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Your Junk King Colorado Springs – Junk Removal Team Supplies a List of Home Health Hazards

One of the ideas behind using our Junk King Colorado Springs – Junk Removal service is to make your home or office healthier. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the more common health hazards and what you can do about them.

Damp Walls
We see these in both residential and commercial locations. Some of the places we go to to remove junk have been sitting vacant. Other times, the owner of the property sends us to a basement location that’s not being properly ventilated for a number of years.

At any rate, damp walls can cause a variety of health issues including asthma in young children and seniors. If you don’t make sure rooms are well ventilated so condensation can find an escape route, family members or coworkers can find they suffer from nose, eye and throat problems.

Bed Bugs
Our Junk King Colorado Springs – Junk Removal service also sees places that have been infested by bed bugs. These little pests can cause itchy red bumps. The solution is to wash all your bed clothing in hot water and wrap mattresses in a plastic cover. Keep in mind that it’s a good idea to stay away from pesticides wherever possible because they can create their own health problems.

Light Fixtures
Even something as commonplace as the light fixtures in your home can present a danger. If you install the wrong bulb, you run the risk of overheating or even fire damage. Make sure to match up the maximum every fixture will take with lightbulb that’s rated to the same level or under.

If you take a few minutes to look through our website you’ll see that we have Junk King Colorado Springs – Junk Removal testimonials from customers. If you take a few minutes to read through what they’ve written, you’ll see that recycling is a big part of what we do.

Wherever possible, we are committed to lessening your carbon footprint by taking the junk we haul away to the right disposal or recycling centers. We pay attention to every detail and want our valued clients to do the same. That’s why our final suggestion is about making sure to clean the hood over your oven on a regular basis.

Remember keeping things safe also includes decluttering with our Junk King Colorado Springs – Junk Removal services.

Know the most efficient heavy junk removers of Colorado Springs

As the passionate homeowner, you must be always wishing for a clean house. In that case, the sight of unnecessary junk and clutter will surely give you nightmares. But with the presence of efficient heavy junk removers team at Junk King, homeowners are going to be at the beneficial end. Especially, those residing in Colorado Springs have reasons to smile; as our trash removal services are now available there.

As one of the most reliable junk removal companies of the area, we perfectly understand the plight of homeowners while removing a heavy and old television set. As if these television sets have a single point agenda. And that is to hurt your hands and back. Perhaps, this is the reason for you to postpone your television removal project and allow it to disgrace the beauty of your home interiors. Now, such a cleanup project will inevitably require professional touch and we are the ones offering you that.

Although our main task is to pick up junk from your place, we deliver much more than that. We believe that we are a significant part of the community we reside in. Therefore, it is our prime responsibility to make it a trash-free place. So, this is the reason that our expert team of professionals offers the best trash hauling services for you.

Colorado Springs Rubbish Removal

If you have some small rubbish items you want removed you might want to track down Dave Alvarez. He’s a Colorado Springs local who has been turning trash into art for years. His home and creative space is chock full of all kinds of things that most people would throw away. Call it organized chaos but you could find bins of items like broken guitars, cardboard packaging, bits of wood, lumber and debris. Even a bag of buttons.

“What are you going to do with a bag of buttons? Who knows? But when I need a bag of buttons, I’ve got a bag of buttons,” Alvarez recently told The Gazette. “I call it the Zen of recycling. People don’t often know what they have. That’s fine. They get rid of it; I’ll take it.”

It stands to reason that after this article first appeared, Dave was probably overrun with rubbish. Not everyone knows an artist like Dave who would gladly take away their trash. For the rest of us who are stuck with piles of junk the best course of action would be to turn to the junk removal experts. That would be Junk King of Colorado Springs. One call to them will set a junk removal project into action and you’re home will be clutter free in no time.

Junk King doesn’t really care what you want to get rid of. No doubt every piece of junk you’re throwing out could tell a story but that doesn’t mean you have to hold onto those things. Do you really need to keep the broken skis or the sled that everyone in the family has outgrown? What about that saggy mattress you replaced long ago? Are the shelves in your garage overflowing with debris? All of those are perfect excuse for a Junk King removal appointment but you don’t have to stop there.

When you hire Junk King you’re actually hiring two very capable movers. That means any junk you have down in your basement or up in your attic can finally be hauled away in a single trip. If you put off your big “spring cleaning” project you can turn it into a “fall cleaning” project. This is the perfect way to get ready for the holidays. Making sure your home is clear of clutter will change the energy and make your home warm and inviting once again. Don’t let another week go by surrounded by junk. Call Junk King and ask them how they can help. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fast it can all happen!

