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Category Archives: Colorado Junk Hauling

The Ultimate Guide to Rentable Dumpsters in Colorado Springs

Are you looking for rentable dumpsters in Colorado Springs? There are numerous companies in the area that provide the services you are seeking. These businesses range from small locally-owned companies to large franchise-based businesses with national backing and resources. The question is, which dumpster rental company should you choose?

This blog post will help you navigate some of the big questions you will need to answer before you finalize a contract for a rentable dumpster. From concerns about dumpster sizes to other considerations like sustainability, pricing, and rental periods, we are going to give you all the details you need to find the right dumpster rental company in Colorado Springs.

The First Question: What Dumpster Size Do You Need?

Rentable Dumpsters With many dumpster rental companies, the first and most important question for you to answer is about dumpster sizing. Every junk removal project is a little bit different. Perhaps you are just cleaning out your basement and only need a small-capacity dumpster to dispose of all your unwanted stuff. Alternatively, maybe you are undertaking a bigger project—such as a home renovation or a big business relocation—that is probably going to produce more waste.

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Here are a few standard dumpster sizes, as well as some notes about which projects they might be useful for:

  • 10 cubic yards: Many companies that offer rentable dumpsters in Colorado Springs start with the 10-cubic yard dumpster as their base model (though a few might have six-yard options). A cubic yard is about the size of a standard oven, so think of a 10-cubic yard dumpster as holding about 10 ovens. Weight wise, 10 cubic yards can handle about 4,000 pounds of debris. You can probably get by with a 10-cubic yard bin if you are doing a modest-sized renovation or a partial house cleanout (such as a basement or a two-car garage).

  • 12 cubic yards: For most residential clients, a 12-cubic yard dumpster tends to be the sweet spot. It’s a big enough upgrade over a 10-cubic yard bin that it can handle larger renovations or full-house cleanouts, but not so big that you end up with lots of unused space. Not all dumpster rental companies offer this size, though, so keep an eye out for one that does!

  • 15 cubic yards: This dumpster size gives you the bump to 5,000 pounds’ debris capacity. It’s ideal for more extensive renovations, roofing projects, commercial cleanouts, and the like. It might be a tad large for the average residential job.

  • 20 cubic yards: Most residential cleanouts will not require a dumpster any larger than this, even if there are vast quantities of junk or debris on hand. With 20 cubic yards, you’re getting more into the construction/industrial application range.

  • 30 or 40 cubic yards: Most companies that offer rentable dumpsters will top out at either 30 or 40 cubic yards. A 30-cubic yard dumpster can handle some 10,000 pounds of debris, which you probably won’t have for the typical cleanout. These dumpsters are most commonly used for major construction or demolition projects.

Most clients fall into the 10 to 20 cubic yard range. The larger dumpsters are almost exclusively meant for industrial purposes, contractors, or trades teams. Ideally, though, you will find a Colorado Springs dumpster rental company that offers to help you choose the right bin for your purposes. These businesses have more experience than you do with rentable dumpsters and can provide some insight on the right size.

Better yet, look for a company that does away with sizing choices altogether. With a one-size-fits-all dumpster rental company, you’ll take the most difficult part of the renting process out of the equation. You won’t need to estimate how much junk you have or risk renting a dumpster that is way too big for your uses. Usually, dumpster rental companies with only one bin size won’t bill at a flat rate, but will instead charge you based on how much dumpster space you use. This option makes for a fairer, more equitable pricing structure, given how difficult it is to estimate how much junk you have.

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Other Considerations

So, you’ve picked a dumpster size or resolved to go with a company with a one-size-fits-all model. What’s next?

There are a few considerations that you might want to add to your list, depending on your priorities and the unique requirements of your cleanout project. These considerations include:

  • Location: If you live or work in the heart of Colorado Springs, then you are probably optimally positioned to find a convenient dumpster rental service. If you live 10 or 20 miles from town, though, you might have to be a little more discerning about companies you consider. Part of your rentable dumpster cost is going to depend on how far the delivery/pickup person must drive to provide you with your dumpster. If there is a 20-mile drive both ways, you are going to pay extra for that distance. It might be smart to look for a company a little closer to you.

  • Sustainability: Plain and simple, some dumpster rental companies are more sustainable than others. Especially if you are throwing away stuff that might cause harm to the environment—such as appliances or old electronics—you should look for a “green” dumpster rental service. You want a company that is going to sort your refuse, pull out items that can be reused or recycled, and ensures everything gets to the right place.

  • Limitations: Some dumpster companies limit you in what you can throw away, while others have very few restrictions. Again, consider what you are going to be depositing into the bin. If it’s mostly just standard household trash, then you might not need to worry much about limitations. If you are ditching electronic waste, construction debris, appliances, yard waste, or certain types of furniture, though, you might run into restrictions. Before you book a dumpster, make sure you look at the company’s rules for items it will accept. You don’t want to rent a dumpster to clean out your office’s dated computer lab, only to learn the company has a complete prohibition on E-waste.

