landfill it’s a safe bet that Junk King Colorado Springs is the best option for cleaning out the clutter of your life.

Recycling News in Colorado

As far as awards go, there are the Oscars for movies, the Emmys for television and the Tonys for Broadway. Now the Colorado Association for Recycling is getting into the award business as they seek out nominations for their annual Recycling Awards. As their mission statement proclaims: “These prestigious awards recognize governmental entities, individuals, companies, media and organizations for their excellence in recycling or promotion of recycling.”

Just with those entertainment awards, the Recycling Awards have their own list of categories. These include:

  • Outstanding Media Coverage
  • Outstanding Elected Official
  • Outstanding Outreach – Educational Institution
  • Outstanding Outreach –Municipality (City, County, or State) or Nonprofit
  • Outstanding Business Recycling/Diversion Program
  • Outstanding Government or Nonprofit Recycling/Diversion Program
  • Outstanding Volunteer Of the Year
  • Recycler of the Year
  • Lifetime Achievement

To be nominated is surely an honor and the Colorado Association for Recycling is asking residents to put forth their votes for “outstanding”  in each category. Anyone who has used Junk King Colorado Springs should surely consider them as Recycler of the Year! What most satisfied Junk King customers might not realize is that Junk King is often able to divert a large portion of everything they collect to a proper recycling facility. Translation: You’re recycling junk and don’t even know it when you hire Junk King!

As indicated by the list of possible nomination categories, there is a lot that goes into the many Colorado recycling programs. Most importantly is educating the public about all the benefits of recycling. Any trash that can be diverted away from a landfill is a good thing. When the Junk King Colorado Springs sizes up your trash piles they’re already thinking ahead as to which recycling facility in the area would be the most appropriate for a drop off. Not all junk is the same. For instance, your electronic waste needs to be properly processed to make sure none of the components being separated will cause any release of hazardous materials. This includes all your television, computer monitors, hard drivers, laptops and cell phones. You can’t just toss that stuff out. It requires special disassembly.

On the other hand, big metal items like a stove, dishwasher or dryer need to be dropped off at the scrap metal yard. That’s where those items will be melted down and turned into new raw materials. It’s the same thing that happens to all your newspapers and bottles when they are recycled.

If you were to tackle the assignment of recycling your bulky junk items yourself then you could end up driving around to several stops before clearing out your truck. That is if you have a truck! Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that because Junk King will have your back!

Colorado Furniture Recycling

Recycle Fish and Furniture
Did you know that you can actually recycle fish? That idea is at the heart of the catch and release program popular among many Colorado Springs anglers. To draw awareness to a possible depletion of the fishing species two local fishing guides are setting out for a fly fishing marathon. Not only do they intend to bring attention to the concept of catch and release fishing but also for cleaner Colorado Rivers. This 24-hour fish-a-thon is going to benefit an organization called Recycled Fish. As any decent angler will tell you it’s not so much in catching the of the fish and bringing it home for dinner but in the skill with which it takes to tie a fly and make a proper cast. On some level the fish is almost secondary to this well practiced sport. That’s why many fly fishermen adopt the catch and release philosophy. This will give the fish a chance to go back to their lives and live to fight another day!
Although it might seem odd to recycle fish, there are many items that can be recycled that aren’t necessarily associated with the typical municipal recycling program. We all know that around Colorado Springs folks can separate their plastics, papers and metal objects into the recycling bins for weekly pickup. That’s the easy stuff that has become routine to recycle. But what about the bigger items such as electronic gear or furniture?
What Else Needs Recycling?
With regard to electronic gear this is called e-waste and needs to be handled properly when disposed of. You might not like to think of this but if you were to break down your computer monitor, television or other types of electronic gear you might find yourself releasing some hazardous materials into the atmosphere. Not to mention all those sharp edges you would come across. Most municipal trash collectors have been instructed not to pick up electronic waste when they see it.
The same can be said for furniture that you plan on tossing out. A sofa is not something you could sit by the curb and hope that the weekly garbage man will shove into the back of their truck. That’s just not going to happen. Technically, you could also be fined for leaving large objects out the curb.
The proper way to get rid of furniture is to hire a local based Colorado Springs junk hauling team, Junk King, to come by your place and pick up you don’t want anymore. The major difference is you can now flag your furniture for recycling.
You might have worn out your sofa but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any life left in that piece of furniture. Breaking down a sofa means you have wood, cloth, foam, vinyl and metal that can all be recycled, repurposed and reused. Junk King Colorado should know right where the major recycling centers are located around Colorado Springs. In fact they are probably part of their daily routes. It’s a safe bet think that you’ll enjoy your new sofa a lot more knowing you’ve reduced your carbon footprint by recycling your old furniture.
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