Monument Colorado Junk Removal

There’s no telling where help comes from especially after a natural disaster. Recently fires swept through the Black Forest area leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. In fact, there was a swath of 55 square miles and over 500 homes that were wiped out in the fires. That’s a massive cleanup effort to be sure. But thanks to a team of relief volunteers from the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma that cleanup has become a little less strenuous. All told there were up to 10 different teams who made their way to Colorado Springs with each team spending a couple of weeks in the effort. Keep in mind that these folks weren’t getting paid and were working outside of their own state which had seen its fair share of natural disasters. It’s an amazing tribute to the kindness of strangers!

When it comes to your own home cleanup you might not be fortunate to have a team of volunteers working for several weeks. However, you can tap into a terrific work crew when you hire Junk King Colorado Springs. These are the Colorado junk removal specialists who won’t have a problem removing anything you ready to let go of. That would be all those bulky items which can’t go out in the curb. We’re talking about things like old BBQ grills, lawnmowers, patio furniture, kitchen appliances and auto parts. You can also add to that list yard waste, construction debris, tires and boxes of junk you’ve been keeping in storage. All you really have to do is decide what you want tossed out and Junk King will take it from there.

Often, folks feel guilty about letting go of things because they consider it a waste to just throw it all away. That’s not the case with Junk King Colorado. For instance, if you’ve got furniture you’re done with but it is still useful, the Junk King crew will drop it off at a charity that does refurbishing. That way your old sofa can be brought back to life and given to a family in need like all those who lost their homes in the fire.

There might be other items you’re getting rid of that could be turned over to recycling. Things like dirt, concrete or metal objects can all be ground up or melted down and converted into raw materials. All of this recycling and reusing is having a positive impact on Colorado’s environment. Give Junk King a call today to find out how they can help you with your de-cluttering. It’s always a good time to cleanup!

Summer Decluttering in Colorado Springs

How are you going to spend your summer in Colorado Springs? If you’re sticking around town then you’ve got plenty to keep you and your family busy. Some of the upcoming events include an original opera presented at Colorado College, an ongoing sports day camp for the kids, wine tastings, outdoor concerts and festivals. There really is no reason why you should spend your summer away from Colorado Springs. To make things a bit more appealing, you might consider finally getting around to de-cluttering your home. Too much work? It doesn’t have to be when you hire Junk King Colorado Springs to do all the heavy lifting.

Junk King are the expert junk haulers. “Expert junk haulers?” Yes, there is such a thing. To be an expert means you have to excel in customer service. That means showing up for the schedule appointments, being courteous and working fast. Junk King scores high marks on all counts. Expert also means having a fair pricing policy. With Junk King you’ll be given an estimate based on the amount of space all your junk will be taking up on their truck. This doesn’t mean they’re going to pack up everything and then pull a number out of a hat. Instead, the experienced JK supervisor will size up your junk and give you an estimate. If you agree to the price, the loading can commence.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to organize or pile up your junk for the estimate. The Junk King Colorado crews are pros at this sort of thing and want to make sure you’re 100% satisfied. Of course, the biggest help that Junk King provides with de-cluttering is that they’ll be doing all the heavy lifting. No matter what you’re throwing out you won’t have to strain your back.

As for what you can turn over to Junk King that’s up to you. There have been happy customers who used Junk King to help a loved one make a down sized transition. Real estate agents have called on Junk King to clean out foreclosed properties. Business owners have reclaimed leased space by letting Junk King cart off the unused office equipment and file boxes. How can they help you? You can take use them in your home and out in your yard. Yes, Junk King will also haul off piles of dirt, chunks of concrete even the occasional hot tub and kayak!

The moment Junk King drives off with all your stuff you’ll find the energy in your home has shifted to the positive. This is going to put you in a terrific state of mind to enjoy all that Colorado Springs has to offer this summer. Start it all with a call to Junk King Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs Junk Removal Reviews

A Broadway show can literally live or die based on the reviews. The same can be said for a movie, TV show and restaurant. Those are all types of industries that depend on professional reviewers. However, the average moviegoer, TV watcher and foodie all have a valuable opinion, too. In fact, when it comes to professional junk haulers there are folks who have a lot to say about Junk King of Colorado Springs.

These are the experiences hands are taking away all kinds of junk from homes and businesses. Here are few rave reviews from recent Junk King customers:

“Within 30 minutes, Junk King cleared up all the junk we had lying around, and then swept the place.”

“No fuss, no muss. Great price too!”

“Six Junk King guys cleared the office within 3 hours. They filled two trucks and even swept up.”

“I really like that you’re local. That’s important. Other companies couldn’t come to give me an estimate.”