  • Reputation: As with any other product or service, you shouldn’t decide about a rental dumpster without first considering the rental company. Does the business have a good reputation? What about their online reviews? Are there any mentions of bad customer service deals, shady fees, or other unsavory dealings? There are enough dumpster rental companies in Colorado Springs with strong reputations. You don’t need to risk working with one that has been roundly criticized by former customers.

  • Rental Length: Try to figure out how long you will need your dumpster. The timeline will affect the cost of your rental, so knowing up front whether you need the bin for three days or 30 will simplify matters considerably. If you rent a dumpster for five days and end up needing it for twice that long, you will face late fees or contract renegotiations from the rental company.

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Nail Down a Rentable Dumpsters Arrangement Today

Whether you are starting a construction project, renovating your home, transplanting your office to a new location, or moving out of your current residence, renting a dumpster can provide you with an easy, convenient way to executes a cleanout. Many companies offer rentable dumpsters in Colorado Springs, catering to clients with different needs and priorities. By keeping this blog post and the factors we discussed above in mind as you shop, you should have no problem finding the ideal dumpster rental company to suit your needs.

It’s Time to Call A Colorado Springs Junk Removal Specialist

Around your home there are some clear signs when you need to call in a specialist. When the plumbing backs up you’re going to call in a plumber. Hopefully, that won’t be on a holiday weekend or in the middle of your dinner party. If you experience leaks during a rain storm it might be time to call in a roof specialist to access the need for a quick fix or a total roof replacement. But what about a junk removal specialist? Do you know the warning signs of when it’s time to call them in?

Thanks to reality TV we’ve all had the opportunity to become familiar with the concept of obsessive hoarding. At its core, a hoarder is someone who has trouble throwing anything away. For some reason there is a disconnect in the way their mind processes information to make it seem like there is a sentimental attachment to a pile of old newspapers or trash from take-out dinners. A serious hoarder will hold onto anything and everything. It just goes into a pile. They don’t even recognize when those piles turn into literal hazardous waste or when they can even navigate through their own home.

Let’s say it’s not that bad for you. You’re willing to throw away stuff you just don’t have the means. It could be that a weekly garbage pickup wouldn’t be enough to get rid of all your junk. Fortunately, you have an option in Junk King Colorado Springs. This is the local Colorado Springs business that helps people get rid of their clutter no matter how close they are to becoming a hoarder.

If you’re ready to call in this kind of specialist then you’re not alone. Junk King has been serving the Colorado Springs area for awhile now and they have already carted off tons of garbage from homes, businesses and apartments. Don’t be embarrassed that you can’t fit into your garage anymore. Just throw open those doors and start a pile for the Junk King. A great rule of thumb to follow is that if you haven’t used something in at least six months and don’t have any intention of using it for six months it should be tossed out. Put aside your noble intentions of investing in all that exercise equipment; if you’re not going to use it then get it out!

The Junk King Colorado Springs crews are all courteous and professional. This is their job and they take great pride in a job well done. How can they help you with your junk removal? Give them a call and find out today at 1-800-995-5865

Hire the Pros for Junk Hauling in Colorado

Hiring a professional to perform a task in your home all comes down to a question of accountability. With professional tradesmen you should be able to receive a certain level of certified experience with regard to that task. It also means that hiring a professional will ensure that a job gets done right the first time as opposed to floundering with an amateur. Nowhere is this truer than in the area of junk removal.
As you stroll through your own neighborhood or shop at local businesses you might see flyers of advertisements for all kinds of local entrepreneurs. This is where house cleaners, dog walkers and handymen get out the word about their services that they are offering. On some level, you might want to give these neighborhood folks a try out. However, do you really think you’re getting a complete portrait of the type of worker they are from a flyer that’s hanging on the telephone pole?
When it comes to junk haulers you might think that anyone has a truck is qualified to take away your bulky garbage items. Like those other services you might see someone driving through your neighborhood in that truck with a sign plastered on the side reading “hire me.” Were you to do that on the spot you are essentially inviting a complete and total stranger into your home. You really have no idea who this person is, where they come from or if they are even qualified to haul away junk.  A true Colorado junk hauling professional should be licensed, insured and bonded, like Junk King Colorado Springs.
There is also a big safety factor when it comes to inviting someone into your home. Because this stranger really holds no allegiance to you and might never see you again nothing will stop them from snatching valuables and stuffing them in their pockets. This is been known to happen all too often. On the other hand, a professional junk hauling service like Junk King is going to be staffed by reputable employees. In the unlikely case that something untoward would happen you will have recourse in the form of calling the business and dealing with a supervisor.
Going back to that question of accountability a professional relies upon their reputation of doing a good job in order to expand their customer base. Without that reputation they won’t be in business very long. This holds true for auto mechanics, general contractors, house painters and junk haulers. If you think that be saving money by hiring the guy on the street you might be surprised to know that Junk King Colorado Springs is also efficient and affordable. It really comes down to a question of who you want to invite into your home: a professional or an amateur?
For the most professional hauling service in Colorado Springs, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online (and save $30!)

Reorganize Your Office Space in Colorado Springs

Depending on the size of your office you probably have a cleaning crew that comes in at night to vacuum up and dump out the trash cans. This crew will probably also clean out the bathrooms and do a little light dusting but that’s about it. They’re not getting get into any major reorganization of your office space or clear out any of the big piles of clutter. In many ways that’s above their pay grade. This means that responsibility could fall to you to make sure your office is running as efficiently as possible.
While it is true that an office administrator is often the one in charge of supplies and insuring that the staff has what they need to complete their tasks sometimes the administrator can be a bit overwhelmed when it comes to cleaning out the clutter. There’s no reason why you can’t volunteer to pitch in and help them out. A gesture like that is certainly going to be appreciated in the long run.
One of the most common forms of reorganizing office space is to get rid of files. In business it is sometimes hard to let go of files because you never know when you might have to refer back to it. But how many of those boxes and boxes of files that you have stacked in a closet or cubicle will ever really be used again? Is it time to throw them out? If so then you might want to consider hiring a professional crew of junk haulers like Junk King Colorado Springs to handle this matter. They can certainly remove all those file boxes without even breaking a sweat.
Then there would be the issue of all that unused or broken office furniture that might have been shoved into a corner or closet. Perhaps it just wasn’t practical to get rid of these large pieces because you didn’t have the means. However, those same junk haulers that are taking away the file boxes would be perfectly capable of removing all of that office furniture as well. There could even be a veritable graveyard of office equipment that is waiting for the junk heap. This is especially true if you’ve gone through some upgrades for faxes, computers, monitors and copy machines. This equipment would fall into the special category of e-waste. Often the e-waste can’t be thrown away as you would regular garbage. It has to be broken down to its components and disposed of properly. Once again those professional junk haulers can rise to the occasion by providing the right means for the proper e-waste disposal.
After all the clutter of your office has been removed it will be time for one of the fun adventures of working in an office: a trip to the office supply store. This is where you get to find all those cool organizers, desk caddies and space age pens that write upside down. They may not be practical but there certainly fun to have!

Colorado Hauling – 5 Reasons for Junk Hauling

Don’t take this personally, but you’ve got some junk don’t you? We all do. Whether you’re living in a studio apartment or a house chances are you’ve got a stash of junk hiding somewhere that you could do without. Just because you have junk doesn’t make you a bad person. It shows you have a busy life. To help relieve you of this unwanted refuse you should consider hiring a local based Colorado Springs junk hauling service like Junk King. Here are the top five reasons you should be reaching for the phone right now to call 1-800-995-JUNK.
Make More Space For Yourself: In science class we’re taught that nature abhors a vacuum. Basically this means if there is an empty space somewhere it’s going to get filled up with something. That holds true for a forest and for your living space. If you’ve got a garage or basement it’s going to become the dumping ground for all kinds of junk. How many closets are packed to the rafters with stuff? Now think about what it would be like to suddenly have all of that space back. You could actually park your car in the garage. You could turn your basement into a screening room or guest bedroom. And reclaiming your closets means you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.
Make Your Home Safer: Getting rid of junk will open up more space in your home, but it can actually make for a safer living environment. If you live alone, you might not be bothered by junk piling up, but there is no telling what might be growing under those piles. It doesn’t take much for mold spores to develop in a damp setting. That can cause serious health problems if left unchecked. Then there is the long list of possible hazards from thinks like rusting appliances, dried out papers or any other item that could cause cuts or kindling for a fire. All of that can be gotten rid of in one session with a professional team of junk haulers.
No Strain: Sometimes we collect junk simply because we don’t have the extra hands to move it in the first place. It’s easy to shove an old stove into the garage but hauling it into a truck? That takes muscle and several pairs of hands. A junk hauling crew will be handling all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.
No Stress: Unless you have an issue with hoarding, getting rid of your junk should be stress free. When you hire an experienced team to take away your junk all you need to do is point to what you want taken away and in a flash it will be gone. Totally stress free.
Know Who You’re Inviting Into Your Home Hiring a professional junk hauling company like Junk King means you’ll be using workers who are licensed and bonded. These aren’t strangers off the street, but hard working individuals who have a reputation to maintain. You can trust that they’ll get the job done right.