“Junk King is great! Junk King gave me a free estimate and hauled away a bunch of stuff left over from when I cleaned out my garage.”

“Two Junk King guys called before they arrived, showed up on time and had everything loaded in 30 minutes. They were nice and the price was very reasonable compared to other hauling companies I received estimates from. And they swept my garage when they were done.”

“Thank you Junk-King! Finally after years, all the junk is gone from my garage. The guys that came out were SUPER FAST!! They came in, did the job. They were very respectful, making sure to ask if items were to be tossed. They were friendly and easy going. I have told all our military friends about J.K. by posting it on our community web site. I Facebooked it and will post it to my blog. I hope it generates some business your way. I’m keeping your number in case I have more stuff that needs to go away before the move. JOB WELL DONE!”

Let’s review the reviews. Junk King  Colorado Springs calls before they show up and they’re always on time. Junk King has no problem taking away any kind of trash from any kind of business. They have fair pricing and courteous crews. Best of all they are fast. That matters when you want to get back to your busy schedule even if that schedule means relaxing in a hammock waiting for the BBQ grill to warm up. What can Junk King do for you? Just look around you place and think of all the stuff you can get rid of. Make the call to Junk King and leave the rest to them. You’ll be junk free in no time!

Pamper Yourself With Junk Removal Services In Colorado Springs

Don’t you deserve a little pampering? One terrific treat is to book a spa day at a local four-star hotel. This isn’t as extravagant as it sounds. Many visitors to Colorado Springs take full advantage of a hotel’s spa but there is no reason why the local residents can’t enjoy the same treatment. Perhaps you’ve got a special birthday coming up. Or you make a suggestion to your significant other that what you’d really like for Valentine’s Day is a couple’s spa treatment. Whether it’s a soothing massage or a long soak in a mud bath, a spa day is just the thing to get reinvigorated.

There are some other wonderful ways to pamper yourself. At the heart of every pampering idea is allowing someone else to do the work for you. Going to a restaurant or ordering in is a kind of pampering that keeps you out of the kitchen. Being picked up by a friend or date is pampering that lets you relax in the passenger seat. Around your home, you could pamper yourself by hiring Junk King Colorado Springs to handle all your junk removal. This is actually the ultimate home pampering because you’ll not only be getting a clean home but you won’t be wasting any of your valuable time. That way you can focus on truly pampering yourself.

Hiring Junk King allows you to finally toss out all those things that have been jammed into your garage, attic, basement or closets. These are the things that are taking up space and preventing you from getting to the things that truly matter. Is your closet overflowing stopping you from finding the outfit you want to wear? Is your garage crammed with junk stopping you from parking your car inside out of the harsh weather? Is the spare room filled to the rafters with boxes of unused stuff? Consider getting rid of all of that without lifting a finger. That’s pampering and that’s just what you’ll get working with Junk King.

Junk King won’t just pamper you but in a way it also pampers Colorado Springs by making sure it stays beautiful. Getting rid of junk the right way means having it recycled or repurposed. That will help cut down on the potential of hazardous chemicals leaking into the environment at a dump. Junk King prides itself on its eco-friendly policies and will make every effort to see that your junk doesn’t interfere with the beauty of Colorado Springs. Are you ready to be pampered? Let Junk King lead the way.

Colorado Springs Christmas Tree and Holiday Junk Removal

There is a pretty small window of opportunity when it comes to enjoying a freshly cut Christmas tree. Typically, most trees are first sold during Thanksgiving weekend and right up to Christmas Eve. The longer you wait to buy the tree, the longer you’ll get to enjoy it but where’s the fun in that if it has to come down right after New Years? The key is not to let your Christmas tree over stay its “welcome.” You can stretch out your time with the tree by making sure you water it every day. It should be in a stand that can hold at least a gallon of water. If you missed out on that, think ahead to next year.

The moment a tree has dried out is when it should come down. This doesn’t always mean it turns brown but when the needles start falling off in record numbers then it’s time to get rid of that tree. While there might be an opportunity to toss out the tree on your curb and have it picked up by the municipal workers, you have to make sure you get it out on the scheduled day. It’s different for each neighborhood. If you opt to get rid of your tree that way, you’ll be forced to do it on their schedule and not yours. Miss the pick-up and you’re stuck with the tree. Even if it is out of your home, it’s still a fire hazard. One missed tossed cigarette and that tree will go up in a flash. You best bet is to hire Junk King Colorado Springs to help you dispose of that tree properly.