Colorado TV Disposal

One of the most popular times for buying a new television is fast approaching. No, it’s not Christmas or Father’s Day. Actually, it’s Super Bowl Sunday. The week before the big game, sales of big screen televisions go through the roof. This is especially true with folks who will be hosting a Super Bowl party. Nothing can beat watching the game on a big screen. And now with great deals on HDTVs, it will almost be like the players are right in your Colorado living room. Of course, once the game is over and the winners declared, you’ll still have that big screen TV to enjoy movies, games and all your regular TV programs. It’s like inviting over a special friend for one day then letting them move in for the rest of the year because they’re so “special.”

If you are measuring the wall in your family room for a new television, you’re probably doing it over the old one. That’s a good reminder that you’ll need to get rid of that old set.  Why not call in a local Colorado TV disposal crew like Junk King to take away that old set? Quite often, that old television is just dumped into another room. Maybe you think you’ve got a few more years left on it and it’s a shame to throw it away. But what if those other rooms already have a perfectly good working TV? Then what happens to the old set? It either ends up in the garage or basement or shoved into a closet. Is there a reason why you need to hold onto if you’re never going to use it again? Of course not. That’s why you should have it taken away.

You might think you could just sit it out with the rest of the garbage and be done. Actually, most municipal trash pick-ups aren’t allowed to take electronic waste like a television, computer or monitor. It’s not because those items aren’t considered garbage, but because they are actually consider hazardous when broken down. Televisions would fall into the category of e-waste or electronic waste. Along with any other electronic items, these pieces should be handled with care when it comes time to getting rid of them. In fact, most cities have their own special e-waste recycling facility. Don’t know where yours is? Don’t worry! When you hire a TV disposal team like Junk King Colorado, they’ll know right where to take that old TV of yours.

As long as you’re calling up a special crew to take away your TV, there’s no reason why you can’t toss out some other gear you’re never going to use again. What about an old computer tower? For every house with a new computer, there is probably an old computer stuffed into a closet. At the e-waste center, they’ll be able to break that computer or TV down to the basic elements and dispose of them properly. It will be just like they were never in your house at all!

For the best in TV Disposal (or any other junk hauling services) simply give Junk King a call at 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

Colorado Junk Recycling

It all started with one tire.  Now the Midway, Colorado tire dump is home to over 30 million discarded tires. That is around 7.5 million cars worth of tires. If left to rot, those tires can cause a lot of trouble for the surrounding area. And one lightning strike could set the mound ablaze which can pour noxious fumes into the atmosphere. Luckily there is solution underway.

A Colorado recycling company has taken over ownership of the tires and plans to recycle them to a plant in Pueblo which will use them for an alternative form of fuel. It’s win/win all around. Most Colorado junk recycling doesn’t happen on such a massive scale. However, you can reduce your own carbon footprint by hiring a local company that specializes in junk removal and recycling.

As any green advocate knows, there are the three “R’s” of recycling: recycle, re-purpose and reuse. What does that mean for your old junk? When you hire a Colorado junk recycling crew, they will come by your home to pick up all your discarded garbage. We’re not talking about the weekly trash pick-up but about those bigger items you’ve have scattered around the house and backyard. Things like broken kitchen appliances, auto parts that will never make it back into a car and discarded building scraps. Then there are all the old mattresses, sofas and chairs which have seen better days and now need to go away.  A professional Colorado junk recycling team can have all of those items gone in a matter of minutes.

This is when the re-purpose phase kicks into gear. No matter what type of junk you are recycling, there is probably more than one component that needs to be broken down and separated. The sofa is made of cloth, foam, wood and metal. That’s four different re-purposing piles. Do you know where all the various recycling plants are located in Colorado? You don’t have to know when you hire an experienced junk hauling company.

For the reuse part of the three “R’s” all those different elements are sorted and delivered to the manufacturers who turn them into fresh products. You’ve seen shopping bags or greeting cards with the “made from recycled”  materials on them? Paper is actually the easiest item to recycle. It’s merely a matter of grinding it into pulp, washing it down then reconstituting it into fresh reams.

What’s great about hiring a junk hauling company that recycles is that the most effort you have to exert is dialing them on the phone. Junk professionals will come out to your place and assess the volume of material you want hauled away and recycled. You’ll then schedule an appointment for the haulers to come and take away all your junk. This crew should be licensed and bonded because you don’t want to let just anyone into your home. Then all you have to do is point to the junk you want taken away. That’s even less effort then making the phone call! The best way to keep Colorado clean is to recycle. Take a survey of your home today and see what you can recycle, repurpose and reuse.

The best junk hauling team in the state is Junk King Colorado Springs.  We are professional, affordable and most of all, eco-friendly so that we can keep our environment clean.  Simply give us a call at 1-800-995-JUNK or book a free on site estimate today.

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