Working with Junk King, the junk removal specialist of Colorado Springs, means you’ll be working on your schedule. In other words, when you’re ready, Junk King will be standing by. Knowing that Junk King will be coming by to pick up your Christmas tree after the holiday can also mean you’ll be able to get rid of any other bulky items that have piled up. If you’ve gotten a new big screen TV then you’re going to have a big box to toss out. If you’re replacing the kids’ bikes with new models then the old ones should be taken away. There could also be a whole bunch of electronic gadgets that have becoming obsolete along with several appliances. All of those things can be picked up at the same time as your tree and all taken away on the back of the Junk King truck.

Make your appointment with Junk King for your post holiday clean up today. That will be one less thing you’ll have to worry about!

Colorado Treadmill and Exercise Machine Disposal

Are you happy with your body? Most of us would answer, “no.” Whether it’s wanting to be taller or shorter one thing everyone has in common is that we can all lose “a few pounds.”  Most of us have been fighting the good fight against those last “few pounds” for quite some time. That’s why we invest in home gym equipment. The idea is that if all we have to do is walk down the hall to exercise we’ll shed those pounds in no time. So, how did that work out for you? Do you have clothes hanging on the treadmill? Is a dumbbell being used to prop open a door? How many gadget have you ordered from late night TV infomercials only to use them twice? If you’re serious about your health and serious about losing those pounds then you need to get serious with your exercise regime. The best place for that is a professionally run gym.

If you’ve ever gotten into the routine of working out then you know how great it makes you feel. Yes, you might be sore the next day but those aches soon fade away. What they are replaced with is greater energy. Keep at it and before long it will be time to buy a new wardrobe. One of the big pluses with a gym membership is that you never have to get board. If you feel like your workout routine is growing stale switch it up. You’ve got all the equipment right there to pull that off. That’s a big difference from that home treadmill that you’re stuck on.

A gym is also an opportunity to socialize. You’ll meet all types of folks at different stages of their weight loss program but at least you’re all sharing in the common goal of getting into better shape. Depending on the gym, you could have the chance to sign up for several classes. Here is where you’ll really form some bonds with your fellow gym members. Nothing says friendship more than sweating it out in a spin class.

Convinced about joining a gym? Good. Now turn your attention to ridding yourself of that reminded of a failed workout program. You need to get rid of the old treadmill and other home gym equipment. You don’t need and nobody wants it. Time for it to go. That’s when Junk King Colorado Springs can come to the rescue.

Junk King is the Colorado Springs based business who focuses all of their attention on taking the clutter out of your life. If you’ve got a treadmill in a spare room or garage it’s going to be taking up a lot of space. It’s also going to take at least two guys to move it out. Junk King won’t have a problem with that. And thanks to their big truck, saying good-bye to the treadmill will be a snap.

It’s Time to Call A Colorado Springs Junk Removal Specialist

Around your home there are some clear signs when you need to call in a specialist. When the plumbing backs up you’re going to call in a plumber. Hopefully, that won’t be on a holiday weekend or in the middle of your dinner party. If you experience leaks during a rain storm it might be time to call in a roof specialist to access the need for a quick fix or a total roof replacement. But what about a junk removal specialist? Do you know the warning signs of when it’s time to call them in?

Thanks to reality TV we’ve all had the opportunity to become familiar with the concept of obsessive hoarding. At its core, a hoarder is someone who has trouble throwing anything away. For some reason there is a disconnect in the way their mind processes information to make it seem like there is a sentimental attachment to a pile of old newspapers or trash from take-out dinners. A serious hoarder will hold onto anything and everything. It just goes into a pile. They don’t even recognize when those piles turn into literal hazardous waste or when they can even navigate through their own home.

Let’s say it’s not that bad for you. You’re willing to throw away stuff you just don’t have the means. It could be that a weekly garbage pickup wouldn’t be enough to get rid of all your junk. Fortunately, you have an option in Junk King Colorado Springs. This is the local Colorado Springs business that helps people get rid of their clutter no matter how close they are to becoming a hoarder.

If you’re ready to call in this kind of specialist then you’re not alone. Junk King has been serving the Colorado Springs area for awhile now and they have already carted off tons of garbage from homes, businesses and apartments. Don’t be embarrassed that you can’t fit into your garage anymore. Just throw open those doors and start a pile for the Junk King. A great rule of thumb to follow is that if you haven’t used something in at least six months and don’t have any intention of using it for six months it should be tossed out. Put aside your noble intentions of investing in all that exercise equipment; if you’re not going to use it then get it out!

The Junk King Colorado Springs crews are all courteous and professional. This is their job and they take great pride in a job well done. How can they help you with your junk removal? Give them a call and find out today at 1-800-995-5865

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